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Navadurga Yantra

Durga Maa is the powerful goddess of shakti who destroys evil and darkness from her devoteeโ€™s life. She is the one who bestows one with courage and helps them emerge victorious over enemies. Shri Nav Durga Yantra is used to worship all nine forms of Maa Durga and ask for the divine blessings of the sacred feminine. It is a powerful tool to get rid of the business and personal problems. Navdurga Yantra is especially worshipped during the 9 holy nights of Navratri.


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Navdurga Yantra is used to worship all nine forms of Goddess Durga. This is a powerful Yantra for the fulfillment of highest desires, removal of business and personal problems, and to get rid of difficulties. It helps conquer enemies. This highly auspicious Yantra removes fear from thieves, ghosts, enemies, diseases, planetary doshas (faults), etc. It is said that this Yantra bestows wealth and property and protects the person from all sorts of physical and other dangers. Worship of this Yantra with faith gives progress in life and reduces difficult problems.

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It is a beautiful yantra dedicated to the Goddess Durga and her nine forms/Goddesses. This yantra is made up of pure brass and consist of beautiful pictures of all nine Goddesses in a small round 3-Dimensional glass dome. It is written in Markandeya Puranas that anyone who worships these nine forms of the Goddess can conquer anything and is bestowed with the blessings of Goddess herself.

Purpose of installing Shri Nav Durga Yantra

Navdurga Yantra is used for removing problems from the life of a devotee. It is very auspicious to keep this Navadurga Yantra at home/ office as it gives the worshipper the required courage to face any troubles. The installer is showered with all sorts of material and physical gifts. It holds special importance to worship these forms of Goddess Durga during the nine days of Navratri Puja and devotees observe fast to please the deity. This Yantra incorporates many yantras of Ma Bhagvati which make it highly effective.

Benefits of Navdurga Yantra

  • Nav Durga Yantra is a powerful Yantra for the fulfillment of highest desires, removal of business and personal problems, to remove difficulties and to conquer enemies.
  • It is believed that this Yantra blesses the individual with an enhanced ability of perception which makes him/her identify the right gainful prospects, at the right time in life.
  • One who pleases the Nav Durga Yantra receives her blessings, gets abundant wealth, sound health and protection from all enemies in life. With the blessings of Maa Nav Durga lives a life full of bliss & prosperity.
  • This magnificent Yantra blesses a person with mental peace and harmony in family relations.
  • Nav Durga yantra blesses the installer with a beneficial property and brings the individual out of any disputes or legal hurdles revolving around the property.
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Chant the following mantra to attain the blessings of Maa Durga.

โ€œ Om Aing Hring Kling Chaamundaayai Vichchai โ€

Recommended Puja

We recommend you to book a Nav Durga Pujan for tremendous success and wealth gain for yourself and your family. Receive the blessings of all the Nine Avatars of Goddess Durga and make prosperity, wealth, and bliss a living reality in your life.

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Navadurga Yantra