Mrs. Sarita Acharjya

Mrs. Sarita Acharjya


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“Uncover and unravel the hidden truths and stories in your palm. Know the unknown and venture into something new and interesting”

Hello! I am Mrs. Sarita Acharjya, First and foremost to everyone reading this I extensively hope that you and your loved ones are safe as well as healthy during these difficult and challenging times! To portray myself, I come across as an unconstrained, untrammeled woman, Hard Work, determination, willingness and perseverance are just a few of the many words that depict my character.

I am born & brought up in Delhi from the age of 20 I have been doing Palmistry & was working with my father Pandit Kishore Acharya (who is a very well known Astrologer).

My passion from the school time is to do face reading & palmistry, for the last 20 years, I have been doing Palmistry but due to lots of family commitments and being occupied with personal life I was not doing it very regularly. Now since last 4years I have been very active and reading many palms in a day with prior appointment.

I have been reading palms from different Nationalities as well. I give predictions as well that’s related to only chanting of few words to God, According to all my clients and their feedback my predictions are 90% accurate.

Guidance and people that deserve a special mention

I have to majorly thank and express immense gratitude to a few people who have moulded me into the almost perfectly finished article that I have become today.

Firstly my very own father famously known as Pandit Kishore Acharjya who is a very well renowned astrologer with major honors to his name! A widely respected and sought after figure all around.

Through his basic ideologies and teachings I have developed my skills and talent! Secondly Mr. M.K. Chatterjee, who is a very well- known astrologer in Bangalore, who has always helped and provided me with the right resources and training that every student requires and desires from his coach, mentor or guru.

Some Problems that I look into and can help you with

  • Career issues
  • Family distress
  • Health related matters
  • Peace management
  • Educational consultation
  • Advice regarding marriage and married life

So far in my small yet fruitful journey I have already taken giant strides. I have already read the palms and advised, mentored and provided solutions to various known businessmen, Industrialists, Sports athletes as well as other people from different states of our society.