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Celebrity Horoscope | Detail

Devanand Horoscope

Celebrity Horoscope
Date Of Birth 26/09/1923   Format(dd/mm/yyyy)
Time Of Birth 09:30:00   Format(hh:mm:ss)
City Gurdaspur District
State Country
Latitude 32:04N Longitude 75:28E
Zone 82:30E


AscLib19:06:36--- ---VenRahMon412
SunVir09:14:53 12NeutralMerSunVen412
MonPis21:35:59 6NeutralJupMerSun210
MarLeo23:11:31 11FriendSunVenSat37
MerRCVir15:31:50 12MoltrknMerMonJup22
JupLib24:42:20 1EnemyVenJupMer22
VenCVir13:27:54 12DblitedMerMonRah22
SatVir27:41:38 12FriendMerMarJup26
RahLeo18:40:48 11EnemySunVenRah26
KetAqu18:40:48 5EnemySatRahMon412
UraRAqu22:07:11 5 ---SatJupSat11
NepCan26:41:01 10 ---MonMerJup412
PluGem19:31:51 9 ---MerRahMar412
NOTE : - Waxing -Waning R-Retro S-Stationary C- Combust D-DeepCombust
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Navamsa Chart
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A Brief Review

          At the time of your birth, Libra Ascendant ( Lagna ) was rising along with Pisces Navamsa and Aquarius Dreskana in the fourth Pad of Swati, signifying you will lead a cozy, charming life which will be the envy of others.

          You will gain material benefits and comforts between the ages of 30 and 35, a good chunk of which you will be tempted to squander in maintaining a majestic appearance and seeking worldly pleasures. Keep a check on it so that you are not left high and dry in your old age.

          Being religious-minded, you will visit many holy places and contribute to good causes. Possibly due to this and your quality of honesty in all your dealings, you will be blessed with excellent sons who will earn name and fame.

          You are thus assured of a very happy home, more so if you are smart enough to find a spouse who can understand your feelings and match you in your ardent love-making, which is the second prime goal of your life, next only to amassing wealth.

          For finding an ideal partner you would do well to look for one born under the Gemini or Aquarius signs. But if you have a spouse belonging to the Cancer, Capricorn or Pisces groups you had it, as your partner won’t be able to live up to your expectations.

          But even then, credit is due to you as you won’t desert your partner in spite of your disappointment, but carry on somehow.

          Actually, you will do a lot to maintain a pleasant atmosphere at home by decorating your partner with costly ornaments and clothes, and meting all the requirements of your family members. You will furnish your house very attractively to catch the eye of your friends, without whom you will find it difficult to live.

          Liberians in general have good physique and enjoy excellent health. But they may be prone to infectious diseases and urinary complications as age advances. Preventive steps will have to be taken against such a contingency.

          Already lucky, having wealth and a pleasant home, you can fare even better if you work out your time-table bearing in mind the following guidelines :

          The colours that suit you best are white, red and orange; those you have to avoid are yellow and green.

          Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 7 are favourable to you while 3, 5, 6 and 9 are not harmonious.

          While Thursday is not propitious, Friday will be tolerably good. The remaining five days of the week will be excellent.

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