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Durga Beesa Pendant

The Durga Beesa Pendant signifies the power that is vested in Goddess Durga. The native who wears the pendant is showered with blessings. The Durga Beesa yantra locket has been used since the Yajurveda to reduce the malefic effect of other planets. Chanting Bhramical text helps in strengthing the positive energy. Yantra is having special powers in it. Its best outcome is when it is used as a pendant around the neck. It is the most popular yantra which comes in different forms and every form is effective as well.



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Product Detail

In the market, Durga Beesa Pendant is available in a different size. The most running and common element on which yantra is engraved is a copper plate. It is also available in the gold plated pendant. Another variety that is available in the market is the Astadhatu plate. The Asthdahtu plate is very rare to find in the market because it is made by combining 8 metals in it. The most traditional material on which the yantra is embossed is Bhojpatra. Bhojpatra is considered the best material to emboss this yantra. If the mantra is established with full sincerity and faith then it is said that God resides in the mantra. It is said that worshiping Durga Beesa Yantra according to Adhayaya and Shloka 17 of Durga Saptashti helps in eliminating poverty. Wearing yantra assists in maintaining the atmosphere of love, joy, and glee.


Wearing Silver Durga Beesa Pendant protects the natives from danger. After wearing the Yantra, good luck can be experienced by the person in the educational life as well as in the career path. The Pendant helps in removing poverty from one’s life. It also helps in getting rid of bad dreams or nightmares. Wearing yantra as a pendant around the neck also benefits one in getting rid of the evils eye and black magic. From ancient times It is considered a symbol of power that defends the native from negative energy.

Process of wearing

According to Hindu mythology, it is said that worshiping Durga Beesa Yantra or Pendant according to Adhayaya 4 and shloka 14 of Goddess Durga will help in eliminating poverty. The native will get maximum benefits by worshiping Goddess Durga with different types of flowers. Smoke the lamp with an incense stick. Before wearing Durga Beesa pendant, one should always purify the body and get rid of all negative energy. Before wearing it one should always sprinkle water on the pendant and on himself also. Sprinkling water can be done by the leaf of any tree. After doing all the process, native should worship the goddess with a pure mind.


While worshiping the Goddess or doing pooja of Durga Beesa Pendant, the mantra has to be chanted for 21 times. While chanting the most important thing which a native should always remember is not to divert the mind. If one will get diverted from the mantra then the procedure of wearing pendant will not complete and it will be not fruitful to the native. The mantra which has to be chanted by the native is given below:

“Aaeng Hareeng Kaleeng Chamundaye Vichche”
“ऐंग ह्रेंग क्लेंग चामुंडाय विच”

Benefits of Durga Beesa Pendant

  • The natives who wear Durga Bisa Yantra Locket, Goddess protects him/ her from all the dangers and crisis which are approaching towards the native.
  • The pendant is known as the money supplier because it is having the compatibility of the Goddess Laxmi in it.
  • Wearing the Pendant will never result in loss of wealth to the wearer.
  • Durga Beesa Pendant nullifies all the negative effects of black magic and it also helps in getting rid of evils eyes.
  • If the person is facing any problem related to the enemy then it helps natives in dominating or controlling enemies by making them calm and quiet.
  • It also saves native from accidents.
  • Durga Kavach Pendant also helps in improvising the educational life as well as career life of the native.
  • Durga Beesa Pendant is the first choice of the businessman because it helps in making the business successful and wealthy.
  • It fulfills all desires of the natives which he/she is demanding in life.

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Note: Before wearing any pendant, make sure that you consult an Astrologer to check if it’s compatible with your Horoscope or not.

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Durga Beesa Pendant