Eclipses in Astrology 2022

Eclipses or grahan attract our attention the most amongst regular occurring cosmic events in the sky. Eclipses are the most dramatic and attention-grabbing events marked in our annual calendars. We get enthralled to see a “ring of fire” in the sky during a solar eclipse or a red-colored moon during a lunar eclipse in the sky. These astronomical events are more than just spectacular glimpses.

According to astrology, eclipses are known to bring or deplete divine energies in our lives. Eclipses in astrology are known to bring major changes. They bring fast-paced shifts, sudden events, shocking endings, and make new beginnings to people’s lives.

What does an eclipse bring?

  • Major shifts in moods or mood swings
  • Sudden burst of energy
  • Chaotic and messy surroundings
  • Dizziness or low level of energy
  • Introspection

Eclipses help us to align with our ultimate path of life i.e. spirituality. The changes that occur during eclipse are believed by any astrologers to be of a destined nature —meaning, whatever happens at that time would have happenedanyway, but the power of the eclipses make them happen more quickly.

What is an Eclipse in astrology?

Astronomically we know whenever Sun, Moon and the Earth come in a same line they cast shadows on each other causing eclipses. Solar eclipse occurs, when Moon is in between the Sun and the Earth and lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon.

But when it comes to astrology, grahan or eclipse here means swallowing up of the luminaries by Rahu and Ketu or the North and South node respectively. The lunar nodes are where the paths of the sun and moon cross in our skies. When the sun and moon both hit a node at the same time, an eclipse occurs. If they meet at the same node, there’s a solar eclipse: The new moon covers part or all of the sun in the daytime sky and casts a shadow on the Earth. If the sun and moon meet at opposite nodes—let’s say the sun is at the north lunar node and the full moon is at the south one—that causes a lunar eclipse, where the moon appears red in the shadow of the Earth in the night sky. These nodes, lunar phases, and eclipses are physical phenomena interpreted in the spiritual discourse of astrology.

How Eclipses Work for spirituality?

Each month, we witness a new moon i.e. amavasya and a full moon i.e. purnima. If we talk in astrological terms, each of these lunar phenomena is an energetic checkpoint: an opportunity to plant seeds for the new beginnings or leave behind what is no longer working for us. It is the time to introspect which direction you are heading to in your life? It is the moment when one should stop and analyze what he/she expects from life and what is there that should be left behind.

During new moon, the Moon is closest to the Earth and Moon represents water element. We have 80% content of water and thus remain in our most emotional state during these two three days. We tend to react to every minor shift in our surroundings during this phase and when softest Moon is swallowed up by nodes, we develop negative or say more inner moving vibes. Rahu doesn’t let the Moon or our mind shine bright and take us deep inside the darkness of soul inside. This tendency let us think deeply about the meaning of life and our expectations from it.

The combination of the Sun and Ketu may boost a thrust of energy inside as both belong to fire element. But at the same time, the conjunction gives spiritual tendencies as well because the Sun represents soul and Ketu is a spiritual planet when both of these combine each other we tend to get more inclinations towards spirituality. So, in a way, whenever nodes swallow or conjunct luminaries they tend to make us move inside our body and look for spiritual enlightenment.

Effect of eclipses on materialistic world

Eclipses may give us opportunity for spiritual development but it is not considered good as far as material aspects of life are considered. They hinder the capacity to take right decision during that phase. During eclipses, the Sun and the Moon i.e. our soul/power and our mind come under the influence of malefic planets which don’t let our mind and body work with full efficacy. Thus any decision taken during eclipse may have high influence of malefic energy and may not turn beneficial in future.

It is advised to not to take any important decision regarding marriage, career, investment, leaving a job, education, shifting location or any other important decision that may bring long term impact on life. This is also the time when you may fall trap to false promises or deceit. So, it is always better to follow a low profile during eclipse and avoid taking any decisions under influence of highly emotional state. Rather use it for inner enhancement.

The sign where eclipse occurs matters a lot

In a natal chart wherever the nodes are placed keep an important place in an individual’s life. It is believed to depict karmic debt which the native has to comply with in this birth. For e.g. if a native has Rahu- Ketu axis in his/her fourth and tenth house then that native has something due related to his/her parents which will be complied with in this present life.

In the same way, the sign in which eclipse occurs gains highlight and the native will get the results related to the specifications of the house containing that specific zodiac sign. These have to be understood in relation with the sign and the house of eclipse for every individual chart. We suggest you reading the effects of eclipse in every moon sign and house through the link provided in this extract. Eclipse gives an opportunity to adopt or do away with the most suitable and desirable themes for life. Eclipses are not normal phenomenon and want us to stop and analyze our souls and purpose of life deeply!



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