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A Text Book on Shadbala

The Planets get strength due to their specific position in Zodiac. In order to ascertain the correct strength of planets, it is essential that their position in Zodiac should be analyzed properly. For the calculation of strength the strength has been taken from six different sources. These six types of strengths are called Shadbala.


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A Text Book on Shadbala

Planets on account of certain positions in zodiac acquire strength & weakness. In order to assess the exact potency or strength of a planet, it is necessary to scrutinize its position in the Zodiac from various points of view. These various sources of strength are called Balas of planet. Parashar system recognizes six kinds of strength or potency or Bala of a planet. These are : 1. Sthan Bala or Positional Strength 2. Dik Bala or Directional Strength 3.Kala Bala or Temporal Strength 4. Chesta Bala or Motional Strength 5. Naisargika Bala or Permanent Strength 6. Drik Bala or Aspect Strength. The above six types of strength is known as Shadbala. Application of Shadbalas : The basic aim for any astrologer is to achieve accuracy in predictions. The calculation of Shadbalas help in meeting this objective in the following ways :- 1.Shad Balas of all planets give an account of assets & liabilities of each planet in a horoscope. Therefore one can have good idea about expectations from each planet. 2. By calculating Shadbalas & strength of all houses, it can be found out which is most powerful amongst Lagna, Moon & Sun. In astrology the predictions are considered more accurate from the chart which is strongest out of these three. 3. During main period & sub period, care has to be taken to find out which planet out of these two dosha lords is more powerful or has greater strength. For example if during Sun-Moon period, it is observed that Sun has move strength than Moon, then results likely to be achieved by native would be predominantly those indicated by Sun. Contrary to this if Moon is more powerful, Moons influence will be felt in preference to that of Sun even though main period is of Sun. 4. If Shadbalas are ascertained correctly, future predictions can be ventured with sufficient confidence. This book shall be of immense help for learning the methods of calculation of Shadbala.

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A Text Book on Shadbala

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