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Vastu is the most ancient science which has been mentioned in Rigveda. Our Rishis and Yogis were always concerned about making human life easy, simple and progressive. The principles of Vastu are scientific. In ancient times when students used to study 64 genres of education in Gurukul, that time also Vastu was one of the famous genre. One enjoys high life conditions with good health and spiritual enrichment in life if he stays in a place the atmosphere of which contains all these five elements of nature. The favourable and unfavourable events are integral part of life and that is the ultimate truth of life. Destiny plays a very important role in a life, however we should perform our karmas as directed by classical texts.


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This book talks about the fundamentals of Domestic Vastu. The word Vastu originated from the Sanskrit word “Vas” and the meaning of this word is to Live Life or To Reside. The word “Vasu” originated from “Vas” and finally this word “Vastu” originated from “Vasu”. Meaning of the word Vastu is a place where a person resides. The meaning of Shastra is a book which deals with the mysterious and systematic explanation of a subject, therefore the meaning of "Vastu Shastra" is a book related to the residence. The origin and anatomy of "Vastu Shastra" is based on the principle of the five elements of creation. As our body is also made up of these five elements, if enough attention is paid to the incorporation of these five elements in the construction of a house then the people residing in the building shall reside happily. These five elements are - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. Our universe also is made up of these five elements only. Therefore the saying goes – Yatpindetatbramhande. God bhagwan has given these five gifts to us – from bha bhumi land, from ga gagan sky, ether, from va vayuq air, from na neer water. God is represented by the symbol Om. These five elements are present in this Om also. “Aa” is Agni fire, “Au” is Jal water, “Ma” is Vayu air, “ W ” ardhachandra is Bhoomi land and “0” is Akash ether, sky. Similarly the word Vastu also denotes these five elements. From “Va” Vayu air, from “Aa” Agni fire, from “Sa” “Srishti” Bhoomi land, from “Ta” Tat means Akash ether/ sky and from “Au” Jal water. These five elements also are represented by the five planets. 1. Earth is represented by Mars 2. Water is represented by Venus 3. Fire is represented by Sun 4. Air is represented by Saturn 5. Ether is represented by Jupiter. Similarly mind is controlled by Moon. Intelligence is controlled by Mercury. Ego and arrogance is controlled by Rahu and moksha or spirituality by Ketu. Disbalance of these elements in the body produces ill health and disease. In a similar manner the disbalance of these elements in a house creates varied kind of troubles for the persons living in it. There are unlimited forces present in nature. Some of these forces influence us, for example the gravitational force of earth, the magnetic and electrical energy of the universe and the electromagnetic force present everywhere. These energies also exist in the constructed house and they continue influencing the electromagnetic force present in the human body. This produces the auspicious or inauspicious results. These results vary from place to place depending on the geographical location. For these reasons the results of Vastu principles are not the same all over the world. They differ according to the longitude and latitude of the place. They also differ according to the horoscope of the person concerned. If man goes along with the flow of natures energies, it produces good health, progress and prosperity. If he goes against the flow of nature, he faces hurdles and obstructions everywhere. Hence it is utmost important and necessary for us to organize our lives according to nature, only then we can live happily. Halayudha kosha says that, Vastu is that art of house construction, which starts from Ishan kona etc and which protects the residents of the house from natural calamities and obstructions

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Domestic Vastu

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