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Celebrity Horoscope | Detail

Dr. Manmohan Singh Horoscope

Celebrity Horoscope
Date Of Birth 26/09/1932   Format(dd/mm/yyyy)
Time Of Birth 14:00:00   Format(hh:mm:ss)
City Jhelum District
State Country
Latitude 33:00N Longitude 73:45E
Zone 82:30E


AscSag16:20:41--- ---JupVenMon15
SunVir10:06:49 10NeutralMerMonMon11
MonCan19:07:34 8OwnSignMonMerKet19
MarCan10:24:57 8DblitedMonSatSun37
MerCVir07:37:52 10ExaltedMerSunKet412
JupLeo17:00:04 9FriendSunVenMon26
VenCan25:07:16 8EnemyMonMerRah311
SatRCap05:13:50 2OwnSignSatSunMer311
RahAqu24:08:36 3FriendSatJupMer22
KetLeo24:08:36 9EnemySunVenMer48
UraRPis29:12:51 4 ---JupMerSat412
NepLeo15:44:46 9 ---SunVenSun15
PluCan00:22:16 8 ---MonJupMon44
NOTE : - Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust
Lagna Chart
Moon Chart
Navamsa Chart
Dasamsa Chart
Trimsamsa Chart

A Brief Review

          You are a blessed one indeed, as indicated by the configuration of Sagittarius Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising with Leo Navamsa and Aries Dreskana in the first Pad of Poorvashadha. You are in for a smooth, see innings, enjoying wealth and all the good things of life.

          There can be no stopping you when you attain the age of 28 which will prove the luckiest period of your life. With that as the stepping stone, you will rise to good heights of material prosperity. Naturally, you will tend to become proud, even arrogant sometimes, but don’t get naughty. You will remain a law- abiding citizen, very much attached to your spouse and children for whose sake you will be prepared to make any sacrifice. You will also be loyal to your friends whom you will assist in times of their need. Helpful by nature, you will donate to charity.

          An honest and upright individual you firmly believe in doing everything above board. That is why you will speak out the truth in any gathering, even if it is unpalatable to others. If others resent your candid and frank utterance, you couldn’t care less. Consequently, you will become unpopular with vestal interests. But you won’t budge, as you attach much importance to principles.

          You will go about your job in an intelligent, methodic manner, working out your plan of action well in advance. Pursuing it with dedication and hard work, you will achieve your goal, which brings in monetary benefits and provides you with a sense of fulfillment.

          You can choose a profession that blend with your nature. The ones recommended for you are writing, editing, book publishing, company law, politics or being attached with religious or educational institutions. Since you have a soft corner for foreigners, you can develop contacts with them and manage a trip or two abroad. At any rate, you will have to avoid indulging in speculation as it will prove disastrous.

          You can prosper even better if you follow the guidelines listed below:

          Attend to any important work on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday to ensure success. Be careful on Monday and Tuesday which may prove troublesome.

          Among the numbers, plump for 3, 5, 6 and 8, keeping clear of 2, 7 and 9.

          You will stand to benefit if you avoid red, pearl and black colours, and go in for white, cream, green, orange, emerald and blue.

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