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"Those who know Astrology can indicate in a way what will take place in future. Astrology offers us help and hope in a manner unobtainable by any other method. It is scientific from the time of ancients to the day, but its use cannot be demonstrated by test tube methods. Planetary force is all about us hidden from our sight and produces effects which are decisive."

Family and Love Marriage Astrologer

Abha Bansal, Director of Future Point (P) Ltd. did her M.A. in Economics. She acquired diploma in Office Management and Personal Management from Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University with distinction. She joined Indian Bank as a Probationary Officer and worked in different branches of the same all over India for fourteen years. Her keen interest in Astrology inspired her to devote some time to Future Point and finally she left her job and got fully involved in the company with her managerial skills as a Director in 1995. Besides giving her support in administration field, she has been managing many fairs and exhibitions to spread the essence of divine science in masses.

For a long time Mrs. Bansal was involved with Zee TV morning show as a consultant astrologer. She has penned Rashi Phal for the daily Hindustan for more than 50 weeks and now is contributing articles and astrological Rashi Phal regularly for Future Samachar & many other newspapers. She is instrumental in organizing international astrological conferences successfully in Mauritius and Netherlands. As Managing Editor of Future Samachar, a path breaking monthly in the field of mysticism and divinity her contribution has been all-pervasive.

Specialized Astrologer for Love Marriage

“Love is blind” it’s a common notion everyone is aware of. It is a sacred bond which abides two souls together. Lovers always want to give a formal shape to their relation in the name of marriage, so that they can remain in this sweet emotion throughout without any social obstructions.

Marrying your loved one is no less than bliss and has been interwoven in a framework of rituals and traditions. It is no longer an easy decision as the prosperity of your whole life depends on this major event of life.

One should take utmost care while thinking of initiating the married life as each and every aspect of life is somewhere connected with our life partner.

In vedic terms we believe that our spouse brings saubhagya or good luck to us. Contact Mrs. Abha Bansal ji, a renowned astrologer to know about the peculiarities of your married life.

How does astrology works for your marriage?

Gone are the days when marriages used to be fixed by the elders of the family without even enquiring about the wish of the bride and the groom.

Family status, background, cast and level of work were the main criterion to fix up a match. But now with changing times when females are rubbing shoulders with the males and are financially independent, they prefer to choose their life partner on their own. Today the concept of love marriage has become so common that no one raises an eyebrow to it which was a common phenomenon in the past few years.

Needless to say, people today don’t hesitate to go for inter caste marriages or marrying in other religion as well.

Specialist astrologer Mrs. Abha Bansal ji has earned fame as a specialist marriage astrologer and has helped end number of couples to lead a happy married life. A thorough analysis of the horoscope and other planetary placements predicts the future of marital bliss in a couple’s life. This reading has to be precise which only an experienced and trusted astrologer like Mrs. Abha Bansal ji can do.

She checks the love compatibility and successful union of the partners that forms a foundation for a successful marriage. Contact Abha Bansal ji for correct love marriage predictions.

Why a marriage astrologer?

When we enter this sacred bond of marriage we vow to live together for the whole life while sharing all good and bad phases of life. In Indian traditions, this is even called the bond of seven lives. It itself boasts about the importance of marriage. But not everyone is lucky to have everything falling in place perfectly, some imperfections in the planetary placements of our stars may play havoc in our married life and we have no option but to repent in despair.

This is where the role of astrology becomes prominent. By indicating the strengths and flaws in the natal charts of the prospective couple, a marriage astrologer can affirm the success and failure of a marriage.

Even if the marriage has already happened then the effective remedies as suggested by Abha ji are sure to bring the marital bliss back into their lives. Daily arguments and lack of mutual understanding between the couple add bitterness to their lives and the life becomes burdensome. In that case, one should visit a marriage astrologer.

If you are looking for a love marriage specialist astrologer, then make sure to select one with utmost care as only a trusted name can help you in withstanding your tough situation and Abha ji is one such name.

Whatever may be the difficulty, she offers expert and genuine advice along with effective remedies that allows one to overcome the troubles of married life and enjoy harmony in relations with the partner. So ensure a happy married life by seeking the support of an experienced astrologer who can analyze the astrological combinations meticulously and offer required solutions.

  • Main Organizer of Nakshatra (Annual Mega Event & Platform for Astrologers)
  • Instrumental in organizing national & international astrology conferences
  • Director of Most Reputed Astrological Organization FUTURE POINT
  • Chief Treasurer of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies
  • Managing Editor of "Future Samachar" & "Research Journal of Astrology"
  • Regular author of research oriented astrological articles
  • MA in Economics
  • Office Management & Personnel Management from FMS Delhi

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She manages day-to-day affairs of the widely circulated magazine and makes it sure that it covers all fields of vedic sciences. Being chief treasurer of All India Federation of Astrologers Societies & Chapter Chairperson of Future Point she has helped A.I.F.A.S. to achieve its present position of leading organization in imparting education in 90 centres in India & has also contributed towards its main aim of spreading vedic astrology & culture throughout the world & propagating its scientific base.

She has anchored "Ved Vigyan", a popular program on astrology and other vedic sciences on "Sadhna" channel. She has been co-organizing a big event called Nakshatra with ITPO at Pragati Maidan since last 6 years where hundreds of Astro participants from all over India & thousands of visitors visit Pragati Maidan to get consultation. Genuine astrologer in Delhi Mrs. Abha Bansals Specialization : Astrological Predictions and Remedial measures for different problems.

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