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Kabir Bedi Horoscope

NameKabir Bedi
Date of Birth16/01/1946
Time of Birth12:00:00 Hour
Istha11:13:52 Ghati

Birth Detail

Loc Time Corr-00:30:16 Hour
War Time Corr00:00:00 Hour
Local Mean Time11:29:44 Hour
Equation Of Time-00:09:40 Hour
Siderial Time19:10:07 Hour
Sun Rise07:30:27 Hour
Sun Set17:49:29 Hour
Day Duration10:19:02 Hour
Sun Position (Ayan)Uttarayan
Sun Position (Gola)Dakshin
Sun Degree02:26:19 Capricorn
Ascendent Degree02:26:26 Aries

Avakhada Chakra

Avakhada Chakra
Ascendent-LordAri - Mars
Rasi-LordGem - Mercury
Naksh.-CharanArdra - 3
Nakshatra LordRahu
Name AlphabetNda - --
Paya(Rasi-Nak)Copper - Silver

Planetary Degrees and their Positions
SunCap02:26:1901:01:05U Sadha2SatSunJupEnSign
MerSag16:37:1101:29:27P Sadha1JupVenMonNuSign
VenCSag28:31:2701:15:26U Sadha1JupSunMarNuSign
R - Retrograde S - Stationary
C - Combust D - Deep Combust
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23:05:56

Lagna Chart


Moon Chart


Navamsa Chart


Chalit and Niryan Bhava Chalit

Chalit Chart


Cusp Chart


Vimshottari Dasha

Balance of Dasha :Rah 7 Years 2 Months 10 Days

Rah 18 Years
Jup 16 Years
Sat 19 Years
Mer 17 Years
Ket 7 Years
Ven 20 Years
Sun 6 Years
Mon 10 Years
Mar 7 Years
Rah 18 Years

Lagna Reading

At the time of your birth, Aries Ascendant ( Lagna ) was rising, in the first Pad of Aswini, with Aries Navamsa and Aries Dreskana, marking the formation of Vargottam which is indeed excellent.

This indicates that you are a self-willed individual with plenty of drive and initiative, ever eager to take up challenging jobs without bothering about others reactions.

As you are basically action oriented with a burning desire to achieve extraordinary goals, it makes you highly ambitious and you try overcome whatever hurdles come on the way. Obstacles and setbacks can't affect your self-confidence to any appreciable extent; if at all, that will only be a short-lived phase. If, in the bargain, you are provoked too much, you may go to the extent of putting aside your principles to avenge any injustice sought to meet out to you. Otherwise, you are a very righteous person believing in fairplay.

Possessing a sharp and incisive mind, you are endowed with creative ideas which will urge you to persue the goals you have set for yourself with determination and it becomes difficult for others to restrain you.

But with all these qualities, you, being an Arian, is not destined to amass wealth. You are given to extravagance, which must be avoided. Also, one should not indulge in making rash investments which are likely to prove disastrous. Better plan your monetary actions with patience and proper foresight.

There are two sets of people to whom you will be very closely attached. One are your friends for whose sake you will be prepared to do almost anything. You will never let them down; on the other hand, you may cross your limits to help them.

The other segment to which you are totally devoted is your family. Actually, you are a home-loving bird. You are very much attached to your near and dear ones. Your spouse will exercise an encouraging influence on you. Excess affection for your family members may lead to a dispute with your brothers.

You are pretty sexy. Members of the opposite sex are attracted to you. For an ideal match, Arians should look for those born under the Leo, Libra or Sagittarius signs.

Your chart indicates you possess a stout and muscular body. Your forehead is quite prominent and your eyes are sparkling and penetrative. In general you enjoy good health and have the power to resist diseases. But you are prone to minor injuries or accidents, particularly to the head; hence avoid rash driving. Arians are liable to suffer from insomnia, inflammatory diseases, headache, burns, etc. So, it would be advisable for you to stick to consuming a lot of green vegetables. Also, take adequate rest and sleep so that you are refreshed before starting out on work.

There are distinct pointers that you will be engaged in more than one profession at the same time, trying to earn simultaneously from different sources. The sectors that suit you best are those connected with law, oils, land, animals, iron and steel, machines, factories, sports goods, contracts in irrigation and agriculture and hides and skins. You may, if you have the necessary qualification for it, take to teaching.

The lucky days for you are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, while Thursday is fair enough. The other three days are none too favourable as they will prove expensive.

Your lucky numbers are 9 and 1, and those which attract are 4 and 8. Numbers 6 and 7 are disagreeable, while 2, 3 and 5 are passive.

As far as possible, use red, yellow, copper and golden colours which are favourable to you, but shun the use of black.

Planet Reading

The presence of the Sun in Capricorn in the tenth house points to the possibility that you will emerge successful if you take up business deals with government departments. After some time, with the insight gained by it, you can aspire to occupy a position of importance in a public sector undertaking.

But you may not be fortunate enough to enjoy your father's total support, as you may have a lot of differences with him. It will be in your interest if, without taking a rigid stance, you adopt a flexible approach, as it will cement the ties between you two.

If you have any desire of dabbling in politics, it is better to abandon the thought. You are not cut out for it.


Moon in Gemini in the 3rd house indicates that you will enjoy the support of your brothers and sisters and in their absence; that of your cousins. You are well educated and learned. Moon in Gemini in the 3rd house indicates a strong memory. You are, however, rigid by nature; you don't forget your duties easily.

You may lead people due to your intelligence. Some people may accept you as their chief advisor. You will have good communication facilities like conveyance, television, telephone etc as necessities.

You will have extra interest in music or dance.You may have a mole or a scar on your arms or shoulders or nearby.


Mars in Gemini in the 3rd house indicates that you are quick tempered but inspite of this you recall the things and words of others well. Natives with Mars in the 3rd house normally have more than one brother and sister; however they do not derive any happiness through them. They may be the cause of concern for you. This is due to this placement of Mars since Aries Lagna had suggested something quite to the contrary.

You may have communication facilities but may not use them. Though Aries Lagna indicates that you are fond of music and dance, Mars in the third house removes this interest in music and dance. You do not have much interest in music and dance though you consider them necessary for entertainment.

You are not interested in writing but like publications. You may gain fame and wealth through newspapers and as an information officer or a journalist.


Mercury in the 9th house gives you difficulties in the beginning but later on you will achieve success in life.

You are very interested in learning more about the world especially about foreign places and people. You would like to travel all over the globe. You are quickly bored by anything that becomes routine.

The many subjects you are interested in should help you in school, although you are very impatient with studying any subject that doesn't seem important to you. As you get older, you will be especially interested in law, philosophy, medicine and possibly religion.

Mercury in the 9th house in Sagittarius sign indicates that you have a keen interest in religious rites but due to struggle in life, you cannot perform religious worship regularly. Your interest in occultism and spiritualism will give you renown and money with social status.

Because of this placement of mercury, although your grand children will be prosperous, Mercury's presence does not let you get their support which will cause you some grief.


With Jupiter in Libra in the seventh house, you can hope for a happy marital life with a chaste, virtuous spouse. Apart from getting financial benefits from the marriage, you will also have sons, you will be proud of.

Adapt at business tactics and trade, you will be able to amass sizeable assets especially if you enter into a partnership with reliable friends.


Venus in the 9th house besides making you fortunate and intelligent, gives you domestic happiness.

You enjoy any activity that allows you to enlarge your experience. You enjoy travelling to new and different places and learning about ways of thinking that are different from what you know. You may take an interest in art and beautiful objects, especially those that are unusual and different.

This placement influences your way of looking at the world. You are attracted only to those ways of thinking that involve human feelings, so you will be much happier with literature, poetry and art than with science and mathematics. For you, beauty is a basic part of the world as it should be and you can't understand people who do something just because it is useful, with no thought of beauty or art.

You try to achieve higher learning and for this you will read various books and subjects.

Long journeys are indicated for you regarding religious and business pursuits. You will also visit holy places and temples with your spouse.


Saturn in Gemini in the 3rd house confirms that you remember articles and other particulars for a long time.

You have very cordial and affectionate relations. You may get renown through your subordinates and associates.

Saturn in Gemini in the 3rd house confirms that you like music and dance and will entertain yourself with them whenever you have free time to enjoy. But you may suffer from dislocation of your shoulders and your arms.


Rahu in Gemini in the third house indicates that you do not easily forget your enemies.

Aries Lagna indicates that you will share a good rapport with your brothers and sisters but Rahu does not let you enjoy this. Rahu in the 3rd house indicates that you are not interested in music and dance and do not play musical instruments except in your spare time. You will win fame and money through publicity and publications.


Ketu in the 9th house makes you courageous. You possess a changeable Bhagya. Instability is indicated in your life. You will face some obstacles and opposition.

Ketu in Sagittarius sign in the 9th house indicates that you believe in and have faith in the Almighty.

You will get totally involved in Pooja and religious rites. You will perform worship in secluded places and in a peaceful way to get some spiritual power. However, you will prefer to visit holy places and temples with people and not alone.

Long journeys are indicated and you will be greatly benefited by them. Although Aries Lagna indicates your grandchildren are good and educated, Ketu does not enable you to derive much comfort from your grandchildren.

House Reading
Physique Health & Nature

People born when Aries Ascendant was rising, will generally have a lean, yet muscular body of medium stature, they don't have the tendency to put on weight, which gives them a compact figure of ruddy complexion, they have an oval face sporting bushy eyebrows. Invariably they have eyes of gray or grayish brown colour. A mark or scar on the head or on either side of the temples is a distinct possibility.

Arians enjoy good health and have an inbuilt constitution having the power to resist diseases. They can remain fit if they stick to vegetarian food and abstain from intoxicating drinks. But since they are prone to injuries, they should be extremely careful in their movements, failing which they run the risk of an accident, particularly to the head. They should have adequate rest and sleep, and cultivate the habit of giving rest to their tense nerves.

This is essential, as by nature Arians are action-oriented, ever ready to fight against adversities. Having a spirit of independence, they will go all out to defend their rights and resist injustice. Simple, straightforward and outspoken, they have charming manners which attract the opposite sex. Ardent in love making, they shower ever-lasting affection on their spouse. Only, they should curb their desire to be the dominant partner at home. Their ties with their relatives will not be too strong and often they have strained relationships.

Life will be one of continuous struggle, with varying fortunes. There will be no dearth of enemies, but Arians are capable of conquering them. Because of their aggressive nature, they will shine in executive posts.

Finance, Family, Eye & Speech

At the time of your birth, Taurus sign was rising in the 2nd house. Venus, the lord of this sign, indicates that you will have a knack for acquiring wealth and worldly possessions. This sign shows that you will come upon a legacy sometime, because you enjoy the good will and sincere affection of relatives. You will acquire estates, gardens, etc. and your hobby would be horticulture. The 2nd house, also indicates that, you will be stubborn and steadfast.

You will enjoy a harmonious family life, comforts and peace at home. You value peace and position in society. You are generous and sentimental. You have a good appetite and have a particular liking for sweets.

Coborns, Publications, Music & Short Travels

At the time of your birth, Gemini sign was placed in the 3rd house. Mercury, being the Lord of this sign indicates that your mind is very active, restless and fond of change. You may get bored easily, unless something stimulating comes along. You desire constant activity and mentally process the world around you faster than most people. This should make you a better than average student in school.

You are a fairly articulate speaker and good at expressing your ideas clearly, in writing as well. You should read a lot while you are young, because your mind can absorb a great deal of information in this way.

You may also be fond of travelling, and certainly you do not like to be tied to one place for very long. Even if you don't travel very far from your immediate circle, you always want to move around, even if it's just getting out of your chair and pacing around.

You have a good memory. You are inclined towards higher education, research and Philosophy. You will get renown through writing. You possess much brain power and are intellectual. You use your brain more than your brawn. You are brave and courageous as well as intelligent and wise.

You are a good writer and can express your thoughts well. You are fond of reading novels and other literary and spiritual books. You may write stories and poems. Your articles will win you fame and much money. You will take interest in artistic pursuits. You may aspire to become an editor, newspaper reporter, information officer or a journalist. You may be very fond of music and dance and playing musical instruments.

You will share an excellent rapport, with your co-borns. You will be kind to your cousins and spend money and time on them. Short journeys to neighbour's places are beneficial to you.

Rahu in Gemini in the third house indicates that you do not easily forget your enemies.

Aries Lagna indicates that you will share a good rapport with your brothers and sisters but Rahu does not let you enjoy this. Rahu in the 3rd house indicates that you are not interested in music and dance and do not play musical instruments except in your spare time. You will win fame and money through publicity and publications.

Education, Mother, Conveyance & Property

The general trend is that anyone born when the Cancer sign was rising in the fourth house will be blessed with an ideal mother who will be a source of perennial strength to the entire family. Sincere, loyal and devoted, she will provide spiritual support to her husband and guidance to children whom she adores.

Only when she finds herself neglected does she become moody. This is not good for her health as it may affect her digestion and chest, lungs and throat. Hence it is necessary to keep her happy all the time.

It is not uncommon for a Cancerian to inherit ancestral property in the latter part of life. Craving to come by hidden treasure may be asking for the moon, but it is possible that one will have an unexpected windfall, either through speculation or by dealing in items connected with the earth, like mining or contracts. You may also acquire a house of your own. That would fulfil one of your main ambitions as you are very particular to have a bunglow with all comforts. This is because right from a young age you would be accustomed to good residential facilities. You may even buy a vehicle.

Regarding education, you will study as per your inclination. If you desire a high academic qualification, especially in science, then it will not be easy to achieve. You will have to work hard for it. For you the ideal subjects to study are literature, mathematics and business administration.

Your otherwise sound health may weaken in your old age, when the chest and the lungs may cause trouble, the origin of it being hereditary.

Love Life, Children & Intellect

At the time of your birth Leo sign was rising in the fifth house which indicates that you are an intelligent person. Being born in this sign in the 5th house, you are noble, large hearted and generous. You are kind and helpful to mankind and all other creatures. You will extend help voluntarily to every body.

You love higher education. You are religious and learn for vedic knowledge and occultism. You are blessed with children who will be the cause of happiness to you in your advanced age, In youth you may fall in love, but may marry in the traditional style. Guard yourself from stomach troubles. You strive to project a good image in public. You are authoritative and commanding. You resent subordination. You will differ with your life partner on some matters.

Disease, Enemies & Servents

At the time of your birth, Virgo sign was placed in the 6th house Mercury, lord of this house indicates that you pay attention to details, so you can learn about subjects that require careful thinking and learning complicated techniques. The more intricate the techniques, the better you like them. Also you are likely to be good with your hands, because you work very carefully to reach a high standard of craftsmanship. Whatever you learn you want to put to practical use, for you feel that everything you do should serve as a useful tool to get a job done.

You are good at your studies, because you approach all your work carefully. As you get older, you will become very skilful at working with ideas and information. This is a very useful ability in library work, scholarship or any field that requires organizing and classifying ideas and data. Even while you are young, you may be fond of collecting and classifying things, such as stamps, shells coins or the like.

You will enjoy good health throughout your life, though you are fond of rich food and sweets, your stomach will not be affected and you can enjoy eating such food till a ripe old age.

You are calm by nature, because of this your relatives are drawn towards you and praise you highly. You are also patient and diplomatic. You will experience great support from government officials due to these qualities.

Your money matters will be settled amicably. Litigation will be successful, if you ever have to make use of it. You are extravagant but since your income will be more than your expenditure, it will suffice. You will incur many debts, but at the same time you will make wise investments.

Being rich, you will have a large number of servants. Your servants will be faithful and loyal as well as honest.

You are blessed with the support of your maternal uncle and aunts. Your aunts will lavish great affection on you which will be a source of joy for you.

Family Life, Marriage & Business Partner

Those born when Libra was in the seventh house will be fortunate enough to have a very desirable spouse. Generally, their ambition of having a partner who is not only attractive but also intelligent and competent, will be fulfilled.

But, endowed with such splendid qualities, the spouse is bound to hold the whiphand and virtually dictate terms. So, you will have to exercise tact and patience to avoid playing the second fiddle at home. To get a partner who will come up to your expectations you would do well to look for one belonging to the Libra, Sagittarius or Leo signs. Then you both will be a couple with a common wavelength.

Your marital relations will be quite good, especially because your spouse, very much interested in maintaining the family prestige, will turn out to be a good host. But in any gathering, you will have to think twice before praising others in front of your spouse. The latter will be too proud and jealous to tolerate boosting of others.

There is a small problem with both of you. You are given to intelligent in lavish expenditure, resulting in a decline in your bank balance. Hence, both of you will have to cultivate the savings habit so that you don't feel the pinch of money in your old age. As it is, your expenses will be on the high side as your spouse expects you look to after the entire family well by meeting all their requirements.

With Jupiter in Libra in the seventh house, you can hope for a happy marital life with a chaste, virtuous spouse. Apart from getting financial benefits from the marriage, you will also have sons, you will be proud of.

Adapt at business tactics and trade, you will be able to amass sizeable assets especially if you enter into a partnership with reliable friends.

Longevity, Accident & Insurance

At the time of your birth, Scorpio sign was placed in the eighth house. Mars, the lord of this house indicates that you are practical and so are not interested in the occult science.

It is clearly indicated that you are lucky as far as finance is concerned and in any other assets you may desire like house, property, legacy etc. There will be increase in property through your partner or legacies or you may inherit something from your ancestors or deceased relations.

Besides already having enough material possessions of your own you will benefit at the time of marriage by way of dowry, money, jewellery etc. This will enable you to lead a comfortable life and enjoy luxuries along with your spouse.

Your chart does not indicate any major instances of robbery. Whatever theft or loss may occur will probably be minor and you need not worry on this account. But this does not mean that you should not take any precautions like locking your house, keeping your valuables in a safe place etc.

It will be advisable for you to go in for insurance like life insurance, car insurance etc. There is likelihood of gains through short term insurance.

On the whole, you will enjoy good health with no serious illness. Disease of the pelvic bones, bladder, enlargement of the prostrate glands etc are, however indicated.

Mars, being the lord of this house indicates that you are a fast driver besides which you are also accident prone. There is no need to be alarmed but at the same time it is advisable to be careful while driving and not take any risks like night driving, driving at full speed etc.

Though you will enjoy a long life, the possibilities of quick and sudden death are immense. There will not be much suffering involved and whatever suffering there is, will be short lived.

Fame, Worship & Long Travels

At the time of your birth, Sagittarius sign was placed in the 9th house which indicates interest in religion. You are totally devoted to religious deeds and will devote sometime everyday for religious worship. You have deep faith in the almighty and believe that a person cannot do anything without God's blessing. You may organize religious ceremonies from time to time. You are, also fond of visiting holy places.

You have a well developed intuitive power and are good at predictions. Your interest in spiritualism and mathematics will compel you to develop your intuitive power and you may take a keen interest in occultism. In fact, your motivation will be always for higher studies.

Long journeys are also indicated during the course of your life by which you will get fame and recognition.

Later in life, you will enjoy happiness from grandchildren who will be a source of Pleasure and the cause of pride for you. They will be prosperous which will give you much satisfaction. Your grandchildren will receive good education and be well off financially.

Ketu in the 9th house makes you courageous. You possess a changeable Bhagya. Instability is indicated in your life. You will face some obstacles and opposition.

Ketu in Sagittarius sign in the 9th house indicates that you believe in and have faith in the Almighty.

You will get totally involved in Pooja and religious rites. You will perform worship in secluded places and in a peaceful way to get some spiritual power. However, you will prefer to visit holy places and temples with people and not alone.

Long journeys are indicated and you will be greatly benefited by them. Although Aries Lagna indicates your grandchildren are good and educated, Ketu does not enable you to derive much comfort from your grandchildren.

Profession, Father, Status & Power

The normal trend is that anyone born when the Capricorn sign was rising in the tenth house will be simultaneously working at more than one place, primarily to earn more money. But there can also be another reason for it. Which is : The native, ever desirous of a change, will be wanting to shift and hop as frequently as possible. In this, one can be said to be lucky as there is a wide range of professions to choose from.

You can select an occupation connected with law, teaching, sports goods, iron and steel, factories in general, oils, land, contracts in the irrigation and agricultural sectors, or animals. But you will have to be very cautious about one thing and that is you should make sure not to sustain financial losses through impulsive actions and rash investments. If you play safe and go about your job after doing the necessary homework, you may hope to succeed.

In all your actions, you would do well to follow in the footsteps of your father, an honest and straightforward individual ever eager to toe a righteous path. Intelligent, endowed with a sound reasoning faculty and an elephantine memory, he has the inherent power to read others thoughts. This, naturally, gives him the advantage of planning his moves adroitly. It is due to his commendable qualities that he attracts many close and reliable friends who will sacrifice anything to render him assistance in times of need.

The presence of the Sun in Capricorn in the tenth house points to the possibility that you will emerge successful if you take up business deals with government departments. After some time, with the insight gained by it, you can aspire to occupy a position of importance in a public sector undertaking.

But you may not be fortunate enough to enjoy your father's total support, as you may have a lot of differences with him. It will be in your interest if, without taking a rigid stance, you adopt a flexible approach, as it will cement the ties between you two.

If you have any desire of dabbling in politics, it is better to abandon the thought. You are not cut out for it.

Friends, Society & Elder Brothers

At the time of your birth, Aquarius sign was placed in the eleventh house. Saturn is the lord of this sign. This placement makes you fortunate. All your desires are naturally fulfilled.

In addition you have many hopes and aspirations and fortunately for you, they will all come true which may make others envious of you. Financial gains come easily to you. You do not have to seek those. For you, trading in wood work, vegetables and petroleum products would be beneficial.

The friendships you have, will be deep and long lasting. The company of a small group of friends makes you happier than a large group.

You benefit from associations with older people, often quite a bit older. Your serious attitude makes it easier for you to understand older people better, than people of your own age. When you are older, you may act as a teacher to your friends and they will confide in you and look up to you.

A word of caution; Do be choosy about your friends, as they are likely to influence your life to a great extent.

The society you live in will be good. In any case, you are very social and fond of entertaining friends. This will lead to a good name in society and the society people will speak very highly of you and will not say a single word against you. It will be unthinkable for them to spread rumours about you or even gossip about you. On the contrary, they will be helpful to you.

You will probably have more sisters than brothers who will be older than you. These elder sisters will do much more for you than your elder brothers possibly can and in all events of trouble or indecision, it will be your sisters whom you will turn to, rather than your brothers. Left ear troubles are indicated but it will be nothing serious.

Foreign Journeys, Debts & Net Savings

Pisces in the twelfth house at the time of your birth indicates that especially during the early years of your life, you will be very lucky in money matters, but, because of your own open handedness, your extravagance and your failure to provide for the future, you may face financial difficulties later in life. This need not happen if you plan ahead. And do break your habit of grabbing the check every time you are socializing with friends.

You are religious by nature and will spend a lot of money on religious worship and pilgrimages. You love your children very much and will spend a lot of money on their education and spare no expense in sending them to the best schools and colleges. People of this sign have many friends and relatives and are happy to entertain them at home and will not mind spending money for this purpose.

At the same time, you do not mind spending any amount on household expenses like furniture etc. You will spend first and see your budget later. It is quite possible that you will overspend but the debt will not be overly large so that you can always pay it back later.

A prominent trait is a certain restlessness, a constant search for fresh ideas, new horizons, for change in your surroundings and you satisfy this urge by travelling a lot.

Foreign travels are indicated in your chart probably in connection with education or on official tours. It is clear that you will benefit from these journeys, both materially and otherwise.

A long stay abroad is indicated for you which is a very good thing as you will have plenty of time for sightseeing and exploring as you wish to do so. This will broaden your outlook and make you more cultured.

Manglik Vichar

In the boy or the girl's horoscope when Mars is in ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house then it is called Manglik dosh.

At the time of your birth, Mars was placed along with Moon. Though in the Moon horoscope Manglik dosh is not all that malefic yet with its effect you may suffer from physical discomfort and mental agony at times. Due to this your marriage may be unnecessarily delayed. Even at the time of settlement, there may be weakness It will also affect your wife as she may be mentally and physically unwell.

As Mars is conjoint with Moon, you will be secure from major diseases. Alongwith this, with the effect of Mars’ aspect over the fourth house from ascendant you will be able to obtain luxuries only after real hard work Mars aspect over the seventh house shows that your wife's health may be affected and she may display aggressiveness in her disposition. This may have some effect on your marriage. Mars’ aspect over the eighth house indicates that there will be hurdles on your path of success but you can get over it if you work hard on it.

So to minimise the ill-effects of Mars and to make your married life happier you must marry a Manglik girl with whom your Manglik dosh is getting cancelled. In this case you will enjoy good health and mental peace. You will also be the owner of movable or immovable properties. You will get along well with your wife. And having various luxuries in life you will lead a peaceful and lavish life.

At the time of matching if you find that in the horoscope of the girl Mars is in the first house then try to avoid marrying her because Mars placement in the same house of both the horoscopes indicates physical and mental discomfort. But if Mars is placed in the other houses then Manglik dosh gets cancelled and then you can lead a happy and peaceful life. So if you take the final decisions after thorough matching then you will lead a happily married life.

Kaap Sarp Yog

If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kaal Sarp Yogas of 12 types. These are 1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhpal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankhchud, 10. Ghaatak, 11. Vishdhar, 12. Sheshnag The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from certain shortcomings in life. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. Propiation of kaal sarp dosh becomes necessary to lead a normal life. Kaal Sarp Yog In Your Horoscope

In your horoscope the Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog is present but only partially. Due to this reason your married life though normal could be painful and disturbed. The family life remains disturbed; peace and happiness remain absent. The own relatives try to cause harm from time to time. The friends of the native try to deceive him again and again.

The native does not take much interest in worship, recitations, alms or other religious activities. There are hurdles in life and native has to struggle for moving ahead. The native also gets chances for government service but he has to struggle for status and esteem. The native goes abroad that may be little troublesome.

Due to Kaal Sarp Yog the native suffers from diseases many times that cause loss of money and the native may suffer financially for sometime. The native may sign on documents in a hurry and may suffer losses. He also suffers due to government agencies. The government officials' attitude towards the native is generally adverse and he may suffer termination or loss in service or business. However the native also gets a miraculous time in life. After delays native may achieve success and wealth.

If you are feeling above disturbances then arrange for following remedies; you will definitely get relief

1. Establish Kaal Sarp Faults Removal Yantra in your home and worship it regularly.
2. Recite "Om Namah Shivay" daily 108 times. Total recitations - 21000.
3. Keep a pair of snakes made of eight metals, silver, or gold in a copper utensil and put it in the current of flowing water (such as a river).
4. Recite Nav Nag stotra daily for one year.
5. During the Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu recite Rahu Mantra minimum 108 times daily. The total recitations are: 18000.
6. Wear agate (Gomed) at an auspicious time after due procedures of recitation etc.
7. Do abhishek (bathe the deity) of Mahadev for 30 days during the month of Shravana.
8. Worship Saraswati ji properly for one year.
9. Recite daily Rahu Kavach, Stotra or recite it 108 times.
10. On every Monday do abhishek (bathe the deity) of Lord Shankar by yoghurt by chanting Har Har Mahadev. Do this only for 16 Mondays.
11. Take meals by sitting in your kitchen.
12. Give coal to flowing water (such as a river) on three occasions during auspicious time.

Alms for Rahu:
1. Donate agate, gold, lead, til (sesame) musterd, blue clothes, black flowers, sword, blankets, horse etc from time to time.
2. Donote especially at the time of eclipse agate, gold, lead, til (sesame), musterd, blue clothes, black flowers, sword, blankets, horse etc.
3. Fix a swastik made of silver at an auspicious time on your main door and on it is both sides fix snake figures made of metal.
4. Recite Hanuman Chalisa every day.

Important : Kindly note that worship of Kaal Sarp Yog is done only by wooden sandal. Don't use sindoor, roli (red lead) etc.

Kaal Sarp Yog Pooja can be done at Kalahasti Shiv Mandir near Tirupati Balaji or at any of the 12 Jyotirlings. Eg. Somnath Mandir in Saurashtra, Gujarat, Trimbakeshwar in Nasik, Maharashtra, Ujjain, Bheemashankar, Nageshwar, Rameshwar etc.

Gem Selection

To obtain the full benefic effect of stone, wear it while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fractions of 1 / 4 Ratti rejecting fractions of 3 / 4 Ratti like 4 - 1 / 4 Ratti.Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from bottom.If you are already wearing a stone then avoid wearing a contradictory stone.Before wearing it light lamp and incense stick and meditate on your God.Clean the ring in fresh milk and then Ganga water. Perform pooja and recite the specified mantra 108 times.Then wear the stone in the specified finger.Women should wear on their left hand whereas men should wear in the right hand.After wearing the ring give alms as specified for that stone.

Your favourable Gemstone - Garnet

You are born in the Aries ascendant. The lord of the sign Aries is Mars. Mars is considered very important planet in the astrology because he is next in order from Moon who is very near to the earth. Natal ascendant of a person is very important as the name, fame, power, position and prosperity of that person depend on it. If the ascendant of a native is strong then the native prospers well and he gets all round development in life.

So it is very beneficial for the people who are born with Aries ascendant to give strength to their natal Mars, the lord of their ascendant. Mars can be strengthened by worshipping it in a prescribed way and by reciting proper mantra. Gemstone Garnet is recommended for Mars. When a person who is born in the Aries ascendant or rashi wears Garnet studded in ring he get happiness, prosperity and success in life. Mars signifies commander in chief and physical strength. So by wearing Garnet one can get good job, recognition and fame in service, with a leading position in the organization.

Native gets full cooperation and support of his younger brother after wearing this stone. Mars signifies younger brother and physical strength. Wearing Garnet can also help in the cure of blood related diseases like high/low blood pressure, blood infection etc.

Wear the ring studded with Garnet in the ring finger of right hand as this finger signifies Sun as per the palmistry and Sun is friendly plant to the Mars. This ring should be worn on Tuesday as Mars is the lord of this day. This ring should be worn in the morning on Tuesday within one hour from the Sunrise in the hora of Mars. If this stone is worn in the constellations of Mars Mrigsira, Chitra or Dhanistha falling on Tuesday it will be very much benefic.

Clean Garnet with Ganga water and a mixture of milk, curd, honey, clarified butter and sugar. After this put white clothe on the wooden platform and keep Garnet on it. Light incense sticks, ghee lamp and dhoop in front of it and recite Mars Mantra 108 times to energize Garnet. After this touch it with your head and wear in the little finger of right hand.

Mantra of Mars - Om Ang Angarkaye Namah.

Donate wheat, copper, jiggery, red clothe of 1¼ meter length to get better results. Recite Mangal Mantra daily 108 times after having bath. Go to the temple of lord Hanuman and offer Prasad to lord on every Tuesday. This will be very much benefic.

Those who are born in the Aries ascendant and wear Garnet get good health, name, fame, power, position and happiness in life and lead a successful life and reputation.

Gem Wearing

Performing Remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into human body.

Normally a remedy is provided for the Major period lord Stone is worn for a weak ascendent, 9th or benefic houselord. When you should wear which stone or adopt which remedy is given in the following table along with its area of effectiveness. In each Major period three option of Stone are given. You can select any option by looking at the help you expect from the stone or remedy.

Stone Recommendation

Life Stone
Weight5 Carat
BenefitsPower, Good health, Avoids accident
Lucky Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsMarital bliss, Fame, Savings
Benific Stone
Weight5 Carat
BenefitsCareer success, Kids happiness

Stone Recommendation as per Dasha

DasaVimsottari Dasha
PlanetVen 20 Years
Date28/03/2012 - 28/03/2032
Stone1(Power)Cat's eye (81%)
Stone2(Power)Gomed (77%)
Stone3(Power)Ruby (75%)
MantraOm Dram Drim Drom Sah Shukraye Namah
DonationRice, White Sandal, Sugar Candy, Curd, Milk
BenefitsFame, Wealth, Marital bliss

RubySun5GoldRingSundayMorn.Krittika, U Phal, U Sadha
PearlMoon5SilverLittleMondayMorn.Rohini, Hasta, Sravna
CoralMars5SilverRingTuesdayMorn.Mrgsra, Chitra, Dhanish
EmeraldMercury4GoldLittleWednesdayMorn.Aslesa, Jyestha, Revati
Y-SapphireJupiter4GoldFirstThursdayMorn.Punrvsu, Visakha, P Bhad
DiamondVenus1PlatinmLittleFridayMorn.Bharani, P Phal, P Sadha
B-SapphireSaturn45MetalMiddleSaturdayEven.Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhad
GomedRahu58MetalMiddleSaturdayNightArdra, Svati, Satbisha
Cat's eyeKetu5SilverRingThursdayNightAsvini, Magha, Moola

StoneMantraContradictory StoneItems To Donate
RubyOm Ghirini Suryaye NamahDiamond, B-Sapphire, GomedWheat, Sandal, Ghee, Red Cloth
PearlOm Som Somaye NamahGomedRice, Sugar, Curd, Wt.Cloth
CoralOm Am Angarkaye NamahDiamond, Gomed, B-SapphireWheat, Copper, Gur, Red-Cloth
EmeraldOm Bum Budhaye Namah---Moong, Bronze, Green-Cloth
Y-SapphireOm Brim Brihaspataye NamahDiamond, GomedGram Pulse, Gur, Yel.Cloth
DiamondOm Shum Shukrayaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireRice, Silver, Wt.Cloth
B-SapphireOm Sham Shaneshcharaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireHorse Bean, Oil, Black Cloth
GomedOm Ram Rahave NamahRuby, Pearl, CoralMole, Oil, Lead, Blue Cloth
Cat's eyeOm Kem Ketve Namah---7-Corns, Coconut, Brown Cloth

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