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Saturn Transit 2019 for Virgo




Saturn transit will happen in the 5th house. This house signifies education, parenthood, disease and enemies. You may shift your house in this period. Auspicious time for career growth and you will have work harder for success. Your unhealthy and stressful lifestyle may give you health issues. Yoga and exercise are good to stay fit. Stop any kind of investment in this period. Students get success in challenges. Worshipping god will benefit you.

The planet Saturn will occupy the 5th and 6th house of your zodiac sign. Students may face a lack of concentration in their studies. It will cause mental stress for students. This time is not auspicious for any kind of investment. Do not make any new investment during the transit period. Business investment should be avoided. Constant work pressure will be there. There will be chances for change in your residence. You might change your home due to work. Your interest will increase in spiritualism. Do some regular exercise, yoga and meditation to stay fit. It might be helpful for you to stay healthy. Try not to do any investments.

Hard work will help you to achieve success in your work life. You will feel good with your involvement in religious activities at this time. Unhealthy lifestyle might catch some diseases for you. You can do better in your career with work hard. You will reach new heights in your professional life and career. You will have to work quite hard to achieve the desired results. Your hectic schedule will lead a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Daily exercise will help you live stress-free in this period. Due to some personal reasons, you might plan to shift your house. Students also face problems in their studies. You also have to work extra hard to achieve success in your exams. This is not the right time for financial and business investments.

You may attend some spiritual events and it might be beneficial for your psychological and emotional well-being. As this transit may troll your health, you have to take special care of your health. Add nutritious food into your diet. Refrain from the investment. This time will be positive for love life. You may go for some foreign trips with your partner. It will add spice to your married life. Your inner emotions and feelings resurface, as the transit begins. Routine affairs may remain disturbed or stagnant. Work front shall be hectic. Even though no major gains are likely, thankfully finances are an area that would remain undisturbed.

Remedy: worship Lord Hanuman and offer vermillon.

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