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AIFAS in association with Future Point brings to you, Online Astrology Courses with targeted learning to accelerate your career in the right direction! With a curriculum championed & taught by masters, get extensive study material, and LIVE Zoom Sessions to rack up a jump start on your new certification!

Acquire new skills in the comfort of your home

Gone are the days when you had to venture out and about to get degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Living in the modern world of AI and computers has granted us the luxury of sitting at home or in a cafe and learn about a land far from us. Through the Online Astrology courses offered by Future Point, you can learn all about future telling and predictions right in your living room! No need to go and attend classes wasting half the time on commute and then coming back tired. Enjoy the luxury of learning through Online Certified Courses available at Future Point. Choose from Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, or Vastu and get started on your way to become the next master of astrological sciences!

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The courses are curated keeping in mind the practical application of vedic astrology in today’s age . Based on the requirements of new nomal life A.I.F.A.S is running only online classes in these times. The Vedic Astrology course Online would enable you to learn and master the most ancient science of future telling.Coveted as an esoteric knowledge, Vedic Astrology has found billions of admirers over the decades.We would request you to kindly go through your free class video.The classes will be conducted in similar manner.

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Attend Online Astrology Classes from the comfort of your home and equip yourself with the ancient & sacred occult wisdom that originated in India!

Vedic Astrology and multiple other Occult sciences originated in India, thousands of years ago. These revelatory sciences have been guiding the humankind to lead a life that is in harmony with the planetary forces of the cosmos that play a phenomenally decisive role in charting the course of one’s destiny!

Apart from the sacred science of Vedic Astrology, many other occult sciences such as Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading, Palmistry etc. are widely in practice by astrologers or occult professionals who reveal what fate holds for a person and how that person by incorporating certain highly effective & powerful remedies, can steer towards success & prosperity in life.

Future Point since decades, is a leader in the field of Vedic Astrology as well as all prevalent revelatory occult sciences. Future Point houses a team of incredibly talented & experienced professionals that specialize in different branches of occult and are known for suggesting powerful remedial measures to their clients post the comprehensive analysis of their clients’ horoscope, palm print, date of birth etc.

Learn Ancient & Sacred Occult Sciences From the Best in India!

The occult professionals of Future Point are simply the best in India that have mastery over all predictive & occult sciences. These professionals are offering you an Online Vedic Astrology course which aims to empower a student to predict the results of various planets in different domains of a person’s life. The Vedic Astrology course covers a plethora of topics that deal with various aspects of a person’s life. Some of the topics that are covered in the course are:


  • Houses that are linked to marriage.
  • Benefic and Malefic planets for marriage.
  • Love marriage and Arranged marriage.
  • Compatibility with Life-Partner.
  • Match-Making.
  • Divorce and Love Affairs etc.


  • Favourable time period for childbirth.
  • Planets creating hurdles in childbirth.
  • Houses that deal with childbirth.
  • Naturally benefic planets that signify childbirth.
  • Abortion or Misscarriage.
    • Education:

      • Houses that signify education.
      • Favourable streams of education as per horoscope.
      • Success or failure in academic life.
      • Foreign education or higher education.

      Career & Profession:

      • Favourable or promising lines of career.
      • Periods signifying growth or obstacles in career.
      • Promotions and Transfers in Job.

      Job or Business?

      • Money or the state of finances in life.
      • Partnership in Business.
      • Expenditures or Losses.
      • Sudden Gains or Losses.


      • House that deals with litigation and the effect of different planets.
      • Negative and Positive planets for litigation as per a horoscope.
      • Favourable periods when relief can be expected.
      • Strength of enemies and possibility of victory over them.


      • Time periods that promote travel, especially foreign travel.
      • Chances of settlement in foreign land.
      • Planets and houses that signify travel.
      • Short and Long travels.
      • Nature of Travel e.g. education, job, business, leisure, spirituality etc.

      Property and Vehicle:

      • Houses and planets that signify property & vehicle.
      • Purchase through loans or debts.
      • Income from rent.
      • Accidents from vehicle as well as theft of vehicle.
      • Favourable time periods to buy or sell property.


      • Types of diseases as per the planetary state of different houses.
      • Naturally benefic planet for good health.
      • Naturally malefic planets for bad health.
      • Depression and Anxiety.
      • Organs or body parts represented by different houses in a horoscope.
      • Time periods that warrant caution with respect to health & wellness.


      • Role of key planets in certain houses during transits.
      • Shani Sade Sati.
      • Predicting the result of transits as per the current ‘Dasha’.
      • Concept of ‘Muhurat’.


        Analyzing the horoscope for the relevant solution or remedy.
      • Use of specific Gemstones for remedial purposes.
      • Yantras for attracting positive planetary energies.
      • Donations aimed at pacifying specific planets that are negatively placed in the horoscope.
      • Chanting of specific Mantras for achieving success.
      • Pujas for attracting the blessings of various Deities.
      • Feng Shui remedies.

      Yogas and Doshas:

      • Auspicious Yogas that promote success, wealth and growth in life.
      • Malefic Doshas that bring bad luck, ill health and obstacles in life.
      • Manglik Dosha and its effects on marriage.
      • Kaal Sarp Dosha and its major types.
      • Courses on Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry and Tarot Card Reading

        Future Point offers an online Vastu course that covers the concepts of the divine science of Vastu which is essentially the architectural science that deals with cosmic energies and their effects on a building.

        The Vastu classes online are delivered by professionals who are highly experienced and teach with an aim of imparting the knowledge of Vastu to their students in an easy to understand way.

        We at Future Point also offer an Online Numerology course that teaches a student, the power of numbers and the effects of the vibrations created by different numbers upon us.

        Our Online Palmistry course is very popular among people who wish to learn the occult art of deciphering the various lines & mounts present on the palm of an individual.

        Another very interesting course that we offer keeping in mind the ‘modern-day occult enthusiasts’- is the Online Tarot Card Reading course. Designed & taught by the best, the Tarot Course Online aims at sharpening the intuitive powers of a student and enabling him/her to successfully reveal what the Tarot Cards are saying for an individual.

        So, if you are really interested in learning different kinds of occult sciences, then get in touch with Future Point right away and start your journey towards acquiring the sacred wisdom that has the potential of changing the very trajectory of your life for good!

        The best investment that one can really make is actually towards acquiring an education that empowers that individual to bring success & happiness in his/her own life as well as in the lives of others!

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my study material?

As soon as the payment gets processed and we receive your request to enrol in the course, we will prepare a package with all your study material and process it as soon as possible. The time period of this for Pan-India service is 3 days maximum and outside India is 10 days. No additional charges would be incurred on this postal service.

Can I join more than one course simultaneously?

Yes. This is possible only if you opt for a different course. For example, if you have enrolled yourself in the Jyotish Ratna course, and you want to simultaneously learn another programme, you can opt for any other level of either Vastu, Palmistry, or Numerology, but this cannot be teamed up with any other level of Jyotish curriculum.

Will I have to buy the books for the course that I opt for?

No. All the study material would be provided by the chapter that you enrol yourself into. A separate list would also be provided for extra readings.

Whom should I contact in case of any query?

In case of any assistance regarding your course or anything related to it, you can reach out to your chapter. Alternatively, you can contact our AIFAS Headquarters through mail or our helpline number.

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