Omar Abdullah Horoscope by Date of Birth | Horoscope of Omar Abdullah 2020

Omar Abdullah Horoscope

NameOmar Abdullah
Date of Birth10/03/1970
Time of Birth12:00:00 Hour
Istha11:30:25 Ghati

Birth Detail

Loc Time Corr-00:57:10 Hour
War Time Corr00:00:00 Hour
Local Mean Time11:02:50 Hour
Equation Of Time-00:10:25 Hour
Siderial Time22:13:39 Hour
Sun Rise07:23:49 Hour
Sun Set18:52:16 Hour
Day Duration11:28:26 Hour
Sun Position (Ayan)Uttarayan
Sun Position (Gola)Dakshin
Sun Degree26:01:09 Aquarius
Ascendent Degree12:22:23 Gemini

Avakhada Chakra

Avakhada Chakra
Ascendent-LordGem - Mercury
Rasi-LordAri - Mars
Naksh.-CharanAsvini - 1
Nakshatra LordKetu
Name AlphabetChu - Churamani
Paya(Rasi-Nak)Gold - Gold
Planetary Degrees and their Positions
SunAqu26:01:0900:59:57P Bhad2SatJupKetEnSign
VenPis06:50:5201:14:43U Bhad2JupSatMerExalted
KetRLeo18:22:2500:00:47P Phal2SunVenRahEnSign
PluRVir02:47:5800:01:37U Phal2MerSunJup---
R - Retrograde S - Stationary
C - Combust D - Deep Combust
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23:26:32

Lagna Chart


Moon Chart


Navamsa Chart


Chalit and Niryan Bhava Chalit

Chalit Chart


Cusp Chart


Vimshottari Dasha

Balance of Dasha :Ket 5 Years 7 Months 6 Days

Ket 7 Years
Ven 20 Years
Sun 6 Years
Mon 10 Years
Mar 7 Years
Rah 18 Years
Jup 16 Years
Sat 19 Years
Mer 17 Years
Ket 7 Years
Lagna Reading

At the time of your birth, Gemini Ascendant ( Lagna ) was rising with Capricorn Navamsa and Libra Dreskana in the second Pad of Ardra, signifying a rather split personality:

While on the one hand you will make determined efforts to cover others' properties, on the other, persons more intelligent than you make a bid to exploit you. How these two irreconcilable features work out is anybody's guess.

You are a very smart and well read person with an artistic bent of mind. You enjoy music and dance and derive pleasure in impressing others with your witty talk. Consequently, you could rise to great heights in any sphere, but the snag is you don't pursue anything with determination and give up jobs midway through and cross over to other areas. This is a major drawback which has got to be overcome if you aspire to make it big.

Another negative quality about which you have to be careful is your irascible temper. You lose your patience very quickly as you are a person who can't stand delay of any sort. That is why you don't have any permanent friends as they desert you because of your short temper. Also, they find it difficult to understand you because more often than not you give the impression of indulging in double talk-saying one thing for public consumption, while actually meaning something else.

Of a lean and upright stature with a dark complexion, you prove a hit with members of the opposite sex due to your attractive eyes and interesting talk. This results in your having many affairs and suffering much misfortune because of romantic misadventures. At home, you want to be the domineering partner, bossing over your spouse. You expect spouse not to take seriously your sexual exploits. But if the partner does, then you will go to the extent of walking out. A way out of this would be to select your partner with care. Gemini's are best suited for persons born under the Leo, Aries, Libra or Aquarius signs. If you select a proper mate, not only will you have a peaceful home but you will also blessed with good offsprings.

In spite of various hurdles in the way, you will enjoy a bright period from the age of 25.

Though your health will be generally good, you would do well to take steps in advance to prevent diseases like asthma, cough and diphtheria worrying you as you grow old.

The lucky days for you are Wednesday and Friday, Saturday is average. The other four days are not too favourable as they will prove expensive.

The numbers which vibrate in your favour are 7 and 3, but those which don't go well with you are 4 and 8.

The colours that suit you are purple, blue, green, yellow and pink. Keep off red and black.

Planet Reading

Sun in the 9th house makes you hard working. You make a lot of efforts in life. You have a strong sense of curiosity, and you want all your questions answered as soon as possible. You are interested in Astronomy, world history, geography and even philosophy to some extent. When you are older, you may be interested in law.

Sun in the 9th house in the enemy's camp indicates that you will take interest in religious rites very unwillingly. Though you have faith in god and in religion, inadequate finances prevent you from performing ceremonies. You are not interested in reading religious books. But you have some intuitive power and can predict the future of people.

You are fascinated by anything concerning foreign and distant places. You want to travel to see the world. You may go on a long journey for technical matters.


Moon in Aries in the eleventh house enables you to attain fame, wealth and respect. You will be able to satisfy your desires and your aspirations will come true. Financial gains from a lady is clearly indicated in your chart. Dealers in electrical instruments or those of you in any business will benefit financially.

Although Gemini Ascendant indicates that your elder brothers will be helpful to you, Moon in the eleventh house reverses this and it is your elder sisters rather than your brothers who will be helpful.

You have a strong need for friends who support you in whatever you do so you tend to choose people as friends from those whom you have known a long time. The society you move in will comprise of all bold and educated people.


Mars in Aries in the eleventh house indicates that you will be wealthy and fortunate enough to satisfy all your desires. Your aspirations will also become a reality. Those of you engaged in the hotel industry, the military or in the gold work trade shall be benefited financially. You will get many monetary benefits as well.

Mars signifies brothers and from your chart also, it is clear that you will share great affinity with your elder brothers. They too, will be helpful under all conditions.

Most of your friends will be educated and bold. Society members will comprise of intelligent and courageous people.


Mercury in the 9th house in Aquarius sign indicates that you are very religious. You know very well that Karma is of no use till it gets the favour of fortune (Bhagya). You will rise and prosper with the support of fate and regular worship.

You have land, property, conveyance, and the support of children, brother and relatives because of your faith in God and due to your religious deeds along with the pious deeds done in a previous life. You are known for your good deeds.

You have a well developed intuitive power. You can forecast correctly for people. You can even see into the future.

Along with your family you will visit holy places and go on pilgrimage. You will enjoy various long journeys. However, you will receive no benefit from them.


Jupiter in Libra sign in the fifth house indicates that you will be born in a family of position. Comforts and respect through children is also indicated. Success and renown through higher education is also indicated. Your polite and humble nature and sweet tongue will earn esteem for you in society. You will perform religious ceremonies with some reservations.


The location of Venus in Pisces in the tenth house is a good sign. You can enjoy all worldly pleasures right through your life. But there are chances of your smudging your reputation, especially during youth, by going astray.

From middle age onwards, your progress will be rapid. Government officials will be ever ready to extend their co-operation to you. More luck will favour you in the last part of your life which will be most enjoyable.


Saturn in Aries in the eleventh house indicates that although you are ambitious with many desires and aspirations, it will be difficult for you to fulfil these unless you persevere and work hard. Financial gains of some sort are indicated either from service or wood or iron work but these will be less.

Although Gemini Lagna indicates that you will share a rapport with your elder brothers, because of this placement of Saturn, you may not be close to your elder brothers or sisters.

Your friends will include servants and medium educated people and they will not be helpful. Society members, too, will be less educated.


You will face difficulties in life and despite your best efforts will not get happiness or respect in life. Your life itself is a big farce.

Rahu in the 9th house indicates that you superficially believe in religious rites. You will not worship regularly. You are well aware that nothing can be achieved by efforts unless it is supported by fortune. You may not be interested in higher studies.

Due to Rahu's presence, you grand children may not give you much regard but you will enjoy pleasure and comforts through them in old age.

Though Gemini Lagna indicates pleasure and professional gains through journeys, Rahu prevents your journeys from being successful. Long journeys will not prove beneficial for you and may lose some time while travelling abroad.


Ketu in Leo sign in the 3rd house indicates that although you have a good memory, it may desert you at times you work hard but do not make much money. You are not very tolerant by nature.

Though Gemini Lagna indicates your keen interest in music, because of this placement of Ketu, although you love music, and songs, since you tend to worry a lot, your interest in them will die out and music and songs will become only a pastime for you.

House Reading
Physique Health & Nature

Those born under the Gemini sign are normally tall and slim, so slim that their veins will be visible. Of moderate complexion, they will have long arms and an oval face with hazel or gray eyes. With their upright figure, they impress people by their graceful and effective way of handling things.

They tend to spoil their health by their own high-strung behaviour. They not only overwork, they are always on edge, unnecessarily worrying too much about the outcome of their efforts. In a of hurry all the time, they are impatient for quick results.

Geminians must overcome this trait by giving adequate rest to the body and the mind; otherwise their health is bound to be affected. Some of the steps you should take care to learn to relax, develop mental poise and do physical exercise in the open so as to inhale plenty of fresh air.

You must improve your concentration if you desire to stream-line your fickle-minded nature. Driven by hesitation, doubt and uncertainty, you shift and change your position on issues frequently, with the result you will indulge in double talk to the annoyance of others. Ever impatient, you will engage yourself in more than one pursuit at a time which, will be highly disadvantageous, Given the will, you can surely get over this as you have an astute mind which can grasp ideas in a jiffy. Plus, you are a flexible individual who can fit into any design. Hence, if you put your faculties to proper use, you will be able to lead a comfortable life without having to face a continuous stream of difficulties year after year. Geminious are prone towards disease like influenza tuberculosis, cold bronchitis they must take due precautions.

Finance, Family, Eye & Speech

At the time of your birth, Cancer sign was rising in the 2nd house. Moon being the lord of this house indicates that you are somewhat sentimental and talkative. You earn a position of honour in society. You speak sweetly and express your ideas clearly. You are fond of home, family and its comforts.

You will face some difficulties in acquiring wealth. You may lose some wealth through relatives or in speculation or in love affairs. All this may happen in the first part of life. In the later part of life, you will have grand success and prosperity. You will inherit money and property.

You are devoted to your family. Your home and garden always keep you engaged. Guard yourself against eye problems. In the later part of life, your right eye may cause some trouble to you. You are fond of good food, specially sweets, which may be harmful to your health. You will enjoy celebrating auspicious ceremonies at home. You use good logic to support your views.

Coborns, Publications, Music & Short Travels

At the time of your birth, Leo sign was placed in the 3rd house. Sun, being the lord of this sign indicates that you are spiritual and strong willed other people like you because you are basically warm and affectionate. You work very hard to get your way with others. You are reluctant to compromise yourself or lose other people's respect. Being respected by other is very important to you and for this reason you are less likely then others to tell lies. You feel that everything should be out in the open.

Once you have made up your mind about a particular course of action, you are very persistent. You select a goal and follow it through to the bitter end. When you are older, you will want to be a person of some importance and if possible, a leader. Even while you are young you will play this role whenever possible, which should work out very well, because you also want to be worthy of being a leader. For you, self respect is as important as the respect of others.

You are noble, magnanimous, bold and courageous. You will have faith in all your relatives. You are impressive, energetic and enthusiastic.

You are extremely intelligent. You are eloquent. You have a sharp memory and are inclined towards higher education and philosophy. You are diplomatic and conventional.

You will enjoy communication sources like conveyance, postal facilities, telephone, television and telecommunications.

You will take interest in all kinds of correspondence and accounting. You are fond of travelling frequently and will earn money and fame through these journeys.

You are interested in music, and opera. You are fond of playing musical instruments. You will be interested in publications. You write well and may be a good editor. For your pastime, you like reading newspapers, magazines and novels. You can be a good information officer or a journalist.

Ketu in Leo sign in the 3rd house indicates that although you have a good memory, it may desert you at times you work hard but do not make much money. You are not very tolerant by nature.

Though Gemini Lagna indicates your keen interest in music, because of this placement of Ketu, although you love music, and songs, since you tend to worry a lot, your interest in them will die out and music and songs will become only a pastime for you.

Education, Mother, Conveyance & Property

The overall picture presented by the Virgo sign rising in the fourth house at the time of one's birth is indeed very rosy. It holds out promise of a comfortable life of plenty and pleasure. But the thing to be borne in mind is that if the promise materialises, it will be mainly because of the backing and blessings of one's mother.

The position is that you are likely to have an intelligent, hard-working mother whose sole ambition is the progress of her children. But it is not easy to spot her sincerity since the lady doesn't display her deep emotions openly. That is the reason that in spite of possessing sterling qualities, she finds it difficult to please her husband.

It is because of the good offices of your mother that you may come to possess a part of your ancestral property, including landed assets. The odds are you will have the benefit of owning your own vehicle and residence too. Your abode will have to be quite impressive as you are an individual who won't be satisfied either with a small house or a small job.

It is better to rest content with the wealth at your disposal instead of being too avaricious. You may have the urge to go after even more riches and consequently try to unearth some hidden treasure or the other. Suppress that temptation as it will be a sheer waste of time.

Overcoming minor hurdles, you will manage to complete your academic course and later widen your knowledge by studying various subjects.

Health wise you should be okay, but you may spoil it by your own actions. Care is needed on that front, as you may invite problems connected with the lungs by overindulgence in drinks and excessive smoking. You will be fine if you remain a teetotaller.

Love Life, Children & Intellect

At the time of your birth, Libra sign was rising in your fifth house. Venus, being the lord of this sign indicates that you are courteous, modest and quiet. You use your intellect for a happy and harmonious life. This sign gives you a fertile imagination, correct intuition, vedic knowledge and brilliant intellect.

You are romantic and most desirable as a life partner. Your standard of living is high. You may not be able to find a partner who can satisfy and please you. You are blessed with happiness from children. You may be worried about children's career. Your daughter's marriage and son's employment may disturb you a little. Your daughter-in-law will give you problems.

You should have a balanced diet; otherwise you will suffer from stomach trouble. Once a trouble starts, you may have to suffer all through your life. You may also have problems relating to taxes, etc. You should manage them tactfully. You like peace at home and also in your social life.

Jupiter in Libra sign in the fifth house indicates that you will be born in a family of position. Comforts and respect through children is also indicated. Success and renown through higher education is also indicated. Your polite and humble nature and sweet tongue will earn esteem for you in society. You will perform religious ceremonies with some reservations.

Disease, Enemies & Servents

At the time of your birth, Scorpio sign was placed in the 6th house. Mars being the lord of this house, indicates that if someone makes you angry, instead of blowing up right off, you go into a slight burn. People know that you are upset, however, because you are likely to make sarcastic and biting remarks. But, this tendency to hold back your anger can work against you, because the anger is not released so you stay angry. You may hold a grudge for quite a long time.

The intensity of your anger, even though it is held in, may be rather frightening to others whose emotions are not as strong as yours. Sometimes you remember a past incident when you could have got angry but didn't and suddenly you are just as angry as if the incident had just occurred.

You have such strong likes and dislikes that it is hard for you to be neutral about anything. You relate to the world around you very emotionally, and there is very little to which you do not react.

You will spoil your health by unnecessary and avoidable work and anxiety. Pulmonary afflictions, cold and influenza are the possible illnesses which may affect you. You will suffer from minor ailments. Guard yourself against contagious disease. Defects in the shoulders and the arms are also indicated, in the later part of youth. Piles and fistula are also indicated.

You are very fond of good and rich food but your fascination for liquor and other intoxicants will spoil your appetite. You may suffer from constipation and kidney trouble in the later part of life.

Since Mars makes you hot tempered and rash, you should control your tongue. You will have many enemies. You will lead a hard life as your enemies will always place obstacles in your path.

Your servants will be short tempered. They will let out your secrets and damage your image. You should keep a watch on them as they will resort to theft. They will deceive you.

You spend money on seeking pleasure and maintaining your social status. You do not keep a proper check over your expenses. This and your poor health may place you under debt.

Regarding your assets and promotions and general progress you may think of initiating law suits, but it is better to avoid them as litigation will not go in your favour.

Family Life, Marriage & Business Partner

Sagittarius being a dual sign in the seventh house, you will experience a mixed fortune in life, be it in the professional sphere or in the domestic set-up. But it is the latter that is more important to you. as you firmly believe that the maximum pleasure lies in romance than in anything else.

Pinning faith on the dictum that variety is the spice of life, you will try to derive as much enjoyment as possible even if it means being unfaithful to your spouse. The only check that can be applied on you in this regard will be by a mate who can strike a common wavelength with you. On your part, you can give up the wayward path if you select a spouse from the Libra, Aquarius, Aries or Leo signs.

Even if you get a perfect partner, you won't be prepared to compromise on your freedom and insist on being the boss all the time. You will resent any criticism of any of your actions by your spouse. Your romantic emotions are governed more by calculative and cunning thoughts than by emotions. Being money-minded, you wouldn't mind putting an end to your marital partnership if you find your partner is a source of expenditure.

As you are an intelligent and interesting conversationalist, the professions that suit you are intelligence agent, advocate, share broker or business. If you desire, you can be a writer or a journalist since you have the ability to write convincingly.

As you like to travel a lot, you may forge friendship with many persons, and with some you may strike an understanding to boost your income.

Longevity, Accident & Insurance

At the time of your birth, Capricorn sign was placed in the eighth house. Saturn is the lord of this sign. You are practical and so are not interested in the occult science. You will probably spend most of your time doing hard work giving you practically no time to even indulge in such things even at the insistence of friends.

You will inherit some property and estates and since you do not speculate, you will carefully and steadily make a lot of profit on it. This should make you a wealthy person in your own right.

At the time of marriage, you will receive dowry from your in-laws. They will be so impressed with you that they will give you ever more than the amount earlier decided upon, and it may be more than what is usually given. The amount will be to your satisfaction. It may include ample cash, jewellery and goods of practical use to make your domestic life one of bliss. It will serve to make your life comfortable.

You will gain through insurance. This should protect you against damage or loss. There will probably not be much loss but you will be far- sighted enough to go in for insurance.

These will not be major instances of robbery although there may be minor thefts. This single fact goes to show how careful you are and the credit should go to you for taking care of your possessions etc, so well.

Saturn makes you cautious and so you may have no accidents at all during the course of your life. Your chart too, does not show any indications of any.

You will enjoy a long life. Diseases indicated are injury to body parts to knee cap, skin disease, eczema, dislocation, hysteria and rheumatism. Your mode of death may be coma or paralysis.

If you are cheerful, take nutritious food and do regular exercise, you will be able to enjoy good health.

Fame, Worship & Long Travels

At the time of your birth, Aquarius sign was placed in the 9th house, Saturn is the Lord of this sign. Be careful not to accept the values of those around you uncritically. You may not pay enough attention to your personal deeds. It is important for you to develop your sense of values from within yourself.

Your ideal of change is of a systematic and orderly process. You may put a great deal of effort in studying subjects that can bring about orderly changes such as science, technology and mathematics. But you are not likely to get involved in a new or revolutionary cause until it has demonstrated its usefulness.

It is very important that you keep your eyes open to the subtler aspects of life. Do not sacrifice your youth to some ideal of adult reasonableness. Keep your mind open to every aspect of living, and even if you are not a poet or artist, learn to respect what they do.

Lack of finance, comforts and no achievements to your credit all indicate that you must not have done good deeds in your previous life as you will not lead a happy life as per your expectations.

You are not religious and do not believe in performing religious worship. You believe in making efforts in life rather than relying on religious ceremonies and do not spare time to read any religious literature. You do not like going on pilgrimages, not even if your friends pursuade you to do so.

Although there will be journeys in the course of your life they will not prove to be beneficial for you.

You are not social by nature and do not like unwanted visitors to intrude on your privacy. You will not like get together and will discourage guests with your aloofness.

You will be disappointed by your grandchildren and will not get much pleasure or comforts from them. Though they will be healthy and prosperous, they will not be as close to you as you wish them to be.

Mercury in the 9th house in Aquarius sign indicates that you are very religious. You know very well that Karma is of no use till it gets the favour of fortune (Bhagya). You will rise and prosper with the support of fate and regular worship.

You have land, property, conveyance, and the support of children, brother and relatives because of your faith in God and due to your religious deeds along with the pious deeds done in a previous life. You are known for your good deeds.

You have a well developed intuitive power. You can forecast correctly for people. You can even see into the future.

Along with your family you will visit holy places and go on pilgrimage. You will enjoy various long journeys. However, you will receive no benefit from them.

Profession, Father, Status & Power

The broad outline indicated for a person born when the Pisces sign was rising in the tenth house is one blessed with a dual source of income. Keeping in view that the native is active, agile, alert and industrious, the professions advocated are accountancy, bank employee, secretary, advocate or share broker. Dealing in oils, beverages, cosmetics or items connected with education will also turn out to be beneficial. Since you are fond of travelling, you may opt to be a travel agent. If you evince interest in the occult sciences or religion, you can hope to shine brightly.

It is as well there are so many avenues open to you, since many changes in profession are denoted for you. In a way it is good, as you will always be experimenting with new methods of earning.

You can expect sound backing from government departments and officers, which you can exploit by becoming a supplier of articles to the government.

The busybody that you are, in addition to your varied interests, you will also have some practical involvement in politics.

Your father will shower all his affections on you and look after you well. Yet, you won't be able to strike a good equation with him, as you resent his aggressive nature. Make sure this won't cause a permanent rift because your father's health may start deteriorating from the age of 50 and you owe it to him to look after him.

The location of Venus in Pisces in the tenth house is a good sign. You can enjoy all worldly pleasures right through your life. But there are chances of your smudging your reputation, especially during youth, by going astray.

From middle age onwards, your progress will be rapid. Government officials will be ever ready to extend their co-operation to you. More luck will favour you in the last part of your life which will be most enjoyable.

Friends, Society & Elder Brothers

At the time of your birth, Aries sign was placed in the eleventh house Mars, being the lord of this sign indicates that being ambitious, you will have many desires which you want to fulfil and you definitely will. Your aspirations, too, will come true.

You can guide, control and govern others and are capable of commanding others which is the reason you will do well in the military if you should join it, both financially and otherwise. Financial gains would accrue to you in either the hotel profession or gold work.

Your chart indicates that you will be closer to your elder brothers than your sisters and you will share a very close rapport with them. They will be helpful to you under all circumstances and you will even gain financially from them.

Good company and many friends are your weakness and you like to be around people who are active, vigorous, educated, bold and independent and your friends fit this description. It seems much easier to do your chores and to keep on for working when others are with you. It isn't that you lack independence, but you prefer to work with other people.

It is very important for you to be with people whose goals are similar to yours, because you believe in your own opinions strongly and will defend them vigorously against anyone who challenges them.

As there are good influences on the Lagna, you are confident, courageous, enterprising with high aims and also liberal. In society, too, you will mix with people who are intelligent and courageous.

On the whole, you will enjoy good health and have the power of resistance to diseases. You are liable to suffer from headaches, inflammatory diseases, brain affliction, colic pains, high fever, pimples, paralysis, insomnia and small pox etc. Your left ear too, may give some trouble so it is advisable for you to take precautions.

Foreign Journeys, Debts & Net Savings

Taurus in the twelfth house at the time of your birth indicates that there will be a lot of changes in your life. You will enjoy life with good fortune and suffer continuous misfortune experiencing both privation and plenty.

You can find ways and new methods of earning and will have a dual source of income in life. When you do have money, you want to spend it like sand and when you have little, you will live happily enough at a subsistence level and welcome the change for the challenge it affords.

Hold your impulses in check to prepare for the biggest successes. By and large, they will be undramatic and routine investments, which pay off gradually. Force yourself to consider prudent offers rather than false promises of instant wealth.

Being fond of modern equipment and gadgets you will spend a lot of money on these but it will be a wise investment besides serving to make you comfortable and will enable you to enjoy yourself.

Long journeys are indicated in your chart. These will be in connection with official business. It is a different issue altogether that you like to travel from place to place and are successful as a travelling agent.

You need action, fast travel, in fact, speed in everything in your life. Your personality is well adapted to your nomadic impulses, for you are skilled at meeting people in new and strange places. Indeed, you are the sort who, put down in the centre of an unfamiliar city at midday, would be dining with new friends at their home that very evening. Utilize those skills in all aspects of life.

You may be fortunate enough to travel abroad. Later you may even settle in a foreign country owing to certain circumstances.

Manglik Vichar

In the boy or the girl's horoscope when Mars is in ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house then it is called Manglik dosh.

At the time of your birth Mars was placed with Moon in your horoscope so you are Manglik but your dosh is getting cancelled according to the shastras. So you will get more benefic results than malefic. You will enjoy good health both mentally as well as physically. But there will be aggressiveness in your disposition at times. With Mars' effect your marriage may be delayed but the ceremony will take place in a pleasant atmosphere. The health of your wife will be good and you will lead a happily married life.

Since Moon is conjoint with Mars, you will be a healthy man. Even mentally you will seldom feel depressed. Since Mars is aspecting the fourth house from Moon, you will lead a luxurious and comfortable life. You will be the owner of a lot of property. Since Mars is aspecting the seventh house, your wife will enjoy good health. Even though she will be short-tempered yet your marital life will not be affected due to this. Mars’ aspect over the eighth house shows that you will enjoy good health and get success in most of your important ventures. This will keep you peaceful and tension-free. Even your marital life will be happy.

To make your married life happier, you must marry a non Manglik girl whose Manglik dosh is cancelled. In this case your life will be luxurious and comfortable. In the society you will be known as a respectable man. Your wife will move to be lucky for you. And you will get along well with her.

If in the girl's horoscope Mars is in the same house as yours then avoid getting married to her because in this case there will unnecessary hurdles in your marital bliss. If Mars is in different houses then Mars is auspicious and you will lead a happy married life. So get your horoscope thoroughly matched before getting married.

Kaap Sarp Yog

If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kaal Sarp Yogas of 12 types. These are 1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhpal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankhchud, 10. Ghaatak, 11. Vishdhar, 12. Sheshnag The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from certain shortcomings in life. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. Propiation of kaal sarp dosh becomes necessary to lead a normal life. Kaal Sarp Yog In Your Horoscope

In your horoscope the Shankhchur Kaal Sarp Yog is present. This yog is present in descending order. The descending Kaal Sarp Yog does not come fully in the definition of Kaal Sarp Yog but it has some influence. Due to this reason there are hurdles in life and native has to struggle for moving ahead. However later on, all hurdles get removed. There may be hurdles in your job and you may suffer due to demotion. The termination is not ruled out. If in business, there are losses continuously. The friends of the native try to deceive him again and again. The native does not get the bliss of parents. The native suffers due to deceit by maternal uncles or by brother in law.

Due to Kaal Sarp Yog the native suffers from state and has differences with government officials. The native may be imprisoned or may receive punishment from law. Due to Kaal Sarp Yog the native suffers from diseases many times that cause loss of money and the native may suffer financially. The native remains mentally disturbed from time to time. The married life is painful and disturbed. The family life remains disturbed; peace and happiness remain absent. The native remains dissatisfied in sex. The native tries his hand in trades of different kinds but success remains away. The native enjoys normal esteem.

If you are feeling above disturbances then arrange for following remedies; you will definitely get relief

1. Establish Kaal Sarp Faults Removal Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.
2. Put coconut fruit on three occasions at auspicious time in flowing water such as a river.
3. Offer coal into flowing water (such as a river) on three occasions during auspicious time.
4. Donate masoor dal (a lentil) and money to a harijan (a poor man) on three occasions at auspicious time.
5. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.
6. Use red curtains, bed sheets and pillows in bedroom.
7. Worship family god.
8. Donate at auspicious occasions brown clothes, til, blankets, and seven grains at night.
9. Arrange recitation or recite Ketu Mantra 17000 times during Ketu's Mahadasha or Antardasha.
10. Boil pine, mustard and loban (benzoin) in water and take bath with this water (only once).
11. Feed birds for 1¼ month by barley.
12. Remedies for Rahu and Ketu: Use blue handkerchief, blue watchstrap, blue pen, and iron ring.

Important : Kindly note that worship of Kaal Sarp Yog is done only by wooden sandal. Don't use sindoor, roli (red lead) etc.

Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja can be done at Kalahasti Shiv Mandir near Tirupati Balaji or at any of the 12 Jyotirlings. Eg. Somnath Mandir in Saurashtra, Gujarat, Trimbakeshwar in Nasik, Maharashtra, Ujjain, Bheemashankar, Nageshwar, Rameshwar etc.

Gem Selection

To obtain the full benefic effect of stone, wear it while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fractions of 1 / 4 Ratti rejecting fractions of 3 / 4 Ratti like 4 - 1 / 4 Ratti.Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from bottom.If you are already wearing a stone then avoid wearing a contradictory stone.Before wearing it light lamp and incense stick and meditate on your God.Clean the ring in fresh milk and then Ganga water. Perform pooja and recite the specified mantra 108 times.Then wear the stone in the specified finger.Women should wear on their left hand whereas men should wear in the right hand.After wearing the ring give alms as specified for that stone.

Your favourable Gemstone - Emerald

Your ascendant is Gemini. The lord of this sign is Mercury. Emerald is worn for the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet that is very near to the Sun who is the king of planetary cabinet. Natal ascendant of a person is very important as the name, fame, power, position and prosperity of that person depend on it. If the ascendant of a native is strong then he prospers well and gets all round development in life.

So it is very beneficial for the persons who are born with Gemini ascendant to give strength to their natal Mercury. Mercury can be strengthened by worshipping it in a prescribed way and by reciting proper mantra. Gemstone Emerald is recommended for Mercury.

When a person who is born in the Gemini ascendant or rashi wears gemstone Emerald studded in gold ring he get happiness, prosperity and success in life. Mercury is the planet that signifies intelligence, trade and business so by wearing Emerald one can get success in trade or business and students get desired success in their education and exams.

Native also gets full blessings of his elder sister, and paternal aunt, after wearing this stone. Mercury signifies intelligence and speech of the native. So it can be proved very much beneficial for those who have speech problems and it also enhances intelligence. Students can get desired success in exams.

Wear the ring studded with the Gemstone Emerald in the little finger of right hand as this finger signifies Mercury as per the palmistry. This ring should be worn on Wednesday as Mercury is the lord of this day. This ring should be worn in the first hora of the Wednesday i.e within one hour from the sunrise as first hora of Wednesday is the hora of the Mercury. If this stone is worn in the constellations of Mercury Ashlesha, Jyesha or Revati falling on Wednesday it will be very much benefic.

Clean Emerald with Ganga water and a mixture of milk, curd, honey, clarified butter and sugar. After this put green clothe on the wooden platform and keep this Emerald on it. Light incense sticks, ghee lamp and dhoop in front of it and recite Budha Mantra 108 times to energize Emerald. After this touch it with your head and wear in the little finger of right hand.

Mantra of Mercury - Om Bum Budhaye Namah.

Donate Moong dal and green clothe of 1¼ meter length to get better results. Recite Budha Mantra daily 108 times daily after having bath. Worship lord Ganesha and offer gram flour laddus to lord Ganesha every Wednesday.

Those who are born in the Gemini ascendant and wear Emerald get name, fame, power, position and happiness in life and lead a life of success and reputation.

Gem Wearing

Performing Remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into human body.

Normally a remedy is provided for the Major period lord Stone is worn for a weak ascendent, 9th or benefic houselord. When you should wear which stone or adopt which remedy is given in the following table along with its area of effectiveness. In each Major period three option of Stone are given. You can select any option by looking at the help you expect from the stone or remedy.

Stone Recommendation

Life Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsFame, Good health, Comforts
Lucky Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsEarnings, Avoids accident, Fame
Benific Stone
Weight1 Carat
BenefitsCareer success, Savings, Kids happiness

Stone Recommendation as per Dasha

DasaVimsottari Dasha
PlanetRah 18 Years
Date16/10/2018 - 15/10/2036
Stone1(Power)Emerald (100%)
Stone2(Power)Gomed (84%)
Stone3(Power)Diamond (83%)
MantraOm Bhram Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahve Namah
DonationMole, Musk, Rape-seed, Sword, Must.oil
BenefitsFame, Conquer enemies, Kids happiness

RubySun5GoldRingSundayMorn.Krittika, U Phal, U Sadha
PearlMoon5SilverLittleMondayMorn.Rohini, Hasta, Sravna
CoralMars5SilverRingTuesdayMorn.Mrgsra, Chitra, Dhanish
EmeraldMercury4GoldLittleWednesdayMorn.Aslesa, Jyestha, Revati
Y-SapphireJupiter4GoldFirstThursdayMorn.Punrvsu, Visakha, P Bhad
DiamondVenus1PlatinmLittleFridayMorn.Bharani, P Phal, P Sadha
B-SapphireSaturn45MetalMiddleSaturdayEven.Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhad
GomedRahu58MetalMiddleSaturdayNightArdra, Svati, Satbisha
Cat's eyeKetu5SilverRingThursdayNightAsvini, Magha, Moola

StoneMantraContradictory StoneItems To Donate
RubyOm Ghirini Suryaye NamahDiamond, B-Sapphire, GomedWheat, Sandal, Ghee, Red Cloth
PearlOm Som Somaye NamahGomedRice, Sugar, Curd, Wt.Cloth
CoralOm Am Angarkaye NamahDiamond, Gomed, B-SapphireWheat, Copper, Gur, Red-Cloth
EmeraldOm Bum Budhaye Namah---Moong, Bronze, Green-Cloth
Y-SapphireOm Brim Brihaspataye NamahDiamond, GomedGram Pulse, Gur, Yel.Cloth
DiamondOm Shum Shukrayaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireRice, Silver, Wt.Cloth
B-SapphireOm Sham Shaneshcharaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireHorse Bean, Oil, Black Cloth
GomedOm Ram Rahave NamahRuby, Pearl, CoralMole, Oil, Lead, Blue Cloth
Cat's eyeOm Kem Ketve Namah---7-Corns, Coconut, Brown Cloth