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"The objective of astrology is to make accurate predictions about future but its utility lies in providing the remedies for the rectification of various problems of life so that the common man gets benefited from it"

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Future Point is accepted as most reputed astrological organization for rendering quality services in the field of astro-solutions and the main hallmark of this organization are its relentless efforts for the restoration of lost glory of Vedic sciences with continuous research work of over 30 years where its achievements are highly remarkable. The efforts of Future Point in revitalizing and renewing Indias heritage of sacred sciences made it extremely popular among those who wish to learn the techniques of making astrology predictions.

Future Point is rightly termed as Jyotish Guru of modern India as it teaches astrology through its institute All India Federation of Astrologers Socities (AIFAS) having more than 100 branches in India & abroad. Reserach Journal of Astrology by AIFAS is a quarterly magazines of astrology in which one can read about the latest research work of AIFAS in the field of astrology through its various research oriented articles.

  • Founder of Computer Astrology in India.
  • Best propagator of astrology all over the world.
  • Organized several national and international seminars, workshops & conference.
  • Its astrological research institute AIFAS imparts best astrological education through its more than 100 centers in India & abroad.
  • Publication of astrological books and magazines.
  • Provides best astrology products and astrology consultation.
  • Jyotish Guru of Modern India
  • Founder of Computer Astrology in India

Future Point is fully committed to propagate astrology all over the world by organizing various workshops, seminars and astrology conferences on national and international level.

Future Point developed the most accurate and authentic astrology softwares in India and the credit of computerization of astrology in India goes to this organization only. The upgraded version of astrology softwares come under LeoStar series. These softwares are run on desktop computers and are used by all professional astrologers all over the world. It has made the ocean of astrology reach into the pocket of astrologers by making LeoTouch astrology softwares for android mobiles & tablets.

Apart from Research Journal of Astrology of AIFAS the other path breaking astrology magazine of Future Point is Future Samachar which is popular among common people as it caters to the need of information about Festivals, Fasts, Muhurats, Panchang, Places of Pilgrimage, Rashiphal, Prediction about Share Market, Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Physiognomy, Reiki, Tarot & Astrology along with various research oriented articles. Future Point has to its credit the publication of various astrology, palmistry, numerology & Vastu under more than 30 titles. Its Brihat Upay Samhita, A Text Book of Astrology and Shatabdi Panchang are very popular.

Future Point provides all types of astrology products including Gems, Rudrakshas, Yantras, Talismans, Parad Idols, Rings and various rare articles like Conch, Shwetark Ganpati & crystal products.

The vision of Future Point is to standardize the rules of astrology and to do extensive research work in this field for making it advantageous to common man all over the world.

Future Point has a team of learned astrologers having distinguished merits, extensive experience & achievements in astrology and related sciences. You can get astrology consultation by visiting Future Point in person or by mail or telephone. Authentic consultation in various areas of life like- love life, marriage, compatibility, progeny, health, education, business, job & career, finance, travel, house, legal issues, mental tensions, stress & depression etc. through Astrology, Vastu, Tarot, Numerology and Palmistry. Future Point is having around 30 years of experience in astrology consultation and the experienced astrologers are proficient in making predictions who work as clairvoyant, life coach & remedial experts for you. These are most accurate and famous astrologers online.

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