All Yoga Report

All Yoga Report


Decoding what our life would be is an impossible feat, but Vedic Astrology has made it crystal that nothing is beyond our reach. Planets and stars dictate the course of our lives as is apparent from our Kundali. At the time of our birth, the stars and celestial bodies formulate and function in such a way that they create a blueprint for our entire lives. Based on our past karmas and habits, our fate befalls in the hands of these 9 planets in Vedic Astrology.

A special curated Online Horoscope Report from Future Point, All Yoga Report talks extensively about what these planets and stars foretell about your impending days. Our Horoscope or Kundali contains various factors that determine which riches will come in our life and which ones will leave us bereft.

Attaining a perfect life that is full up to the brim with joy and happiness is what everyone wants and desires, but never comes easy! Having a successful business might be what you want at the moment, but it might not be something that you need.

Determining whether we have certain combinations in our life is of utmost importance, and with the All Yoga Report at Future Point, you can get a glimpse of what planetary combinations are forming in your kundali and what they will bring about in your life.

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Why choose All Yoga Report from Future Point?

Being the biggest name in the field of Astrology, Future Point has been the pioneer in providing Astrology services. The All Yoga Report at Future Point will act as the guiding force for the ones who aim to dream. You might get stuck somewhere and blame it on your stars but with a personalized All Yoga Report you can keep it all under check and get going on your path to success. The planetary combinations thus formed by the 9 planets of Vedic Astrology will aid in finding out what challenges lie ahead in your life and what must be the steps you take in order to dial down the malefic and thrive in all the positives. The All Yoga Report will help you analyze the highest position you can attain with the help of your Kundali. It will aid you in understanding your luck, fate, and destiny. You can figure out the Yogas in your life and how these amplified planetary combinations will help you create a marvelous blueprint for your life.

What would All Yoga Report include?

The All Yoga Report from Future Point comes from the #1 Astrology Software, LeoStar and proves its name with accurate predictions and calculations. The 28 pages long All Yoga Report will contain all the Yogas formed in your Horoscope, along with the meaning they hold for your future. With the help of this report, you can get to know the planets who hold utmost importance in your life. The below-mentioned factors will grace the All Yoga Report from Future Point.

  • Basic Calculative Horoscope: the All Yoga Report will contain a basic calculative horoscope of 5-6 pages. This includes Vimshottari Dasha and all the other calculations our Kundali is based upon.
  • Planetary Degree & Positions: The report would contain all the planetary combinations present in your horoscope. With the help of these combinations and the degrees these planets are posited at, you will be able to understand your horoscope predictions better.
  • Yoga Reading: The most important part of this report is the part where you will get to learn which yogas are present in your horoscope and how they are going to help you despite the ill-placement of a certain planet in your horoscope. The Yoga present in Kundali will help you decipher the true meaning of success and failure in life. Hamsa Yoga, Vaashi Yoga, Shakat Yoga, Raja Yoga, Putraheena Yoga, Dhenu Yoga and every other Yoga that is present in your Horoscope will be a part of this report. These special combinations in Kundali are responsible for forming wealth Yoga in Kundali. Thus, with all this information at hand you can possibly learn everything there is to learn about Yogas in Kundali.
  • Current Planetary Dasha Analysis: This section would provide you with a special life reading that includes which planet is ruling your horoscope at the moment. The planet governing your horoscope will have a direct say in what goes around in all the facets of your life. A mahadasha of a malefic planet might be the reason why you are facing troubles in life or a benefic planet overshadowed by the vices of a notorious planet might result in unpredictability. An analysis of Kundli would reflect on a brighter future for you.

The All Yoga Report is the answer you have been searching for! No matter how disheartening it is to find out malefic planets influencing our Kundli and houses, you can find solace in the Yogas that are formed due to miraculous Planetary Combinations present in our Horoscope.