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Venkaiah Naidu Horoscope

NameVenkaiah Naidu
Date of Birth01/07/1949
Time of Birth12:00:00 Hour
Istha15:35:09 Ghati
CityChavata Bheemavaram

Birth Detail

Loc Time Corr-00:11:34 Hour
War Time Corr00:00:00 Hour
Local Mean Time11:48:26 Hour
Equation Of Time-00:03:37 Hour
Siderial Time06:24:22 Hour
Sun Rise05:45:56 Hour
Sun Set18:44:36 Hour
Day Duration12:58:40 Hour
Sun Position (Ayan)Dakshinayan
Sun Position (Gola)Uttar
Sun Degree15:55:51 Gemini
Ascendent Degree12:48:25 Virgo

Avakhada Chakra

Avakhada Chakra
Ascendent-LordVir - Mercury
Rasi-LordLeo - Sun
Naksh.-CharanP Phal - 2
Nakshatra LordVenus
Name AlphabetTaa - Tata
Paya(Rasi-Nak)Iron - Silver

Planetary Degrees and their Positions
MonLeo18:39:2314:08:27P Phal2SunVenRahFrSign
JupRCap06:28:0000:06:45U Sadha3SatSunMerDblitted
R - Retrograde S - Stationary
C - Combust D - Deep Combust
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23:09:00

Lagna Chart


Moon Chart


Navamsa Chart


Chalit and Niryan Bhava Chalit

Chalit Chart


Cusp Chart


Vimshottari Dasha

Balance of Dasha :Ven 12 Years 0 Months 5 Days

Ven 20 Years
Sun 6 Years
Mon 10 Years
Mar 7 Years
Rah 18 Years
Jup 16 Years
Sat 19 Years
Mer 17 Years
Ket 7 Years
Ven 20 Years

Lagna Reading

You belong to the exclusive, privileged category of Vargottam, as per the astrological configuration of Capricorn Ascendant (Lagna) on the rise along with Capricorn Navamsa and Capricorn Dreskana in the second Pad of Uttarashadha at the time of your birth. This assures you of riches, luxury, comforts and happiness in your long life.

The stage is set for you to work hard with self-confidence, determination and purpose to achieve success. And you are capable of it as you are endowed with the qualities required to hit the bull's eye. Hence, you don't have to be on edge most of the time, as you are prone to, but take things in their stride without unduly worrying about them. Since worry doesn't solve any problem, what is the point in going on worrying?

Once you start acquiring assets, you will make sure to keep it intact, as you are thrifty, not given to going on a spending spree. Though you are modest and appear to be mild, you can't be cheated. Not only can't others rob you of your riches, your colleagues won't be able to block your path to progress. Cautious, having the ability to make an honest effort, you can carry out schemes of considerable magnitude and rise to occupy the topmost position.

Believing in fair play and being honest in your dealings, you will evince much interest in religion and philosophy and contribute you mite to charity.

Invariably, Capricornians marry late, but once they tie the matrimonial knot, they will love their family, though outwardly they don't display their emotions. Mostly introvert, they prefer a quiet peaceful atmosphere at home. They do their utmost to their family members and are ever eager to maintain the family prestige.

Never try to jump, because you may sustain bodily injuries as indicated in your chart. Better make it a habit to have regular exercises to ensure proper digestion which is one of the areas about which you will have to be cautious.

You can shine and better off in service than in business. The professions tailor-made for you are teaching, writing, music, playback singing, engineering, architecture, salesmanship especially of scientific instruments, or being attached to forms dealing in land or mine products.

The prospects are indeed rosy. Go ahead and make good use of your favourable luck, bearing in mind the following guide lines:

That your lucky days are Friday and Saturday; whereas Wednesday is average. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday are not too favourable as they may bring worries, forcing you to incur much expenses.

That numbers 6, 8 and 9 vibrate in your favour while 3 does not suit you.

That the colours that go well with you are red, black, blue and white; the ones you have to keep off are cream and yellow.

Planet Reading

Sun in Aquarius sign in the 2nd house grants you gains through partners and other associates. You will be able to realize your dues. You cannot save money and will be very worried on this account. Disputes and troubles may arise in domestic life. You are blessed with a long life and some sort of ancestral property. You will be quite influential and will live like the well-to-do. You will not hesitate to spend money your comforts and style.


Moon in Scorpio in the eleventh house indicates that if you want to be able to fulfil some of your desires and aspirations, you will have to work hard and put in a lot of efforts. Financial gain from a lady can be expected but it will not be a big amount.

Although Capricorn Ascendant indicated better relations with your elder brothers than your sisters, Moon in the eleventh house reverses this and instead you will share better relations with your elder sisters. The relations with your elder brothers will virtually be non-existent.

If you don't get a lot of reassurance from friends, you will feel lonely. Your friends will be learned people. In society, you will mix with businessman.


Mars is in the 6th house and due to this placement of Mars, luck will favour you and you will be successful in every way. You will subdue your enemies and overcome all related problems.

Your servants are good to you and they will look after you well.

You enjoy hard work as long as you can control the way you do it. You are quite disciplined in your work habits. If you respect those who have authority over you, if they have demonstrated that they know more than you and can teach you something, you will work very hard and be an excellent employee. Your work drive will be expressed most smoothly if you are self-employed.


Mercury in Aquarius sign in the 2nd house indicates that you know many languages. You are well versed in mathematics or medicine. You will earn a lot due to your good luck, talent and hard work. You are owing fortunate. You will be happy on the domestic front. You are wealthy, lucky and reputed. You will perform religious ceremonies for the good of your family. Being the lord of 6th house, Mercury tends to cause shortage of money sometimes and may cause some problems. You are blessed with a long life and some sort of ancestral property.


You will face obstacles on your path to progress. One negative characteristic that may come with this placement is a tendency to be self-righteous.

You follow family customs and traditions and religious rites with some reservations. You may not be able to concentrate properly on pooja or worship. You try to present yourself as very knowledgeable about spiritual and occult science. You know less on these subjects but talk a lot on them and pretend to know more than you actually do.


Venus in Pisces in the 3rd house indicates that you are talented. You are diplomatic and tactful. You are energetic and pushy. You will lead a successful career and you will leave no stone unturned to further it.

Your co-borns or in their absence, your cousins are loyal, intelligent and industrious. They are faithful and forgive the mistakes of each other for the sake of family peace and harmony.

You will read religious and good publications. You have a good writing power. You can become a good editor or a journalist, if you wish to.


From Saturn, stationed in the first house, comes cheering news for you. A long, healthy life is assured to you with material benefits like wealth and high ranking administrative positions thrown in. With such an excellent backdrop in you favour, you will go about your job with ease, displaying a sober temperament. But then, for no earthly reason, you will start showing signs of irritability on account of some petty domestic matter. You will also get mentally disturbed whenever the fruits of actions initiated by you at your place of work are not satisfactory. Actually there is no need for you take small things too seriously, as they will sort out by themselves out in course of time. Cultivate the habit of total relaxation which will enable you to enjoy life even better.


Rahu in the eleventh house indicates that not all your desires and aspirations shall be fulfilled. Only those of you in the wine business should benefit in some small way financially.

Although Capricorn Ascendant indicates that you will share better relations with your elder brothers than with your sisters, Rahu in the eleventh house does not let you benefit either from your elder brother or sisters. It is quite likely that you may not have any elder brothers or sisters.

Your friends will not be helpful as you may expect them to be. Society people will not be sophisticated. Some of them may be illiterate as well.


Ketu in the fifth house in Taurus sign indicates many enemies and opponents. Your children will tend to be disobedient and they will face adversity. You will receive limited education. You may acquire some wealth through unfair means. You may develop a quarrelsome nature.

Little comfort is likely through children. You will be mentally worried. Through hard labour and secret ways, you may gain some success. You are clever but rough in your dealings. You act for your selfish interests without regard for what is fair and unfair.

House Reading
Physique Health & Nature

Finance, Family, Eye & Speech

Coborns, Publications, Music & Short Travels

Education, Mother, Conveyance & Property

Love Life, Children & Intellect

Disease, Enemies & Servents

Family Life, Marriage & Business Partner

Longevity, Accident & Insurance

At the time of your birth, Leo sign was placed in the eighth house. Sun is the lord of this sign.

You will be interested in the occult science. You will probably have great interest in psychic research and conduct experiments of an occult nature. You will have many spiritualistic experiences. you will also have interest in matters of the future life.

You probably had an inherent interest in the occult and later on, you cultivated it. Spurred on by your success with the occult, you might have devoted more and more time on it. You will become famous because of your achievements with the occult.

You will have property of your own. You will also inherit ancestral property and also be the proud owner of palatial residences and houses. You will gain through handling the estates of other people. Because of your vast amount of property, many people will envy you.

Even though you will not ask for any dowry at the time of marriage, your in laws will force dowry upon you and seeing their eagerness to please, you will find it difficult to say no. This dowry will be of immense help to you and your spouse. You will benefit in terms of insurance of dead people. You can afford to insure yourself and your possessions and you will find it a safe investment, to do so.

You chart does not show any indication of any major robberies although the usual small thefts may occur and these will not make any difference to you. But do not take any chances and feel safe just because you have insured everything.

Hardly any accidents will occur and those that will occur will not be of a very serious nature. There will be no threat to your life and hardly any damage will be done.

You will enjoy a long life. Your death will be quick and sudden so you will not feel much pain.

Fame, Worship & Long Travels

At the time of your birth, Virgo sign was placed in the 9th house. This indicates that you are noble and kind hearted. You follow family traditions and customs. You have faith in god and the supreme power. You take interest in religious rites. You will go to temples and other holy places of your religion. You will like to perform worship of God or pooja as a routine. Sometimes you will like to keep fasts and go on pilgrimages.

You are devoted to the preceptor and God. You well take interest in meditation, spiritual and occult sciences. You will also read some books on religion and occultism. You will study holy and pious books of your religion like Vedas, Bible, Kuran, Geeta etc.

You have a well develop intuitive power. You can see into the future. If you make predictions, they will prove to be correct. You are a pious native. You will take interest in Dharmic kirtan or pooja.

You are regular in your pooja or worship after your middle age to get mental satisfaction and for your next life. You experience peace and feel calm after you perform worship.

You are a charitable native. You like to donate your time and labour. You are not a miser.

Long journeys are indicated for financial assistance and domestic affairs, you will undertake long journeys, also for pleasure. Some journeys for religious purposes to holy places are also indicated.

You are blessed with the comforts and pleasure of your grandchildren. They will be healthy and learned. In fact, whatever you are enjoying in this life is because of your noble and pious karma done by you in your previous life.

Profession, Father, Status & Power

It would be better for a person born when the Libra sign was rising in the tenth house to take up service than having a fling at business. In keeping with this broad outline, the native can opt for a job from a wide range of suitable professions. The list includes teaching, engineering, dealing in scientific instruments agricultural and mine products. One can also shine brightly as head of a religious institution, writer, musician, playback singer, architect or salesman.

As you are a native of power and authority, it will be in your interest not to behave arrogantly with your superiors but toe a mellowed line. Otherwise, they will try to manipulate things in such a way that your service record is tarnished and your progress blocked. If you conduct yourself modestly with government officials, they will extend their co-operation and assistance to you, which will be beneficial.

You are lucky to have a good father who will be gentle and affectionate towards you. Endowed with an artistic bent of mind, he will evince a keen interest in the finer things of life and be a popular figure.

Friends, Society & Elder Brothers

At the time of your birth, Scorpio sign was placed in the eleventh house. Mars is the lord of this sign. This indicates that you are tenacious and fight till the end with the result that you are able to achieve all your desires and aspirations. You are a self made native.

You are fortunate regarding financial gain. Your income will be substantial as you know how to make and earn money. Financial gains are indicated for those employed in the hotel industry and employed in the gold work business. In addition to this, your brother may help you financially.

You may not have any elder sisters and even if you do have any, you will not be as close to them as you will not be as close to them as you will be to your elder brothers. You will share a very good rapport with your elder brothers who will support you in every way; not just financially. They will probably give you very useful advice and this will be a real turning point in your life.

You like to be around people who are active, vigorous and independent. For you, it seems much easier to do your chores and to keep on working when others are with you. It isn't that you lack independence, but you prefer to work with other people.

If you choose a friend, that relationship will last throughout life. Your friends will comprise of learned people and people who are very independent as well. You prove to be a very good friend to others. In society you will mix mainly with businessmen.

You may suffer from diseases of the pelvic bones, bladder, enlargement of the prostrate glands etc.

Disease of the left ear is possible so guard against such a possibility by taking timely medical help even in case of a minor ailment of the left ear.

Foreign Journeys, Debts & Net Savings

You were born while Capricorn was rising in the eastern horizon and its lord Saturn was in the twelfth house.

This indicates that you are desirous of name, fame, money and reputation. You will not mind difficulties, handicaps and hindrances, but will work continuously to gain success. You do not miss any chance and opportunity and do not speculate. Knowing the value of money you will invest carefully and save slowly and steadily. You are economical and trustworthy and as you do not take risks you do not expect a windfall.

You have a great liking for money and great ability in handling it profitably, usually turning it to noble purposes. You therefore make a superb manager for investment companies and administrator of estates.

Frugal and cautious in money matters, you may never be in debt in your entire life. Your sense of independence abhors borrowing, although your habit of helping others may make you a too generous lender. These traits will be especially beneficial in your early career, for it isn't likely that you will have much money then. And so you will plod along your course slowly but surely accumulating the capital which many others earn early and spend even earlier. When substantial cash does come to you in your middle years, you will be the most prudent investor ever known.

Your simple tastes will not be replaced with luxury. You will look on your wealth as a source of security, not of ostentation. That's why you will enjoy it more in the long run, than those who are fantastically rich and always uneasy.

Spending money on useful things like on charity and helping needy people will be your way of contributing to society and on sons if you happen to have any.

You are an extremely mobile person, both physically by travelling and intellectually by restless searching for new ideas. You hunger for change, for innovation, for things you have never seen or heard. Journeys will be in connection with your business or job.

Manglik Vichar

In the boy or the girl's horoscope when Mars is in ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house then it is called Manglik dosh.

At the time of your birth Mars was placed in the eighth house in your Moon horoscope. So you are a Manglik and since your dosh is not getting cancelled, you will get malefic results in greater proportion than benefic result. With its effects you will suffer from physical ill health. You may have to suffer from diseases caused due to excessive heat or bile. There will hurdles in your path of success and this may cause you mental agony. Due to Mars ill effect your education may be affected you will have to work very hard to complete your education. You may also be deprived of pleasure from brothers and sisters. Your wife may also suffer from physical ill health. Due to Mars' effect your marriage will be unnecessarily delayed and even at the time of settlement, there may be breaks. Your post-marital life will also not be smooth. There may be disputes between the two of you. Your wife's ill health will also cause you tension.

In your Moon horoscope, Mars is placed in the eight house so you may face hurdles in completion of your social, worldly, business and family works. This may cause you mental tension. Mars’ aspect over the eleventh house will have ill-effects on your financial position. You will remain in constant want of money. Mars’ aspect over the second house shows that there will be obstacles in education, which will be completed only after a lot facing difficulty. Your family life will be disturbed as there will be disputes within the family Mars aspect over the third house indicates that you will not get the desired support and cooperation from your brothers and sister. This will make you low and insecure.

To secure your-self from Mars' ill-effects and to make your married life happy, you must marry a Manglik girl whose dosh is getting cancelled. This will increase the benefic effects of Mars. So if you start your life in this way, then you will be a fortunate man to have wealth, luxuries, fame, respectability etc.

At the time of matching if in the girl's horoscope Mars is placed in the eight house then you should avoid marrying her because Mars placement in the same houses gives out bad results, but if Mars in the girl's horoscope is placed in other houses then your marriage with her is advisable. In this case you will have various luxuries and comforts in life. So before getting married you must get your horoscope thoroughly matched.

Kaap Sarp Yog

If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kaal Sarp Yogas of 12 types. These are 1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhpal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankhchud, 10. Ghaatak, 11. Vishdhar, 12. Sheshnag The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from certain shortcomings in life. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. Propiation of kaal sarp dosh becomes necessary to lead a normal life. Kaal Sarp Yog In Your Horoscope

Your horoscope does not contain Kaal Sarp Yog. Therefore you do not require shanti for Kaal Sarp Yog. You will lead a happy life.

Gem Selection

To obtain the full benefic effect of stone, wear it while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fractions of 1 / 4 Ratti rejecting fractions of 3 / 4 Ratti like 4 - 1 / 4 Ratti.Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from bottom.If you are already wearing a stone then avoid wearing a contradictory stone.Before wearing it light lamp and incense stick and meditate on your God.Clean the ring in fresh milk and then Ganga water. Perform pooja and recite the specified mantra 108 times.Then wear the stone in the specified finger.Women should wear on their left hand whereas men should wear in the right hand.After wearing the ring give alms as specified for that stone.

Your favourable Gemstone - Lapis Lazuli

You are born in the Capricorn ascendant. The lord of the sign Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn is also known as the planet of justice. Natal ascendant of a person is very important as the name, fame, power; position and prosperity of that person depend on it. If the ascendant of a native is strong then the native prospers well and he gets all round development in life.

So it is very beneficial for the persons who are born with Capricorn ascendant to give strength to their natal Saturn. Saturn can be strengthened by worshipping it in a prescribed way and by reciting proper mantra. Gemstone Lapis Lazuli is recommended for Saturn. When a person who is born in the Capricorn ascendant or rashi wears Lapis Lazuli studded in ring he get happiness, prosperity and success in life. Saturn signifies service, meditation, discipline and concentration. So by wearing Lapis Lazuli one can get good job, recognition and fame in service, gets cooperation from higher authorities and his reputation increases.

Native gets full cooperation and support of his elders and subordinates after wearing this stone. Saturn signifies concentration and meditation. Wearing Lapis Lazuli can also help in the cure of joint pain. This stone is very much helpful in legal matters. The native gets favorable results in pending legal matters.

Wear the ring studded with Lapis Lazuli in the middle finger of right hand as this finger signifies Saturn as per the palmistry. This ring should be worn on Saturday as Saturn is the lord of this day. This ring should be worn in the evening on Saturday in the hora of Saturn. If this stone is worn in the constellations of Saturn Pushya, Anuradha or Uttra Bhadrapada falling on Saturday it will be very much benefic.

Clean Lapis Lazuli with Ganga water and a mixture of milk, curd, honey, clarified butter and sugar. After this put blue or white clothe on the wooden platform and keep Lapis Lazuli on it. Light incense sticks, ghee lamp and dhoop in front of it and recite Saturn Mantra 108 times to energize Lapis Lazuli. After this touch it with your head and wear in the little finger of right hand.

Mantra of Saturn - Om Shan Shanishcharaye Namah.

Donate mustard oil, black urad, blue or black cloth of 1¼ meter length to get better results. Recite Saturn Mantra daily 108 times after having bath. Give clothes or gifts to servants or subordinates time to time to get constant auspicious results. Go to the Shani temple every Saturday and offer mustard oil on the idol of Shani dev. Read Shani Chalisa and visit Shani temple on Saturday. This will be very much benefic.

Those who are born in Capricorn ascendant and wear Lapis Lazuli get good health, name, fame, power, position and happiness in life and lead a successful life and reputation.

Gem Wearing

Performing Remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into human body.

Normally a remedy is provided for the Major period lord Stone is worn for a weak ascendent, 9th or benefic houselord. When you should wear which stone or adopt which remedy is given in the following table along with its area of effectiveness. In each Major period three option of Stone are given. You can select any option by looking at the help you expect from the stone or remedy.

Stone Recommendation

Life Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsFame, Career success, Good health
Lucky Stone
Weight1 Carat
BenefitsEarnings, Fame, Wealth
Benific Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsSavings, Kids happiness, Conquer enemies

Stone Recommendation as per Dasha

DasaVimsottari Dasha
PlanetSat 19 Years
Date07/07/2018 - 07/07/2037
Stone1(Power)Emerald (100%)
Stone2(Power)Diamond (95%)
Stone3(Power)Gomed (75%)
MantraOm Pram Prim Prom Sah Shanescharaye Namah
DonationUrad, Molasses, Musk, Black Cow, Milk
BenefitsSavings, Kids happiness, Marital bliss

RubySun5GoldRingSundayMorn.Krittika, U Phal, U Sadha
PearlMoon5SilverLittleMondayMorn.Rohini, Hasta, Sravna
CoralMars5SilverRingTuesdayMorn.Mrgsra, Chitra, Dhanish
EmeraldMercury4GoldLittleWednesdayMorn.Aslesa, Jyestha, Revati
Y-SapphireJupiter4GoldFirstThursdayMorn.Punrvsu, Visakha, P Bhad
DiamondVenus1PlatinmLittleFridayMorn.Bharani, P Phal, P Sadha
B-SapphireSaturn45MetalMiddleSaturdayEven.Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhad
GomedRahu58MetalMiddleSaturdayNightArdra, Svati, Satbisha
Cat's eyeKetu5SilverRingThursdayNightAsvini, Magha, Moola

StoneMantraContradictory StoneItems To Donate
RubyOm Ghirini Suryaye NamahDiamond, B-Sapphire, GomedWheat, Sandal, Ghee, Red Cloth
PearlOm Som Somaye NamahGomedRice, Sugar, Curd, Wt.Cloth
CoralOm Am Angarkaye NamahDiamond, Gomed, B-SapphireWheat, Copper, Gur, Red-Cloth
EmeraldOm Bum Budhaye Namah---Moong, Bronze, Green-Cloth
Y-SapphireOm Brim Brihaspataye NamahDiamond, GomedGram Pulse, Gur, Yel.Cloth
DiamondOm Shum Shukrayaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireRice, Silver, Wt.Cloth
B-SapphireOm Sham Shaneshcharaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireHorse Bean, Oil, Black Cloth
GomedOm Ram Rahave NamahRuby, Pearl, CoralMole, Oil, Lead, Blue Cloth
Cat's eyeOm Kem Ketve Namah---7-Corns, Coconut, Brown Cloth

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