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Saturn Transit 2019 for Taurus




This transit will be in your 9th house. You will get new opportunities in career. June to October period is tremendous for your career. However, you would face problems and hard times post-October. This is not a good time for investors. Luck will not be at your side. In 2019 Saturn may give you losses. You may need to pay more attention to your children and their success. Family life will be good. You would spend some special time with your partner. Avoid arguments or conflicts with the life partner. Saturn transit will increase the closeness between you and your partner. Maintain a healthy relationship with your father as it will prevent him from bad health and mental stress.

Saturn will be positioned in the 9th and 10th house of your sign during this transit. This transit will bring challenges in your business and financial life. There will be chances of sudden losses due to transit. You may need to take care of your father’s health. He will need your care and support. Do not neglect your child’s requirements and take care of their education. This may be not the right time to invest money. New investments should be avoided during this time. After October, you may face setbacks. Try to avoid arguments and fight with others. It may harm you later. You need to maintain a balance between your work life and family. Work will be your first priority during Saturn transit 2019.

Do not invest your money in any kind of investment. Despite the setbacks, the period between June and October might bring you new opportunities at the workplace. This transit is not considered favourable for your business life. It will also affect your financial aspect. Natives who are planning to make new financial or business investments should wait. You might experience some heavy losses due to the investment. You may get new opportunities in career or professional life and it will lead to financial and professional progress. In terms, of career June to October will be slightly more stable for you. During the Saturn transit 2019, you need to do work hard and spend some extra time in your office. It will also affect your family and personal life.

You may not spend some quality time with your family. You need to maintain a balance between your work and personal life. You must learn to stay patient and unnecessarily do not argue with anyone. You might face some challenges after the month of October and your professional growth might be impaired. You just need to care about your child’s education. You must also look after your father and his health. During the transit, you will be on a flight mode for your work life and enjoy with your family. Be careful when dealing with any tricky person or situation. You 'll feel drained due to a lot of pressure from your work life. Health will be fine. Monetary flow is perfect.

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