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Pankaj Udhas Horoscope

NamePankaj Udhas
Date of Birth17/05/1951
Time of Birth12:00:00 Hour
Istha14:02:52 Ghati

Birth Detail

Loc Time Corr-00:08:48 Hour
War Time Corr00:00:00 Hour
Local Mean Time11:51:12 Hour
Equation Of Time00:05:16 Hour
Siderial Time16:45:16 Hour
Sun Rise06:22:51 Hour
Sun Set17:44:18 Hour
Day Duration11:21:28 Hour
Sun Position (Ayan)Uttarayan
Sun Position (Gola)Uttar
Sun Degree28:48:38 Scorpio
Ascendent Degree25:22:13 Aquarius

Avakhada Chakra

Avakhada Chakra
Ascendent-LordCan - Moon
Rasi-LordVir - Mercury
Naksh.-CharanU Phal - 4
Nakshatra LordSun
Name AlphabetPee - Peeyush
Paya(Rasi-Nak)Copper - Silver

Planetary Degrees and their Positions
AscAqu25:22:13212564:48:24P Bhad2SatJupMer---
JupSag23:46:3500:11:43P Sadha3JupVenSatOwnSign
R - Retrograde S - Stationary
C - Combust D - Deep Combust
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23:38:34

Lagna Chart


Moon Chart


Navamsa Chart


Chalit and Niryan Bhava Chalit

Chalit Chart


Cusp Chart


Vimshottari Dasha

Balance of Dasha :Ket 1 Years 3 Months 0 Days

Ket 7 Years
Ven 20 Years
Sun 6 Years
Mon 10 Years
Mar 7 Years
Rah 18 Years
Jup 16 Years
Sat 19 Years
Mer 17 Years
Ket 7 Years

Lagna Reading

Cancer Ascendant (Lagna) rising with Capricorn Navamsa and Pisces Dreskana in the second Pad of Aslesha at the time of your birth calls for a determined approach by you to make a success of your life. The goal can, of course, be achieved, provided you bear in mind that honesty is the best policy.

As you are extremely selfish, you may be tempted to go any distance to achieve your desires and ambitions. If you yield to that temptation, you may alienate not only your business associates but even your own family members. Better to proceed with caution so that you don't attract the stigma of unreliability.

As a Cancerian you are undoubtedly capable of rising above petty considerations and leading a comfortable and decent life. You have the requisite knowledge for it, with an ability to communicate your ideas effectively to others. You are quick witted and ingenious and an interesting conversationalist. It is entirely up to you to make positive use of these qualities to rise high in life. All that is needed is determination on your part to toe the straight path and putting in hard work.

If you give up your rigid approach and opt for a more flexible stance, you will win more friends and your work will proceed fairly smoothly. Also, you will have to strictly abstain from intoxicating drinks. Then you can hope for material gains and a happy life, especially from the age of 34.

Self-control on your part if essential to keep your family happy and united. You have the advantage of having a good spouse and understanding children, who will remain grateful and obedient to you. You have got to curb your tendency to be very stubborn, failing which you may end up having strained relations with them.

You must learn to control your emotions and develop your spiritual side which will help you to lead a balanced life.

If you lead a wild life, your normally good health may be affected in later years, with diseases like hysteria, jaundice, stomach trouble, etc. So it would be in your own interest to proceed with caution in your younger days.

The professions that will suit your temperament are travel agency, tourist guide, sales representative and the like. In any of these jobs, your ability to converse intelligently with people will come in handy.

Your lucky colours are red, yellow, cream and white. Avoid blue and green.

The numbers favourable to you are 4 and 6. Those that don't suit you are 3 and 5.

The lucky days for you are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Sunday is average. The other three days are not too favourable as they will prove expensive.

Planet Reading

With the Sun in the friend's camp in Scorpio in the tenth house, you can, in addition to material prosperity, also hope to acquire fame and command public respect. In your professional pursuit you are likely to establish close liaison with a trusted individual who will spare no effort to help you.

Your achievements may turn others eyes red. Getting jealous, they may try to harm you by placing boulders in your path of progress. They may even take you to court, for which they will be sorry, as you will emerge with flying colours. In the bargain you may collect money also.


In your case, however, the marriage may not be a success because of the presence of an unfavourable Moon in Leo in the seventh house. A highly passionate person like you will find it very difficult, if not impossible, to get along with a sickly spouse and may start chasing disreputable members of the other sex which will disturb your marital ties. You may even have quarrels and disputes with the relatives of your partner and enter into litigations with them. The one and only likely gain for you from the marriage is a profitable land deal.

If you nourish any desire to start your own business, better forget it, as you won't be able to get on with people in general. Take up a job so that you can lead a methodic life.


Mars in exaltation in Capricorn in the twelfth house indicates that you will spend money on giving donations and charity. You will definitely have a good bank balance.

Journeys within your country are indicated in connection with your job. Honour and fame in profession are indicated as a result of these journeys. You will also travel abroad because of your job. Later you may settle abroad because of your job.

Although Aquarius ascendant does not indicate hospitalization, Mars in the twelfth house indicates hospitalization for some minor ailment and general weakness and Mar's influence is stronger.


Mercury in Scorpio in the tenth house makes you an intelligent and learned person who can shine as a mathematician or astrologer. You will also study enough about religion which will attract the attention of others who will look up to you for guidance. You will have a good equation with your father, but you may have to fight for your share of the ancestral property which may be stuck up in a court of law.

From the material point of view, you can be optimistic of acquiring adequate assets to lead a comfortable and happy life. If in business, you will succeed in speculative trading.


Jupiter in Sagittarius in the eleventh house makes you fortunate. You will be able to fulfil all your desires and aspirations. Teachers, lawyers and those of you working in a bank should find it beneficial.

This placement indicates that you should have good luck with friends throughout your life and you like being with others and having a good time. Your friends may be socially prominent people who can do favours for you.

As you go through life, you will grow and mature most rapidly through your friends and the groups you associate with. Your friends will be highly learned people and officials. In society, you will encounter intellectuals and businessman.


You are fond of luxuries and a comfortable way of life and will probably spend money on these. Being a compassionate person you will give money in donations and perhaps in helping a friend in need.

Journeys within your own native country and even abroad in connection with your business or profession are indicated and gains through these are possible. You may do so well in your work that you may decide to settle abroad itself and you may also find it convenient to do.

Affliction of the left eye is possible and you should take the necessary medical treatment immediately to avoid complications.


Saturn in Libra in the 9th house makes you famous. You are a noble native. You will like making donations and acting for charitable causes. You are renowned and famous for these actions. You will have great expectations and make a lot of progress.

You take interest in Tantra, Mantra and secret activities, you prefer to make some donations and to work for charitable causes.


The situation in your case is, however, something entirely different from the general trend. Make no mistake about the possibility of your having to wage a bitter struggle for a reasonably normal life, because of the bad combination of Rahu in Aquarius in the fourth house. You may have to go through a troublesome period in your relations with your parents and other relatives. There is hardly any chance of your getting even a small part of the ancestral property. It will be entirely up to you to carve out a career for yourself and build up a reserve fund for a rainy day.


But, so far as you are concerned, you may be subjected to much mental tension due to the unfavourable disposition of Ketu in Scorpio in the tenth house. Your luck is such that you may be up against adversities in almost all sectors.

Even with your father your relations are likely to be strained, with the result neither will you derive any benefit from your father nor vice-versa.

The odds are you will lose your job due to deception and treachery by those inimical to you, which will make you highly depressed. But, since you are a very intelligent native having plenty of guts and vigour, you will put up a brave fight against all odds and emerge triumphant in most of them. To reduce your load of problems, avoid getting into litigation and disputes with others, especially government servants.

House Reading
Physique Health & Nature

Cancer Ascendant was on the rise at the time of your birth, which indicates that you are an unassuming individual with a moderate personality who will not attract undue attention at any gathering. Generally Cancerians are of average height, small hands and feet, but with a broad chest. Predominant on a round face will be full cheeks, denoting good health. Yet, as Cancer rules the chest and the stomach, you will have to take good care of your digestive system and the throat. Also, vigilance is essential to prevent possible affliction of the lungs, asthma, indigestion, rheumatism and nervousness. Not that these diseases are certain to affect you, but it would be prudent to be on guard against them by laying off liquor and sticking to a reasonable diet.

Your nature is such that you have a strong mental and moral fiber, but you are scared of any sign of physical danger. Normally you are talkative, but at the slightest hint of criticism, you become discreet and withdraw into a shell. This inferiority complex must be banished from your system if you have to make a mark in society. Give up a timid approach and get going with self-assurance which is bound to prove highly beneficial. You must exercise restraint on your temper which sometimes suddenly erupts without any provocation. Of course, your outbursts won't last long, as you cool down quickly.

It would serve Cancerians well if they, along with their material pursuits, develop their spiritual side also. This would, on the one hand, help steady their overworked mind, while on the other it would elevate them to a higher plane, from which they can take off to a better start in their subsequent life. As Cancer rules chest and stomach, try to avoid liquors and take precautions, against affectious of asthma.

Finance, Family, Eye & Speech

At the time of your birth Leo sign was rising in the 2nd house. Sun being the lord of this sign indicates that you will not like to talk much. You main characteristic is the habit of silence. You will be interested in pleasurable pursuits and auspicious ceremonies. You become angry very quickly. You will try to keep absolute peace, harmony and happiness in the family.

You will inherit wealth and acquire costly jewellery, gems & others precious articles. You will acquire property and a good house. You should take care of your eyes. Your right eye will get affected. You are fond of good food and sweets. You have capability to convince others but you have your own obsessions. You wish to maintain family harmony and spend money for the welfare of your family.

Ketu in the 2nd house in Leo sign indicates financial troubles and loss of reputation. You may remain under debt. But some money from unauthorized sources and unfair means is also indicated. Guard against enemies guard, arrest and other troubles in youth and disfavour of government officers.

Coborns, Publications, Music & Short Travels

At the time of your birth, Virgo sign was placed in the 3rd house. Mercury, being the lord of this sign indicates that you have a good, thorough mind, and you pay attention to details. So you can learn about subjects that require careful thinking and learning complicated techniques. The more intricate the techniques, the better you like them. Also you are likely to be good with your hands, because you work very carefully to reach a high standard of craftsmanship.

If you cannot do something well, you are not likely to do it at all. Whatever, you learn, you want to put to practical use, for you feel that everything you do should serve as a useful tool to get a job done.

You will be good at your studies, because you approach your work very carefully. As you get older, you will become very skilled at working with ideas and information. This is a very useful ability in library work, scholarship or any field that requires organizing and classifying ideas and data. Even while you are young, you may be fond of collecting and classifying things, such as stamps, shells, coins or the like.

You have a good memory. You are intelligent with a philosophical bent of mind. You are diplomatic and conventional. You possess leadership qualities. You are a good orator and have a good command of the language.

You will enjoy communication facilities like conveyance, postage facilities, telephone, television and telecommunications.

You love music, and songs. You may get renown in vocal music. You have a good voice. You entertain yourself with music, songs, cinema and opera.

You will undertake frequent journeys for financial gain. You will also travel to neighbouring counties.

You will get renown through public elections and by writing articles and books or through new inventions. You like reading newspapers, magazines and various kinds of books.

Moon in Virgo in 3rd house indicates that you are generous and gentle. You are courageous and sentimental as well.

Since Moon is in the 3rd house, if you have brothers and sisters, you will have very cordial relations with them. you will enjoy their full co-operation.

Frequent road journeys are indicated. You will travel to neighbouring countries.

Education, Mother, Conveyance & Property

Love Life, Children & Intellect

Disease, Enemies & Servents

Family Life, Marriage & Business Partner

Longevity, Accident & Insurance

Fame, Worship & Long Travels

Profession, Father, Status & Power

Friends, Society & Elder Brothers

Foreign Journeys, Debts & Net Savings

Manglik Vichar

In the boy or the girl's horoscope when Mars is in ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house then it is called Manglik dosh.

In your horoscope. Mars' is placed in the twelfth house from ascendant. So you are a Manglik and since in your horoscope this dosh is not being cancelled, hence due to its effect you will tend towards extravagance.

This may put you in a financial crisis at times. But generally you will have a strong financial position. Your physical health will be good but mentally you may remain restless and tense. There may be hurdles on your path of success but you will be able to get over them. Your wife's health will be average but she may be slightly aggressive by nature due to which you may have disputes but it will never be serious. For leading a luxurious life you may have to get over certain obstacles on your path.

Due to Mars' effect your marriage may be slightly delayed. Even at the time of the settlement there may be breaks. But your married life will be peaceful and harmonious.

Due to Mars' placement in the twelfth house, you will tend towards extravagance but as you will be able to earn a lot of money. You will also be capable of getting rid of hurdles on your path of success. With the effect of Mar's aspect over third house, you will get happiness and cooperation from your brothers and sisters to some extent. You will get success in your field of work due to your inner strength and valour. Due to Mars’ aspect over sixth house you will defeat all your enemies. But you may have to suffer from diseases caused due to excessive heat or bile. Due to the effect of Mars’ aspect over seventh house, your wife's health will be medium and she will be aggressive by nature. But you will get along well with her.

To make your married life happier, you must marry such a girl with whom your Manglik dosh gets cancelled. For this in the girl's horoscope the malefic planets viz. Saturn and Rahu should be placed in the Manglik houses viz. first, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelfth houses. In this case you will lead a luxurious, happy and comfortable life.

Kaap Sarp Yog

If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kaal Sarp Yogas of 12 types. These are 1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhpal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankhchud, 10. Ghaatak, 11. Vishdhar, 12. Sheshnag The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from certain shortcomings in life. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. Propiation of kaal sarp dosh becomes necessary to lead a normal life. Kaal Sarp Yog In Your Horoscope

Your horoscope does not contain Kaal Sarp Yog. Therefore you do not require shanti for Kaal Sarp Yog. You will lead a happy life.

Gem Selection

To obtain the full benefic effect of stone, wear it while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fractions of 1 / 4 Ratti rejecting fractions of 3 / 4 Ratti like 4 - 1 / 4 Ratti.Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from bottom.If you are already wearing a stone then avoid wearing a contradictory stone.Before wearing it light lamp and incense stick and meditate on your God.Clean the ring in fresh milk and then Ganga water. Perform pooja and recite the specified mantra 108 times.Then wear the stone in the specified finger.Women should wear on their left hand whereas men should wear in the right hand.After wearing the ring give alms as specified for that stone.

Your favourable Gemstone - Amethyst

You are born in the Aquarius ascendant. The lord of the sign Aquarius is Saturn. Saturn is also known as the planet of justice. Natal ascendant of a person is very important as the name, fame, power; position and prosperity of that person depend on it. If the ascendant of a native is strong then the native prospers well and he gets all round development in life.

So it is very beneficial for the persons who are born with Aquarius ascendant to give strength to their natal Saturn. Saturn can be strengthened by worshipping it in a prescribed way and by reciting proper mantra. Gemstone Amethyst is recommended for Saturn. When a person who is born in the Aquarius ascendant or rashi wears Amethyst studded in ring he get happiness, prosperity and success in life. Saturn signifies service, meditation, discipline and concentration. So by wearing Amethyst one can get good job, recognition and fame in service, gets cooperation from higher authorities and his reputation increases.

Native gets full cooperation and support of his subordinates after wearing this stone. Saturn signifies service. Wearing Amethyst can also help in the cure of joint pain. It also increases inner strength and spiritual growth.

Wear the ring studded with the Amethyst in the middle finger of right hand as this finger signifies Saturn in palmistry. This ring should be worn on Saturday as Saturn is the lord of this day. This ring should be worn in the evening on Saturday in the hora of Saturn. If this stone is worn in the constellations of Saturn Pushya, Anuradha or Uttra Bhadrapada falling on Saturday it will be very much benefic.

Clean Amethyst with Ganga water and a mixture of milk, curd, honey, clarified butter and sugar. After this put blue or white cloth on the wooden platform and keep Amethyst on it. Light incense sticks, ghee lamp and dhoop in front of it and recite Saturn Mantra 108 times to energize Amethyst. After this touch it with your head and wear in the little finger of right hand.

Mantra of Saturn - Om Shun Shanishcharaye Namah.

Donate mustard oil, black urad, 1¼ meter length blue or black cloth to get better results. Recite Saturn Mantra daily 108 times after having bath. Give clothes or gifts to servants or subordinates time to time to get constant auspicious results. Read Shani Chalisa and visit Shani temple on Saturday.

Those who are born in the Aquarius ascendant and wear Amethyst, get good health, name, fame, power, position and happiness in life and lead a life of success and reputation.

Gem Wearing

Performing Remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into human body.

Normally a remedy is provided for the Major period lord Stone is worn for a weak ascendent, 9th or benefic houselord. When you should wear which stone or adopt which remedy is given in the following table along with its area of effectiveness. In each Major period three option of Stone are given. You can select any option by looking at the help you expect from the stone or remedy.

Stone Recommendation

Life Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsFame, Savings, Good health
Lucky Stone
Weight1 Carat
BenefitsSavings, Comforts, Fame
Benific Stone
Weight5 Carat
BenefitsSavings, Power, Career success

Stone Recommendation as per Dasha

DasaVimsottari Dasha
PlanetJup 16 Years
Date16/08/2013 - 16/08/2029
Stone1(Power)Y-Sapphire (92%)
Stone2(Power)B-Sapphire (89%)
Stone3(Power)Ruby (70%)
MantraOm Gram Grim Grom Sah Brihaspataye Namah
DonationGram, Musk, Turmeric, Book, Must.oil
BenefitsEarnings, Wealth, Career success

RubySun5GoldRingSundayMorn.Krittika, U Phal, U Sadha
PearlMoon5SilverLittleMondayMorn.Rohini, Hasta, Sravna
CoralMars5SilverRingTuesdayMorn.Mrgsra, Chitra, Dhanish
EmeraldMercury4GoldLittleWednesdayMorn.Aslesa, Jyestha, Revati
Y-SapphireJupiter4GoldFirstThursdayMorn.Punrvsu, Visakha, P Bhad
DiamondVenus1PlatinmLittleFridayMorn.Bharani, P Phal, P Sadha
B-SapphireSaturn45MetalMiddleSaturdayEven.Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhad
GomedRahu58MetalMiddleSaturdayNightArdra, Svati, Satbisha
Cat's eyeKetu5SilverRingThursdayNightAsvini, Magha, Moola

StoneMantraContradictory StoneItems To Donate
RubyOm Ghirini Suryaye NamahDiamond, B-Sapphire, GomedWheat, Sandal, Ghee, Red Cloth
PearlOm Som Somaye NamahGomedRice, Sugar, Curd, Wt.Cloth
CoralOm Am Angarkaye NamahDiamond, Gomed, B-SapphireWheat, Copper, Gur, Red-Cloth
EmeraldOm Bum Budhaye Namah---Moong, Bronze, Green-Cloth
Y-SapphireOm Brim Brihaspataye NamahDiamond, GomedGram Pulse, Gur, Yel.Cloth
DiamondOm Shum Shukrayaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireRice, Silver, Wt.Cloth
B-SapphireOm Sham Shaneshcharaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireHorse Bean, Oil, Black Cloth
GomedOm Ram Rahave NamahRuby, Pearl, CoralMole, Oil, Lead, Blue Cloth
Cat's eyeOm Kem Ketve Namah---7-Corns, Coconut, Brown Cloth

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