Margaj Laxmi Ganesha (Pair)

Margaj Laxmi Ganesha Pair increases the positive effects of Mercury and reduces its negative effects. Natives with Gemini or Virgo ascendants are specially benefited by this and they should worship Margaj Laxmi Ganesha.


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Lord Shri Ganesha is supposed to be the god of education and wisdom and is the lord of planet Mercury, the significator of education and wisdom. Margaj Ganesha increases and intensifies the positive effects of Mercury and reduces its negative effects. It is specifically beneficial for those natives who have Gemini or Virgo ascendant. These people should specially worship Margaj Laxmi Ganesha.

Margaj Laxmi Ganesha is also said to have the immense power to increase the progress and prosperity in business and profession. MargajLaxmi Ganesh is very useful for the child as well as it enhances the concentration of the children in studies. It is more useful for those children who have apathy in study and do not take interest in studies. Margaj Laxmi Ganesha is also significant for relieving mental tension and agony. Margaj Laxmi Ganesha increases the self confidence amongst the children and enhances the wit and wisdom. Those who worship Margaj Laxmi Ganesha daily and regularly, they are endowed with unimaginable success, progress, prosperity and wealth.

On the auspicious night of Deepawali, recite the following Budh Mantra at least 7, 11 or 108 times along with Laxmi Pujan on the rosary of Green Hakeek. It will bring progress and prosperity throughout the year and benefits and yields from the profession will increase substantially.

Budh Mantra :

Om Brang Breeng Braung Sah Budhay Namah !

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Margaj Laxmi Ganesha (Pair)