Moon Pendant

Being known as the most auspicious stone, Moon Stone brings about a calming influence in the life of its wearer. Moonstone is a stone which is famous for bringing fortunes along. This sacred stone is believed to act as a talisman for, a stone of prophecy and an ultimate gift for the lovers. It opens Heart and Sacral Chakra in the body to increase the psychic abilities and stimulate inner growth with intuition for its possessor. It is associated with the maintenance of an emotional balance. Moonstone is considered as a women’s gemstone that improves the hormonal balance and energy with yang. It regulates menstrual disorders & relieves pain during childbirth. For men, this is beneficial in exploring their emotional side and control the aggression with its Yin energy. Moonstone is extremely advantageous for travelers who can have a safe journey without losses or accidents caused in its way by wearing this gemstone.



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Moon Stone is a Stone of calmness and serenity. The Moonstone reminds to go with the flow, which doesn’t always fit well with the requirements of the present lifestyle. Resonating the mysterious and enchanting moonscape, the Moonstone gemstone is like a painted scenery of moonshine on a pure night sky. Its connection with the moon makes it a calming gemstone that controls the stress and eliminates the negativity from the minds. Because of its excellent healing properties, it beneficial for curing the diseases related to spleen, pancreas, stomach, and liver. It helps in better functioning of the digestive system and hormonal growth. Also, it supports the digestive system by removing the toxins from the blood. It adjusts the wearer to change and helps to make huge advantages in business by opening innovative and new avenues of growth. Moonstone has always been considered for love and magic. It brings true love in the life of the wearer. It is an ideal gemstone for medical practitioners, technocrats, and health care professionals. This stone of fulfilling wishes encourages the innate love and caring attitude in a person. Moonstone (Chandrakant) is an excellent stone that carries calmness and emotional balance. It means serenity & higher consciousness. The unique blue tint makes it fit for jewelry designing.


It is considered as a very auspicious stone for those who suffer from the problems of mood swings. It is good for mental health. It strengthens mental powers. It helps to control bad temper. Effective in curing the problem of insomnia.

Process of Wearing

It should be worn in the morning of any Monday during Shukla Paksha. The native should Burn 5 incense sticks with the Name of Chandra Deva and pray that they will wear the representative gemstone Moonstone to have Blessings from Chandra Deva. Then bring out the ring from the pure water and round it up to the incense sticks 11 times while chanting the mantra for 324 times. After the chanting of mantra, it is ready to wear. Moonstone will give results within 4 days after wearing and till 2 years it will provide full outcomes, after that it will become inactive, after inactivation it is important to change the inactivated gemstone. Those who have temperamental issues, anger and lack of patience can find a suitable improvement in such conditions with the help of Red Coral Moonga Gemstone Pendant.


The recitation of the following mantra while wearing the Gemstone will enhance the power of gemstone studded pendant:

“ॐ सों सोमाय नम:”
“Om Soum Somaye Namah”


An energized Moonstone Gemstone Pendant will have the following benefits:

  • Moonstone can play a vital role in helping the planet and people balancing the energies.
  • Moonstone is an excellent stone for females who are overly aggressive and more inclined to manhood.
  • This gemstone is extremely beneficial for males also who to get in touch with their feminine spirit, as a result, they are very unstable in all aspects of life.
  • Moonstone is the stone to meditate within progression to relate oneself and value the feminine principle in them.
  • Moonstone is good for stimulating the pineal gland and stabilizes hormonal cycles.
  • Good for relaxing and calmness of the mind due to the Moons calming effects.
  • It eliminates negativity from all the chakras.
  • It intensifies thoughts and creativity which helps in bringing insight and perception.

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Note: Before wearing any gemstone, make sure that you take advice from an Astrologer to examine if it’s compatible with your Horoscope. Alternatively, you can also get a Gem Report to know if you can wear a Moonstone Gemstone.

Disclaimer: Future Point provides 100% Genuine and Lab Certified Gemstones. Therefore, before buying one you are advised to have an Astrologer’s Consultation.

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Moon Pendant