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Shukra Pendant In Silver

Shukra Yantra Pendant is used to reduce the negative impacts of planet Venus. Shukra Yantra is presided by Lord Shukracharya. A person’s wealth, pleasures and comforts all are controlled by Shukra planet. Shukra Yantra is used to please planet Venus and it helps us remain safe from the malefic effects of planet Venus. The Shukra Yantra can be used to become financially stable and to get free from debts. It also attracts prosperity and harmony in the life of the wearer. Along with this, the yantra is capable of solving all issues with the relationship.



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The negative energies from Venus can lead to rude behavior, lack of communication skills, and also land an individual in bad company. This yantra will attract the positive energies from Venus that can help you get a better career, fame, and achieve all sorts of success in your field. Shukra Yantra Pendant is considered as an appropriate tool to attract prosperity in one’s life. The yantra resolves all the problems related to relationships and brings in harmony in one’s life. This pendant is great for meditating over planet Venus. This helps you in becoming mentally and emotionally stable.


Shukra Yantra Locket is considered to be great for timely marriage and happy marital life. The malefic effects of Venus can make a person get diseases like diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases and also diseases related to the reproductive organ. The Shukra Yantra is most suited for people with Taurus and Libra as their zodiac sign. The yantra helps you get all kinds of luxuries and materialistic comforts. It helps to bestow peace and prosperity in one’s professional life.

Process of Wearing

  • The first step which needs to be followed is to start with a clear and positive mind frame.
  • You must light an incense stick or lamp to purify the surroundings.
  • Meditation is the pre-requisite to wearing the pendant and must be done in order to achieve more benefits from the pendant.
  • You must dip the pendant in raw milk and then wash it with Gangajal to negate all the negative energies present in the pendant.
  • You must wear the pendant facing west as it will give the best results.
  • The chanting of the mantra is the most important thing while wearing the pendant as it increases the power of the pendant.


The recitation of the following mantras while wearing the Shukra Yantra Locket Silver pendant will enhance the power of Pendant

Om Draang Dreeng Draung Sah Shukray Namah
ओम द्रंग द्रंग द्रंग साह शुक्रे नमः।

Benefits of Wearing Shukra Yantra Pendant

The Shukra Yantra Pendant will bestow the following benefits upon its wearer:

  • It increases the satisfaction level between spouses by promoting the understanding between them.
  • Shukra Pendant in Silver increases the flow of money and helps overcome debt easily.
  • Prosperity, luxury, and wealth are bestowed by this pendant for a smooth life.
  • Problems related to eyes, skin, the stomach can be avoided with the help of this pendant.
  • It helps you to attain a charismatic personality.
  • Wearing this pendant will help you reach new heights in business and also solve all issues with co-workers and partners.
  • It brings financial abundance and helps the person to overcome debts.
  • It attracts comforts, luxuries, and prosperity in one’s life.
  • This pendant is great for achieving blessings of Planet Venus.
  • It helps in solving disputes related to land and building.
  • It helps the person in achieving success and prosperity in their professional life.
  • The people working in creative fields such as art, music, and media are most benefitted and success is granted to them.
  • If the planet is weakly affected in anyone’s horoscope, then this pendant will help to strengthen Venus and it helps them to lead a healthy life.

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Shukra Pendant In Silver