Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2024

Scorpio Yearly Horoscope 2024



Studying hard is the only mantra for you to accomplish your educational goals as planetary support is totally absent in 2024 for you to excel in the academic sphere of your life. Avoid confusion and be clear of how you should proceed in your studies ahead. You would get decent marriage prospects to consider in the first half of the year.

Things will get complicated thereafter in terms of getting a suitable match. If you are already married then the relationship with your life partner will start moving in gloominess as you would spend too much time alone not necessarily physically but mentally as well, that would put your marriage through testing times. Keep sharing your feelings with your life partner as it would strengthen your marriage further.

Things will be average for your job as well as the business domain of your life. Avoid aggressive plans for business expansion. The positive aspect of Jupiter will keep your finances on a firm footing. Nothing to worry on the health front but exercise caution during the change of seasons. If you are in a love relationship then, chances are dangerously high that there could be some serious damage to the trust factor with your partner over some misunderstanding.


2024 is not a good time for your education as the 5th house of your horoscope that signifies ‘intelligence’ is afflicted by the presence of malefic Rahu. You must maintain your focus on your academic goals and work diligently to achieve those otherwise your academic trajectory will slide downwards. Challenges will be there in terms of confusion or lack of clarity pertaining to your real academic objectives.

Rahu is also casting its aspect on the 9th house of house of your horoscope that represents ‘higher education’ as well. Therefore, this is not a good year for the education domain of your life and you must rely only on your hard work, dedication and proceed with clarity on your goals.

Marriage or Married Life

If you are looking to tie the knot then the first half of 2024 or till April to be precise, is favourable for getting you a decent marriage proposal. Post April, it will be very hard to get promising or good marital prospects. But do not lose hope as things will start becoming conducive for you after August 2024.

In case you are already married, then you would find yourself distanced from your spouse due to being mentally occupied with a lot of stuff that is going on in your life. You might want to spend more & more time alone in contemplation which would be negative for your married life and will deteriorate the harmony factor in your marriage.

Job & Business

You will have an average 2024 when it comes to the job domain of your life. Nothing to worry about but nothing to be excited for either. Try not get into officer politics as something that you might say could be twisted and used against you to tarnish your reputation. Keep a low profile and remain focussed on delivering what you are expected to in the professional setup that you are working in.

As far as the business sphere of your life is concerned, you will be tempted to go for a business expansion in 2024, especially post April 2024. However, things will not pan out the way you expect them to and you might regret your decision later in the year. This is a time that might get you in some trouble with regulatory bodies due to some non compliance issues.


While there are no fireworks seen in the job or business domain of your life, Jupiter with its benefic 5th aspect on the 11th house of ‘gains & realization of desires’ will keep your finances strong and offset any sudden negative impact on your wealth that you bear (if at all) on your accumulated wealth. Some opportunity to gain or enhance wealth will come your way from your social or friend circle but whether you transform it into real gains or not, is something that depends on your decision making ability.


There is no problem seen on the health front of your life in 2024. However, this does not mean that you become complacent. Keep following a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. Be careful during the time of seasonal changes as you might contract an infection. Take care of your weight if it is already on the higher side as chances are high that you might gain some extra weight this year.

Love & Relationship

Rahu in the 5th house of Love & Relationship of your horoscope is very worrisome as you are likely to get into a heated argument with your lover over a rumour. Rahu will create serious misunderstandings in your love relationship that could even result in a breakup. However, if you ensure proper communication and employ a calm & composed approach in your interaction with your loved one then this period would pass without harming your relationship. So, be mindful of how you act and everything could go just fine.


People having a Scorpio Ascendant Sign should perform the following remedial measures to ensure a happy & prosperous 2024:

  • Donate money and or resources to a home or institution for widows.
  • Donate food & clothing to the poor & needy.
  • Get the “Rahu Graha Shanti Puja” being performed in your name to negate or pacify the negative effects of Rahu in your life.

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