Solar Eclipse 2023

A Solar eclipse is an important astrological event that impacts the life of the masses. The solar eclipse is not just a spectacular view but has lots of significance in people’s daily lives. People worldwide show a keen interest in solar eclipses for their scientific, astronomical, and astrological importance. Here, we will give detailed information on the solar eclipse in 2023 and its effects and remedies. What should you do and what you shouldn’t do? Everything will be discussed in the most useful manner.

When is the solar eclipse in 2023?

There will be two solar eclipses in the year 2023

  • Solar Eclipse (Not visible in India) – on April 20, 2023, Thursday
  • Solar Eclipse- on October 14, 2023, Saturday

First Solar Eclipse (Not visible in India) – On April 20, 2023, Thursday

The first solar eclipse of the year 2023 will occur on April 20, 2023, Thursday. However, this solar eclipse will not be visible in India. The eclipse will occur in the morning from 7:05 A.M. -12:29 P.M. in the afternoon. The solar eclipse will be visible in Antarctica, Australia, Newzealand, and the Pacific Ocean.

As per IST, the timings of the solar eclipse are as follows-

Eclipse start- 07:05 A.M.

Eclipse ends - 12:29 P.M.

Duration of Eclipse- 5 hours 24 minutes

Second Solar Eclipse- on October 14, 2023, Saturday

The solar eclipse will occur on October 14, 2023, on Saturday. The day will be a new Moon day/Amavasya falling in the Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar. The eclipse will start at 20:34 hrs and end at 26:25 hrs. It will mainly occur at midnight on Saturday, i.e., 14-15 October 2023.

The timings of eclipse on 14th -15th October midnight-

Eclipse start- 20:34 hrs

Eclipse ends - 26:25 hrs.

Duration of Eclipse- 5 hours 23 minutes

The effects of the Solar Eclipse on April 20, 2023

On April 20, 2023, the Moon will be in the sign of Aries. The solar eclipse will occur in the final degree of Aries: at 29° Aries 50′

The first solar eclipse will influence the Aries-Libra axis. At the same time, it will occur in the last degree of Aries bringing strong feelings. The effects of the eclipse will be experienced for up to six months after the occurrence of the eclipse. In the sign of Aries, the eclipse will highlight the matters related to courage, planning, self-image, and independence. Aries signifies a new beginning, and the eclipse will bring long-term changes. The eclipse will illuminate the urge for independence and show courage. Many people will start taking care of their health and self-image.

The eclipses always allow self-assessment and inner thinking. The eclipse in Aries will stimulate the qualities like bravery and courage in people. It will motivate people to try something new and innovative while increasing their confidence. It’s a time to bring forth the positive qualities in the natives. Many people may start some new project or expand the existing one.

It’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with the outer world. Aries will force us to bring changes in our lives. Occurring in the final degrees, the eclipse will present an opportunity for new adventures and beginnings.

The effects of the Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023

The second solar eclipse of 2023 will occur in the zodiac sign of Libra on October 14, 2023. This is again the Aries-Libra axis. So, the same theme will follow, with significant highlights being set on the qualities of the Libra zodiac sign. People will re-evaluate their relations and think of a means to strengthen their marriage. Libra will force people to follow a balanced approach to maintain smooth relations in life. The solar eclipse will impact the zodiac sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

The first Surya Grahan of 2023 will occur in April 2023 in the Aries zodiac sign. It will directly affect people with the Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn zodiac sign. Along with it, natives with the zodiac sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius shall see some significant changes too. The eclipse would be at its peak for 1 minute.

Impact of the solar eclipse on each zodiac sign

The solar eclipse will bring good and bad results for the natives belonging to different zodiac signs. It is generally accepted that the Surya Grahan/solar eclipse brings about considerable changes in the lives of ordinary people. This is an event when Sun and Moon are almost together, meaning our soul and mind are both in union. This is a perfect time period to reflect upon our qualities and flaws. The eclipse can bring noticeable changes in all walks of life, like education, marriage, finance, career, health, etc. Let’s find out:


The eclipse will occur in the Aries sign only, so the natives will feel enthusiasm and energy inside. They may get prompt in making decisions. However, the union of the Sun and Moon can create fears and confusion, obstructing your way to reaching the most beneficial decision. There can be troubles in your personal life. It is suggested to maintain your mental balance.


The Solar eclipse 2023 will make big changes in your life. There can be confusion and mood swings keeping you in an imbalanced state. Therefore, to get good results from the eclipse, you should keep calm. Avoid situations that may irritate you. Also, you must put your best efforts at work to gain beneficial results from the eclipse.


Gemini natives will have good effects of the solar eclipse 2023. It will occur in their eleventh house of gains and fame. The natives will make financial or monetary gains. You may be rewarded for your skills and efficiency. There may be issues in your personal life. There are chances of growth and prosperity along with minor health troubles.


The natives will feel a certain fear or insecurity related to family and wealth. You should stay determined and believe in yourself. Try to focus and work with full determination. You will indulge in things involving your sincere efforts. In all, the eclipse will infuse confidence and a sense of independence in you. Health problems will cause trouble, so take care.


The Solar eclipse of 2023 will raise compassion and gratitude in the natives. The natives will start valuing people and giving them their due respect. Leo natives generally have a sense of pride in them, but with the eclipse in their 9th house, you will turn toward a religious and empathetic form of life. Avoid overthinking and take care of your health.


In the sixth house of the Virgo zodiac, the solar eclipse 2023 will bring problems in the workplace. You can become the target of conspiracies at your office. Transfer and demotion are likely. Your finances can get a negative impact on the eclipse. You may remain irritated and imbalanced during this eclipse, so we suggest meditation and maintaining your mind’s calmness.


Libra is the sign getting most of the effect of the eclipse. You will work towards a stable career and earn desired wealth. Your charm will grow and help you get desired success in your endeavors. You will hold a positive image in society and will get benefits through that at work. However, some health troubles for the children or love partner are foreseen.


The Surya Grahan 2023 will bring positive results for the natives of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Your skills will improve both in your professional and personal life. You will not be afraid even in the scariest of situations. You will get intuitive support and can avoid hardships easily. Financially, it’s time to prosper. Your long-stuck money will come back. You will be making smart decisions with a balanced mind during this eclipse.


The solar eclipse of 2023 will bring financial gains to you. It will prove beneficial in bringing back your stuck money. However, don’t become overconfident to ruin things in your profession. Stay calm and productively utilize your energy. Health will be fine.


The solar eclipse of 2023 will create an imbalance in your life. It would help if you kept a low profile while meeting and interacting with people. You will have to make compromises at your workplace. Also, Surya Grahan 2023 will make you realize your mistakes in various areas of your life. The eclipse will make you realize the value of your people.


The solar eclipse will give you diplomatic tendencies to handle people with smartness at work. You will be in the best of mental states most of the time. Along with it, you will make financial gains, and many opportunities will knock at your door. This time is not good for your love and married relationship. Thus, talk nicely without showing any trait of arrogance.


The solar eclipse of 2023 will bring good effects on your personal life. You will resolve all kinds of issues during this time. We suggest you talk sweetly with your partner and discuss things peacefully. Professionally also the time is good. However, it would help if you worked hard to make things happen for you. In all, the solar eclipse will bring a positive impact on your life.

What should we not do on solar eclipse 2023?

The period of the eclipse means self-introspection. The union of the Sun and the Moon makes the natives think deeply and find solutions to the current problems in their lives. In astrological texts, there are certain practices that a person shouldn’t do during the period of an eclipse. These are as follows-

  • Don’t sleep during the period of the solar eclipse. Especially those who are already suffering from bad health. Pregnant women should keep this tip in mind. Eclipses bring adverse effects on the health of a person.
  • One should not eat or cook during the eclipse. It is believed that there are harmful bacteria that enter your food during the eclipse, so one should avoid eating during this time.
  • One should not perform any auspicious task like marriage, investments, buying property, muhurta, etc., during the solar eclipse of 2023. The work so done during the eclipse brings negative effects and is not successful.
  • One should close the house’s temple doors if any, and also shouldn’t touch the idol of God during this time. It is a general practice to wash the temple before offering prayers to God after the eclipse.
  • Don’t water the Tulsi plant, as it is sacred and worshipped in Hindu culture.
  • Pregnant women should avoid watching the eclipse as it may harm the baby inside.

  • The negative impact of the eclipse will stay for six months. One should consult an astrologer to know the proper remedial measures to safeguard against its malefic effects of it.
  • Whichever sign has bad effects, as mentioned above, should take measures like Japa, donation, chanting mantras, pacification of the Moon and Mars, etc.
  • One can also chant the Mahamrityunjay mantra to remove the ill effects of the eclipse.
  • One can take a medicinal bath after the completion of the eclipse.
  • The most effective remedy is- Take a copper vessel(bowl), fill it with ghee/clarified butter, and put a copper coin in it. After that, see your reflection in that ghee and chant the Chhaya mantra. You then donate it with some fruits, sweets, and Dakshina (money) to a priest in the temple. This effectively eliminates the defects or negative impact of the eclipse on your life.
  • One can recite the Aditya hridaya strotam or Surya ashtakam strotam to strengthen the Sun.
  • Respect your father.



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