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Shri Pramod Kumar Sinha, after completing his Master’s degree in Economics from Magadh University BODH GAYA, did a Research in Astrology, Vastu, Palmistry, Numerology. He was a bright student of his time & topped throughout his carrier. From the very beginning he had interest in Astrology. After his studies, he started his carrier in astrology. Pramod Kumar Sinha achieved top honors in his university days where he remained associated with Economics up to Masters and Astrology Research. But right from his early days, he was fired up by the turns and twists of occultism. His fascination rested in bringing the subject of Astrology out in the open from its wraps. He knew that by virtue of his acumen in the Astrology, he would be able to develop techniques which would facilitate quick and accurate calculations of as tricky a subject as astrology. Therefore, he set his eyes on designing user-friendly behavior on astrology.

He named his organization very appropriately as ASTROLOGICAL POINT founded in 1 Nov. 2001. Constant up gradation, the organisation has acquired an enviable stature in the field of Astrological. In the face of all what has happened, he stands tall in the portals of astrology, commanding respect and recognition at various levels. He has international thoughts in his working philosophy. Fully aware that the science of astrology is fast growing up in the West, Astrological Point has set a dream target for serving good health and knowledge about Astrology and that is to make available. The media fully recognizes the Astrological Point. TV. Print media has often recognized Astrological Point.

  • Master’s degree in Economics from Magadh University BODH GAYA