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Moonga Moti Pendant

The Pendant is made up of Red Coral(Moonga) and Pearls(Moti). Red Coral is a semi-precious gemstone found in deep seas and oceans. This bright red gemstone is formed by Coral Polyps. This gemstone is worn as a remedy to treat mangal dosh and it also helps you achieve success in life. Red Coral Stone Pendant is considered to be beneficial for many purposes. Red Coral Pendant online is the perfect way to achieve all the success related to the Moonga(Red Coral). Red Coral Pendant is worn specifically for the strengthening of Mars. Strong Mars indicates the person’s abilities to defeat enemies.



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The Moonga or Red Coral is believed to be associated with the fierce planet Mars and it is worn to strengthen Mars in one’s birth chart. Before wearing the Moonga in any form, the native should always look for the positioning of Mars in their birth chart. The combination of Moonga and Moti is considered to be auspicious as it represents Chandra Mangal Yoga. This helps in attaining stability of mind, confidence, and an abundant inflow of money. You can Buy Red Coral Pendants easily online.

By wearing Moonga Moti Pendant one gets courage and confidence in life. Confidence is required by people who are associated with the profession of public speaking or are public figures. Moonga or Coral stone has been known to help the wearer be bold, eloquent and highly impressive in their speech. The people associated with professions that require courage with creativity are also benefited from it.


The purpose of the Moonga Moti Pendant is to strengthen Mars and make the moon beneficial for you. Mars is directly associated with courage and public speaking and it bestows leadership qualities and mental peace for any person. It is suggested for all people who suffer because of the ill effects of Horoscope. It helps the person to be daring and helps the people to native to defeat their enemies. It prevents you from bad dreams and the pearl makes you feel homely. There are many properties of Moonga Moti pendant, it helps one in enhancing the prospects of technical jobs, physical strength, forcefulness, rapid advancement, and success.

Process of Wearing the Moonga Moti Pendant

  • Moonga should be embedded in copper or gold to enhance the best results.
  • It must be worn on Tuesday morning during the Shukla Paksha, around the time of sunrise.
  • The pendant should be washed with Gangajal or freshwater before wearing it.
  • Take a bath and purify your surroundings before wearing the pendant.
  • Wear the Pendant, facing the sun.


The recitation of the following mantra while wearing the Moonga Moti Pendant will enhance the power of Pendant;

Aum Ang Angarkay Namah , ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः |
Om Namah Shivay Om Namashchandikayai ,ओम नमः शिवाय ओम नमशचंदिकायै |


The Moonga Moti Pendant will have the following benefits:

  • The Pendant helps one person achieve success in team management, administrative and leadership roles as it is associated with planet Mars.
  • The Pendant helps one achieve profitable results in the real estate business.
  • It improves the digestive health and immunity of one person.
  • The pendent solves the obstacles and gives them the courage for their future courses of action.
  • It enhances stability in one’s life and solves the problem of getting married or the desire to have children.
  • It helps children to get relief from diseases such as rickets, stomach ache, etc.
  • The pendant will also give you relief from problems pertaining to knee.

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Note: Before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Report to know if you can wear a certain Gemstone.

Disclaimer: Future Point provides 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, before purchasing one you are recommended to go for an Astrologer’s Consultation.

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Moonga Moti Pendant