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Estonia Horoscope

Date of Birth20/08/1991
Time of Birth00:00:00 Hour
Istha45:38:30 Ghati

Birth Detail

Loc Time Corr-01:20:08 Hour
War Time Corr00:00:00 Hour
Local Mean Time01:20:08 Hour
Equation Of Time-00:03:29 Hour
Siderial Time20:30:41 Hour
Sun Rise05:44:35 Hour
Sun Set21:01:39 Hour
Day Duration15:17:04 Hour
Sun Position (Ayan)Dakshinayan
Sun Position (Gola)Uttar
Sun Degree02:38:09 Leo
Ascendent Degree01:27:43 Gemini

Avakhada Chakra

Avakhada Chakra
Ascendent-LordGem - Mercury
Rasi-LordSag - Jupiter
Naksh.-CharanMoola - 1
Nakshatra LordKetu
Name AlphabetYe - Yerusalem
Paya(Rasi-Nak)Copper - Copper

Planetary Degrees and their Positions
MarLeo28:19:5100:38:06U Phal1SunSunMonFrSign
SatRCap08:04:1900:03:50U Sadha4SatSunVenOwnSign
RahSag24:42:2200:01:44P Sadha4JupVenMerDblitted
UraRSag16:27:5900:01:25P Sadha1JupVenMon---
NepRSag20:36:1400:01:06P Sadha3JupVenJup---
R - Retrograde S - Stationary
C - Combust D - Deep Combust
Lahiri Ayanamsa : 23:44:42

Lagna Chart


Moon Chart


Navamsa Chart


Chalit and Niryan Bhava Chalit

Chalit Chart


Cusp Chart


Vimshottari Dasha

Balance of Dasha :Ket 5 Years 11 Months 4 Days

Ket 7 Years
Ven 20 Years
Sun 6 Years
Mon 10 Years
Mar 7 Years
Rah 18 Years
Jup 16 Years
Sat 19 Years
Mer 17 Years
Ket 7 Years

Lagna Reading

The astrological configuration at the time of your birth was Gemini Ascendant ( Lagna ) rising along with Libra Navamsa and Gemini Dreskana in Mrigasira third Pad. The message is clear : You have got to plan your life properly, failing which you will lead a checkered career resulting in problems galore.

True, Gemini's too have plus and minus points, like all others. But the snag is they tend to pursue paths which may land them in trouble. For instance, they have a lean and lanky figure with sparkling eyes which are very much liked by the opposite sex. Consequently, they are tempted to indulge in sex, which will not only spoil their health but mar the atmosphere at home to the point of breaking homes. Also, sexual orgies may result in their begetting progenies from others sex which will be a perennial source of headache.

That is why Gemini's have to be very careful in picking their life partners. It will serve them well if they look for spouses from among those born under the Aquarius, Libra, Leo or Aries signs. This will result in a comparatively balanced homely life.

The most glaring weakness of those born under the Gemini sign is fickle-mindedness. They just can't make up their mind on the job on hand, because they lack concentration and firmness. Driven by a wavering mind, they go on changing jobs and altering plans. The result is a jack of all arts and master of none. Invariably they change their jobs and occupations many times.

Also, they lack patience. They want everything to move at breakneck speed all the time. Soon after taking up a project, they expect instant results, even though they are aware it is not possible.

Gemini's are so restless that they tend to spoil their health by constant worry and anxiety. They are prone to be afflicted by a wide range of diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, venereal diseases and fractures. Adequate rest with relaxation and sleep may ward off such diseases. Plus, breathing exercises will prove helpful.

The professions that suit the genius or Gemini's are business connected with travel agency, share brokerage, law, cinema, accountancy, banks, oils, cosmetics, beverages and education. If they prefer, they can achieve good success from the occult sciences or from preaching religion.

To get the best out of life, Gemini's had better follow the guidelines listed below:

The lucky days for you are Wednesday and Friday, Saturday is average. The other four days are not too favourable as they will prove expensive.

The numbers which vibrate favourably are 7 and 3, whereas 4 and 8 are disagreeable.

The favourable colours are green, pink, purple, yellow and blue, while black and red will prove detrimental.

Planet Reading

Sun in Leo sign in its own house in 2nd house makes you wealthy, respected and famous. You will own land and other property. You will be renowned and influential because of your wealth and wealth, power and authority which will increase with age.

You are a good speaker and impressive. You are strong willed. You will enjoy honour, wealth, comforts and happiness in middle age. Hard work and efforts will fetch you good financial returns. The position of Sun confers on you, authority and respect.


The Moon in Libra in the fourth house is an encouraging trend. You will have close liaison with your mother who will take care of most of your household matters. You can expect a reasonable inheritance from your ancestral property and own a modest house which will keep you going comfortably without any worry. It will be rather late in life that you are likely to taste success.


Mars in Scorpio in its own sign in the fifth house indicates that you are blessed with comforts and pleasure of children. You will complete your education satisfactorily.

Your children will be the source of pleasure to you. You will manage their education quite well. You will take care of their health and prosperity. You will be renowned for your noble deeds. You are a good speaker and a good manipulator of things in your favour. A liberal attitude, but aggressive nature are indicated.


Mercury in Virgo in the 3rd house indicates that natives born in this sign live mostly in their own world. Although you have a good memory, your memory will not be as good as it was earlier. You will miss many opportunities. You will become moody and peevish.

Mercury makes you timid. You are not very bold or courageous. You will face obstacles in life.

If you have brothers and sisters, your relations with them, will be the cause for concern. This is due to this placement of mercury.


The presence of Jupiter in Cancer assures you of near bliss. Apart from providing you with many luxuries, it promises you excellent health for the major part of your existence, ultimately blessing you with a peaceful death, away from home or abroad. This should indeed be considered a great boon as human beings have always prayed that they be spared the agony of a painful end.

By nature you are highly religious and nourish the ambition of launching charitable institutions, as you believe that service to humanity is service to God.


Venus in Leo sign in the 2nd house indicates that you are good tempered and kind-hearted. You yield authority. You will gain wealth and fame from early life. Inheritance of ancestral property is also indicated. With enough wealth and reputation, you will still feel discontented.


Saturn in the 9th house enables you to achieve fame and honor. Your outlook in life is cautious and conservative. You approach every problem in life systematically, looking for practical solutions.

You present yourself as a believer of Dharma and do not believe wholly on Bhagya. You believe in Karma. You are well aware that nothing can be achieved without Karma.

Saturn's presence makes you prefer work to worship. However, you will do some noble deeds and regular pooja for your future life.

Pleasure and sorrows, gain and loss, success and failure come in your path simultaneously. You make money quickly and spend it as rapidly.

Though Cancer Lagna indicates long journeys which will be beneficial, Saturn does not let you benefit from them. Long journeys are indicated, but you will achieve nothing from them.


The presence of Rahu in Aries in the tenth house shows your early life will be beset with problems. You may be tempted to indulge in questionable acts which will not only mar your image but also place you under debt. During the same period, you may also have serious differences with your father which may culminate in a permanent break. This could be because of your rash temperament and irresponsible behaviour.

However, after you attain maturity, you will settle down to hard work in which you can hope for favours from government sources. In the event of any litigation or law suit, you can expect to emerge victorious.


However, so far as you are concerned, you should accept the possibility that you may have to lead a life of continuous struggle due to the location of an unfavourable Ketu in Libra in the fourth house. Separation from the mother and the motherland, devoid of any ancestral property, or in the unlikely chance of your inheriting some and losing it, and frequent change of residence are the possibilities indicated by the planetary position. You will have to be extremely careful to see that you don't fall from a moving vehicle as it may cost you a limb.

Yet, you will work hard to provide the best you can for your family. You are advised to take counsel from an expert and chalk out your entire programme in such a way that you minimise, if not eliminate altogether, your problems.

House Reading
Physique Health & Nature

Those born under the Gemini sign are normally tall and slim, so slim that their veins will be visible. Of moderate complexion, they will have long arms and an oval face with hazel or gray eyes. With their upright figure, they impress people by their graceful and effective way of handling things.

They tend to spoil their health by their own high-strung behaviour. They not only overwork, they are always on edge, unnecessarily worrying too much about the outcome of their efforts. In a of hurry all the time, they are impatient for quick results.

Geminians must overcome this trait by giving adequate rest to the body and the mind; otherwise their health is bound to be affected. Some of the steps you should take care to learn to relax, develop mental poise and do physical exercise in the open so as to inhale plenty of fresh air.

You must improve your concentration if you desire to stream-line your fickle-minded nature. Driven by hesitation, doubt and uncertainty, you shift and change your position on issues frequently, with the result you will indulge in double talk to the annoyance of others. Ever impatient, you will engage yourself in more than one pursuit at a time which, will be highly disadvantageous, Given the will, you can surely get over this as you have an astute mind which can grasp ideas in a jiffy. Plus, you are a flexible individual who can fit into any design. Hence, if you put your faculties to proper use, you will be able to lead a comfortable life without having to face a continuous stream of difficulties year after year. Geminious are prone towards disease like influenza tuberculosis, cold bronchitis they must take due precautions.

With Ketu in Gemini Ascendant, you will have to conduct yourself very cautiously, as it threatens to endanger your face and eyes which will not be conducive to longevity. You have got to keep your eyes and ears wide open in all your movement to make sure you don't sustain any injuries. Then your health will be fairly good, though you are likely to have a diseased appearance.

The position of the planet also shows that you may indulge in rough vocabulary and get into quarrels with others as well as your spouse , which will impair your domestic happiness.

Finance, Family, Eye & Speech

At the time of your birth, Cancer sign was rising in the 2nd house. Moon being the lord of this house indicates that you are somewhat sentimental and talkative. You earn a position of honour in society. You speak sweetly and express your ideas clearly. You are fond of home, family and its comforts.

You will face some difficulties in acquiring wealth. You may lose some wealth through relatives or in speculation or in love affairs. All this may happen in the first part of life. In the later part of life, you will have grand success and prosperity. You will inherit money and property.

You are devoted to your family. Your home and garden always keep you engaged. Guard yourself against eye problems. In the later part of life, your right eye may cause some trouble to you. You are fond of good food, specially sweets, which may be harmful to your health. You will enjoy celebrating auspicious ceremonies at home. You use good logic to support your views.

Coborns, Publications, Music & Short Travels

At the time of your birth, Leo sign was placed in the 3rd house. Sun, being the lord of this sign indicates that you are spiritual and strong willed other people like you because you are basically warm and affectionate. You work very hard to get your way with others. You are reluctant to compromise yourself or lose other people's respect. Being respected by other is very important to you and for this reason you are less likely then others to tell lies. You feel that everything should be out in the open.

Once you have made up your mind about a particular course of action, you are very persistent. You select a goal and follow it through to the bitter end. When you are older, you will want to be a person of some importance and if possible, a leader. Even while you are young you will play this role whenever possible, which should work out very well, because you also want to be worthy of being a leader. For you, self respect is as important as the respect of others.

You are noble, magnanimous, bold and courageous. You will have faith in all your relatives. You are impressive, energetic and enthusiastic.

You are extremely intelligent. You are eloquent. You have a sharp memory and are inclined towards higher education and philosophy. You are diplomatic and conventional.

You will enjoy communication sources like conveyance, postal facilities, telephone, television and telecommunications.

You will take interest in all kinds of correspondence and accounting. You are fond of travelling frequently and will earn money and fame through these journeys.

You are interested in music, and opera. You are fond of playing musical instruments. You will be interested in publications. You write well and may be a good editor. For your pastime, you like reading newspapers, magazines and novels. You can be a good information officer or a journalist.

Education, Mother, Conveyance & Property

The overall picture presented by the Virgo sign rising in the fourth house at the time of one's birth is indeed very rosy. It holds out promise of a comfortable life of plenty and pleasure. But the thing to be borne in mind is that if the promise materialises, it will be mainly because of the backing and blessings of one's mother.

The position is that you are likely to have an intelligent, hard-working mother whose sole ambition is the progress of her children. But it is not easy to spot her sincerity since the lady doesn't display her deep emotions openly. That is the reason that in spite of possessing sterling qualities, she finds it difficult to please her husband.

It is because of the good offices of your mother that you may come to possess a part of your ancestral property, including landed assets. The odds are you will have the benefit of owning your own vehicle and residence too. Your abode will have to be quite impressive as you are an individual who won't be satisfied either with a small house or a small job.

It is better to rest content with the wealth at your disposal instead of being too avaricious. You may have the urge to go after even more riches and consequently try to unearth some hidden treasure or the other. Suppress that temptation as it will be a sheer waste of time.

Overcoming minor hurdles, you will manage to complete your academic course and later widen your knowledge by studying various subjects.

Health wise you should be okay, but you may spoil it by your own actions. Care is needed on that front, as you may invite problems connected with the lungs by overindulgence in drinks and excessive smoking. You will be fine if you remain a teetotaller.

Love Life, Children & Intellect

At the time of your birth, Libra sign was rising in your fifth house. Venus, being the lord of this sign indicates that you are courteous, modest and quiet. You use your intellect for a happy and harmonious life. This sign gives you a fertile imagination, correct intuition, vedic knowledge and brilliant intellect.

You are romantic and most desirable as a life partner. Your standard of living is high. You may not be able to find a partner who can satisfy and please you. You are blessed with happiness from children. You may be worried about children's career. Your daughter's marriage and son's employment may disturb you a little. Your daughter-in-law will give you problems.

You should have a balanced diet; otherwise you will suffer from stomach trouble. Once a trouble starts, you may have to suffer all through your life. You may also have problems relating to taxes, etc. You should manage them tactfully. You like peace at home and also in your social life.

Disease, Enemies & Servents

Family Life, Marriage & Business Partner

Capricorn was in the seventh house at the time of your birth, which makes you a home-bird. For you, the greatest pleasure in life is having an enjoyable home atmosphere. On your part you will be ever ready to make any sacrifice to keep your family members comfortable and happy.

Loyal and sincere, you will shower abundant love on your spouse. Adopting a flexible approach, you will be prepared to make any adjustment necessary to see that you have cordial marital relations. To find a proper mate, you had better look for a native under the signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Outwardly you appear frank and outspoken, but you nourish secret thoughts which you won't share with anyone. Because of that, you will become moody at times. It is necessary you display romantic emotions to your spouse openly, so that the latter doesn't have reservations regarding your affection. Actually, you will be so devoted to your life partner that your sexual life becomes almost monotonous.

You can shine brightly either in service or in business. But the latter would be preferable as a commercial career suits you best. You can trade in transport, shipping, travel and import export. Business connected with irrigation, civil contracts, hotels and restaurants will also be beneficial. Even more so than such a wide range of available options. There is one field which will be ideal for you, and that is becoming a politician.

Longevity, Accident & Insurance

At the time of your birth, Aquarius sign was placed in the eighth house, Saturn, being the lord of this sign indicates that you are not interested in the occult science. This is because you have a practical mind and do not spend all your time chasing impossible dreams.

You may inherit property though not much of it. But it will suffice as you already have enough money and assets of our own.

You will make no demands regarding dowry nor will you receive any. You do not believe in the antiquated system of dowry and consider it a social evil. Your in laws will be so pleased with your high principles and noble attitude that even on your refusal, they will shower you with gifts from their side and insist that this has nothing to do with dowry.

Your chart indicates robbery but not major ones. And you will probably recover all the money and anything else you have lost with the help of the police.

You may not have gone in for insurance as you probably did not see the need for it and considered it an unnecessary investment. But probably the incident of robbery might shake you up to such an extent that you might in for it although very late in life but this is better than never insuring at all.

Accidents are indicated in your chart but if you are very careful there is no reason why you cannot avert such catastrophes. And if and when they do occur they will teach you to be more careful in further.

You are susceptible to infectious diseases. You may suffer from heart trouble, tooth, throat and tonsils left ear and eye trouble. you should immediately consult a doctor in case of even a minor trouble or ailments so that you can recover quickly.

You will live the average life span of a normal man. your death will be a quick and sudden one so the pain will not last long.

Fame, Worship & Long Travels

At the time of your birth Pisces sign was placed in the 9th house. Jupiter, being the lord of this sign indicates that you will serve others and in some way put others interests before your own.

As you get older, you will develop a strong spiritual awareness. It will influence your perception of the world very strongly. You will be concerned with an aspect of the universe that is higher than everyday material reality.

You are fully devoted to religious rites. You may probably be a devotee of the Sun and other Gods. You have faith in God and in regular routine worship. You present yourself as a pundit or a scholar of vaid. You can speak a lot in these subjects. You have a good knowledge of Dharma. Your disciples will touch your feet in reverence.

Your interest towards meditation will increase your intuition and foresight. You will take interest in the occult and spiritual experiences. Jupiter indicates that you can be the preacher of Dharmashastra. Your religious worship everyday will develop your intuitive power. You can see into the future. You will make accurate predictions for everyone.

In your previous life, you probably did some noble and pious actions, which bring you good results in this life. you may represent a religious society in other cities of your country. In addition to this, you will achieve fame in other ways. Your inclination towards noble and pious work, for human service and for the benefit of people will give you a good public image. You are good at whatever profession you choose to take up.

You are interested in higher studies. You will read and study religious and spiritual literature. You are a good doctor as well.

You are fond of travelling and long journeys are indicated for professional reasons and as a hobby which will be extremely beneficial for you. Long journeys will give you name, fame and wealth.

Your grandchildren will be well educated and prosperous and pleasure is indicated through them. Your grand children will highly regard you.

Saturn in the 9th house enables you to achieve fame and honor. Your outlook in life is cautious and conservative. You approach every problem in life systematically, looking for practical solutions.

You present yourself as a believer of Dharma and do not believe wholly on Bhagya. You believe in Karma. You are well aware that nothing can be achieved without Karma.

Saturn's presence makes you prefer work to worship. However, you will do some noble deeds and regular pooja for your future life.

Pleasure and sorrows, gain and loss, success and failure come in your path simultaneously. You make money quickly and spend it as rapidly.

Though Cancer Lagna indicates long journeys which will be beneficial, Saturn does not let you benefit from them. Long journeys are indicated, but you will achieve nothing from them.

Profession, Father, Status & Power

A commercial career is ideal for those born when the Aries sign was rising in the tenth house. Included in this broad category are a wide range of professions which blend with the Arian's general character. You can, therefore, pick an occupation connected with export-import, airlines, shipping, transport, travel, restaurant, heavy machinery, factory, sports goods or irrigation. A career in defence and police will also suit you.

As you are very diplomatic in your dealings, you can take a plunge into politics from which you can hope to emerge with flying colours. A smooth operator, you know how to cultivate friendship with people and get on with them. It is this quality which will come in handy for you to establish good rapport with people in authority in government. This will pay you rich dividends.

You have another advantage. You are very careful with money, as you know its value, having earned it the hard way. Without squandering even a small amount, you will build up sufficient reserves.

Your qualities stand out in sharp contrast to those of your father. A lover of personal freedom, your father takes no nonsense from anyone and loses his temper quickly. Aggressive and extravagant in his habits, he may not accumulate impressive assets. His main goal will be to see his children are provided not only with the necessities of life, but also sound education, so that they can stand on their feet. For this he wouldn't mind spending any amount of money.

The presence of Rahu in Aries in the tenth house shows your early life will be beset with problems. You may be tempted to indulge in questionable acts which will not only mar your image but also place you under debt. During the same period, you may also have serious differences with your father which may culminate in a permanent break. This could be because of your rash temperament and irresponsible behaviour.

However, after you attain maturity, you will settle down to hard work in which you can hope for favours from government sources. In the event of any litigation or law suit, you can expect to emerge victorious.

Friends, Society & Elder Brothers

At the time of your birth, Taurus sign was placed in the eleventh house. Venus, being the lord of this sign indicates that you have many desires and also aspirations for the future which you will achieve being a very determined person and hard working as well. Financial gain is indicated. You have a saving nature, will accumulate and hoard money and never squander unnecessarily.

Your chart indicates that you will probably get along better with your elder sisters than your elder brothers. You will get all possible help from them in times of need and you will share good relations with them.

You like to be with friends who are warm and sociable. Serious people and those who do not know how to have fun seem boring. But you may be attracted to people who are very creative artistically, and such people can be serious in your eyes without being dull. When you are an adult, your friends may include artists, musicians or writers.

Whoever your friends are, you are likely to enjoy being with them. Throughout your life, friends should be a source of pleasure and fun.

You are a very sociable person who really enjoys good company and good times. When you are alone, you start feeling lonely quite quickly. At the same time you get along very well with others. You are at your best in a group, and you are an excellent team player in any activity you get involved in, whether it is sports or work projects. Your concern with getting along makes you put the interests of the group above your own interests although you usually feel that they are the same.

You may be prone to affliction of the throat, tonsils, diphtheria, pyorrhea, cold and apoplexy. As age advances, you may suffer from constipation, plethora and similar difficulties. Left ear troubles are indicated.

Foreign Journeys, Debts & Net Savings

At the time of your birth, Gemini sign was placed in the twelfth house. Mercury is the lord of this sign.

Simple living and high thinking is your motto and you strictly adhere to this principle throughout life.

You are very careful regarding money. Being a honest person, you cannot tolerate dishonesty. Not being extravagant, you accumulate wealth and this too through your own hard labour. On the whole, you are fortunate in finances.

Be comforted to know that you should never have mayor money problems. Your wants are simple. Because you don't lust after material possessions and refuse to keep up with the jounces, you will avoid financial headaches. Also, your luck in money matters is oriented towards steady, long term gains rather than quick and speculative profits.

You are probably already off to a good start with your savings, and should accumulate money. You will not have opportunities to spend in your early life. By the time you move out on your own, you will have a comfortable nest egg in reserve. Plan ahead how you will use it. It can provide either a brief expensive fling or solid investments and long range income which will guarantee your personal independence.

Outside your family, you will always be sought after as a friend and confidant. You will be unable to refuse your acquaintances money, help or whatever they require because of your kindly, sympathetic nature.

Manglik Vichar

In the boy or the girl's horoscope when Mars is in ascendant, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house then it is called Manglik dosh.

In your horoscope Mars is placed in the fifth house which represents progeny, higher education and intelligence so with its effects you will be blessed with sons and they will provide you with the desired happiness but the arrival of your off springs may be slightly delayed. You will keep on making efforts to attain high education inspite of various hurdles and difficulties on the way. you will be very intelligent but also slightly aggressive by nature. You will be on good terms with some high officials and they will help and cooperate with you from time to time.

Mars' placed in the fifth house is fourth aspecting the eighth house so with its effect you may have to suffer from diseases caused due to blood disorder, excessive heat and bile. But with its effect you may have sudden gain of wealth. Along with this, you may face difficulties on your path of success but this will be overcome by you. Mars’ aspect over the eleventh house is good for your financial gain. With its effects you will earn a lot of money and be known as an affluent man. There will be an increase in your source of income and you will become more respectable in the society. Mars aspect over the twelfth house indicates that you will spend on auspicious causes. You may suffer from some problem in your left eye. But your married life shall be peaceful.

Mars placement in the fifth house shows that you will be blessed with healthy children and there will be no dearth of wealth or luxuries in your life. So after getting rid of these problems you will lead a peaceful and happy married life.

Kaap Sarp Yog

If all the 7 planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu then Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. According to the situation of Rahu in 12 houses of horoscope there are Kaal Sarp Yogas of 12 types. These are 1. Anant, 2. Kulik, 3. Vasuki, 4. Shankhpal, 5. Padma, 6. Mahapadma, 7. Takshak, 8. Karkotak, 9. Shankhchud, 10. Ghaatak, 11. Vishdhar, 12. Sheshnag The Kaal Sarp Yog is of two types- Ascending and Descending. If all the 7 planets are eaten away by Rahu's mouth then it is Ascending Kaal Sarp Yog. If all planets are situated in back of Rahu then Descending Kaal Sarp Yog is formed. The native having Kaal Sarp Yog suffers from certain shortcomings in life. The native does not get full reward of his talents. Normally the success in work is delayed. The native without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine. Propiation of kaal sarp dosh becomes necessary to lead a normal life. Kaal Sarp Yog In Your Horoscope

Your horoscope does not contain Kaal Sarp Yog. Therefore you do not require shanti for Kaal Sarp Yog. You will lead a happy life.

Gem Selection

To obtain the full benefic effect of stone, wear it while Moon is waxing on the specified day and time. Wearing it in the specified Nakshatra enhances the benefic effects of the stone. Take the stone of a size specified or greater in fractions of 1 / 4 Ratti rejecting fractions of 3 / 4 Ratti like 4 - 1 / 4 Ratti.Get it studded in the specified metal such that it touches the finger from bottom.If you are already wearing a stone then avoid wearing a contradictory stone.Before wearing it light lamp and incense stick and meditate on your God.Clean the ring in fresh milk and then Ganga water. Perform pooja and recite the specified mantra 108 times.Then wear the stone in the specified finger.Women should wear on their left hand whereas men should wear in the right hand.After wearing the ring give alms as specified for that stone.

Your favourable Gemstone - Pearl

You are born in the cancer ascendant. The lord of the sign Cancer is Moon. Moon is the planet which is nearest to the earth. Natal ascendant of a person is very important as the name, fame, power, position and prosperity of that person depend on it. If the ascendant of a native is strong then the native prospers well and he gets all round development in life.

So it is very beneficial for the persons who are born with Cancer ascendant to give strength to their natal Moon. Moon can be strengthened by worshipping it in a prescribed way and by reciting proper mantra. Gemstone Pearl is recommended for Moon. When a person who is born in the Cancer ascendant or rashi wears Pearl studded in ring he get happiness, prosperity and success in life. Moon also signifies minister ship so by wearing pearl one can get recognition and fame in government, gets cooperation from higher authorities and his reputation increases.

Native also gets full blessings of his mother after wearing this stone. Moon signifies mind and mother. Wearing pearl can help in the cure of mental diseases like depression.

Wear the ring studded with the pearl in the little finger of right hand as this finger signifies mercury as per the palmistry and Moon considers Mercury as its friend. This ring should be worn on Monday as Moon is the lord of this day. This ring should be worn in the first hora of the Monday i.e within one hour from the sunrise as first hora of Monday is the hora of the Moon. If this stone is worn in the constellations of Moon Rohini, Hasta or Shravana falling on Monday it will be very much benefic.

Clean Pearl with Ganga water and a mixture of milk, curd, honey, clarified butter and sugar. After this put white clothe on the wooden platform and keep this pearl on it. Light incense sticks, ghee lamp and dhoop in front of it and recite Chandra Mantra 108 times to energize Pearl. After this touch it with your head and wear in the little finger of right hand.

Mantra of Moon - Om Som Somaye Namah.

Donate white rice, sugar, curd, 1¼ meter length white cloth to get better results. Recite Chandra Mantra daily 108 times after having bath. Offer water to Shivlinga and worship lord Shiva in the morning. Read Shiv Chalisa on Monday. This will also be very much benefic.

Those who are born in the Cancer ascendant and wear Pearl get good health, name, fame, power, position and happiness in life and lead a life of success and reputation.

Gem Wearing

Performing Remedial measures & wearing stone for a planet helps increase the positive aspects of the planets in the horoscope. Scientifically, recital of Mantra for a particular planet forms a protection layer around the man. Stone increases the benefic aspects by absorbing rays of the planet and flowing them into human body.

Normally a remedy is provided for the Major period lord Stone is worn for a weak ascendent, 9th or benefic houselord. When you should wear which stone or adopt which remedy is given in the following table along with its area of effectiveness. In each Major period three option of Stone are given. You can select any option by looking at the help you expect from the stone or remedy.

Stone Recommendation

Life Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsPower, Good health, Comforts
Lucky Stone
Weight4 Carat
BenefitsAvoids accident, Fame
Benific Stone
Weight1 Carat
BenefitsPower, Savings, Kids happiness

Stone Recommendation as per Dasha

DasaVimsottari Dasha
PlanetSun 6 Years
Date24/07/2017 - 25/07/2023
Stone1(Power)Emerald (98%)
Stone2(Power)Pearl (66%)
Stone3(Power)Ruby (64%)
MantraOm Hram Hrim Hrom Sah Suryaye Namah
DonationWheat, Saffron, Saffron, Coral, Ghee
BenefitsPower, Savings, Kids happiness

RubySun5GoldRingSundayMorn.Krittika, U Phal, U Sadha
PearlMoon5SilverLittleMondayMorn.Rohini, Hasta, Sravna
CoralMars5SilverRingTuesdayMorn.Mrgsra, Chitra, Dhanish
EmeraldMercury4GoldLittleWednesdayMorn.Aslesa, Jyestha, Revati
Y-SapphireJupiter4GoldFirstThursdayMorn.Punrvsu, Visakha, P Bhad
DiamondVenus1PlatinmLittleFridayMorn.Bharani, P Phal, P Sadha
B-SapphireSaturn45MetalMiddleSaturdayEven.Pushya, Anuradha, U Bhad
GomedRahu58MetalMiddleSaturdayNightArdra, Svati, Satbisha
Cat's eyeKetu5SilverRingThursdayNightAsvini, Magha, Moola

StoneMantraContradictory StoneItems To Donate
RubyOm Ghirini Suryaye NamahDiamond, B-Sapphire, GomedWheat, Sandal, Ghee, Red Cloth
PearlOm Som Somaye NamahGomedRice, Sugar, Curd, Wt.Cloth
CoralOm Am Angarkaye NamahDiamond, Gomed, B-SapphireWheat, Copper, Gur, Red-Cloth
EmeraldOm Bum Budhaye Namah---Moong, Bronze, Green-Cloth
Y-SapphireOm Brim Brihaspataye NamahDiamond, GomedGram Pulse, Gur, Yel.Cloth
DiamondOm Shum Shukrayaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireRice, Silver, Wt.Cloth
B-SapphireOm Sham Shaneshcharaye NamahRuby, Coral, Y-SapphireHorse Bean, Oil, Black Cloth
GomedOm Ram Rahave NamahRuby, Pearl, CoralMole, Oil, Lead, Blue Cloth
Cat's eyeOm Kem Ketve Namah---7-Corns, Coconut, Brown Cloth

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