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Free Janam Kundali Online | Free Online Kundli

We as humans stay uncertain about the things likely to happen in future. Several queries related to our love life, profession, education, children, marriage, financial prospects and end number of the similar topics form a thick cloud in our minds most of the time. Whether our decisions will prove beneficial or will land us into unseen troubles, is the biggest concern of almost everyone.

Vedic astrology is a means through which we may find answers to all our queries and plan in advance in case of possible adversities. Astrology makes use of various charts and the natal chart or Janam Kundali gaining the prominence in all of them. Our janam kundali mirrors everything likely to happen in near future and also the accumulated past karmas. It is like a divine register that have been maintained to record all of ours pious and sinful deeds. If read properly it may reveal each and every hidden secret of your life.

A Janam Kundali is the most basic tool for making predictions about someone’s life. To cast your Janam Kundali, your date of birth, accurate birth time and the location where you were born is required to perform astronomical calculations. With free kundali software, there is no need to see an astrologer rather you can have it just with a click of a button with the comfort of your home. Just provide the basic inputs about your birth and you get your online Free Kundali in the language you opt for.

Free Online Janam Kundali

A Janam kundali or janam patrika of a person includes all necessary details required to make predictions regarding the life of the native. It is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born on this Earth. What was the placements of the planets and nakshatras at that time, what ascendant you belong to and also the association of various planets and their combinations are all recorded in the horoscope of a person. The natal chart records various planetary positions and astrological angles along with other significant information at the time of the birth.

Creating or casting a horoscope is no matter an easy task and require an expert astrologer who is learned enough to make required astrological calculations and record them accurately. It is an intricate process and even a minute mistake may completely change the predictions so made about the native. Thanks to digitalization of astrology that now we have the choice of getting it prepared by software with absolutely no chance of mistakes. Leo software of Future Point is one such software that helps you to cast your personal horoscope with ultimate ease. You can get your personal horoscope at this page.

Benefits of Janam Kundali

The horoscope or janam kundali of a native is a blue print of his life, it involves everything like his personality traits, his character, his family, education, profession, financial stability, married life and children, the quantum of fate or ill fate he is going to enjoy or suffer, the possibilities of success or failure, the intimate or inimical relations he is supposed to share with the outside world and so on.

The things or circumstances he is going to possess in this life are precisely indicated by the natal chart but the question arises how come he has got a particular chart? What is the reason behind getting a particular planetary placement and dasha system? The answer is deep rooted and may be traced back to the karmas accumulated in the past lives. The horoscope is an outcome of our past deeds and the results or fruits that we have to bear based on them in our present life.

However, some people see it not more than an orthodox philosophy based on superstition but one will be thoroughly amazed to know that even a tiniest thing about a person’s life may be predicted through in depth study of the planetary placements and combinations in a particular chart. Every planet, every nakshatra, every zodiac sign has certain qualities and traits attributed to them which help the astrologers to make predictions.

The 12 houses or sub sections of our horoscope contains valuable information likely to happen at different time periods and phases of life. The first house starts with the Ascendant and rest of the houses are enumerated in an anti-clockwise manner. This is the record of your birth time but planets give accumulated fruits as per the transits and dasha system. The planets are constantly moving in the sky to punish or reward us based on our accumulated karmas as and when they are directed to do so by the celestial powers.

The natal chart plays an integral role in predicting your life. A Kundali may add values to your personal and professional life. Free kundali predictions provide numerous benefits to an individual enumerated as below:

  • The basic birth details like the date, time and place get you started towards the unknown journey for free.
  • Online Kundali matching is a rage among people which they often use match kundalis of the prospective couple.
  • Your free online kundali may also suggest lucky gemstones, lucky dates, lucky color, favorable number etc.
  • A free janam kundali also suggest the appropriate remedies and solutions to neutralize the malefic effects of planetary placements.
  • Your free horoscope gives personal information regarding natural characteristics, health, education, career, marriage, money and other aspects of life in detail.
  • Your Kundali may give valuable insights about favourable and unfavourable time period of life.
  • A detailed Kundali also narrates the information about your strengths and weakness in life, hence setting a goal for growth and improvement as a person.
  • It makes you alert about the undesired period of life and you may better remain prepared for it.
  • It provides you beneficial insights about the smoothness and difficulties likely to happen in near future.

A birth chart turns the uncertainties into certainties. It gives you valuable insights and the same time prepares you well for any undesirable period. Once you get your free kundali and the basic information accompanied with it. You definitely need an experienced and expert astrologer to give accurate readings and help you in abetter way. Come and talk to the best astrologers in India at Future Point with experience of more than several decades in the field of astrology. At Future Point, our team of skilled astrologers study and analyze your Kundali making use of ancient vedic principles and give satisfactory answers to all your queries. If you wish to lead a hassle free life with better control on it then talk to astrologer to understand life in more precise way.

The first step towards knowing the unknown is to get your free kundali through filling in the basic details and then contact experts to understand that in detail and take remedial measures. This is also an effort to save the users from the trap of misleading astrologers because with your free kundali in your hand and the level of knowledge you have about the astrology, you may ponder over the important aspects of life. You may get the information about the yogas so formed in your kundali through this only. And in case any help is needed, the professionals at Future Point are waiting for you!

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