Saturn Transit 2019 for Scorpio




Saturn will occupy the 3rd house and it symbolizes siblings, efforts, mother and communication. To make your financial status stronger, you may need to do work harder. You need to put more efforts to earn more money. You may get a chance to go abroad. It is a good time for a career. It is up to you how you avail opportunities. Investors get better results of their previous investments. Avoid involving yourself in any kind of familial issues. Arguments may spoil your relations and family life. Try to keep calm and solve family problems. Control your words and temper as it may hurt someone. There may be chances to stay away from your loved ones.

Saturn will be placed in your 3rdand 4th house. This transit will bring mixed results for you. You will experience lots of ups and downs in your life. Your financial life will be stable in the effect of Saturn. Busy work life will keep you away from family and friends. Spend more time at the workplace will strengthen your financial status. Scorpio natives plan for foreign trips and long-distance travels. You will feel happy and positive this time due to financial gains from investments. The need of the time is to work harder. Only with hard work, you will overcome this time. Stay away from any kind of arguments at office or home. You must control your words and anger.

Don’t get aggressive. Your temper might get you in trouble. Extra hard work will help you to attain financial stability. This time will teach you to stay calm in hard times. Always speak wisely and patiently. You will get positive results from any financial investments. Any family member may hurt your feelings. Try to keep calm in any circumstance. You will spend some extra hours at the office due to workload and will not be able to spend enough time with family and friends. Business-related travel trips will also on cards. This will keep you stay away from your partner. You may need to take care of your health. Married life will be normal. Don’t doubt the loyalty of your partner. It will harm the prosperity of your relationship. You may have to work hard to stay financially stable in society. Take care of your expenses at this time. Due to hectic work, you will be not able to attend any familial matters or functions.

You may need to think twice before speaking. Keep calm and don’t lose your temperament at any cost. Saturn will create some space between couples. You may have to stay away from your partner. Your constant efforts will make your love life harmonious. You'll get a marriage proposal from your girlfriend or boyfriend. Your officials in your workspace will be impressed by your work. Stars are showing a great progress in your work life, keep going like that. Financially, keep your hands away from your pocket’s situation is bit tight this time. On the positive side, romance will blossom during this period. As you feel settled in and sure, about your relationship, you may even plan a wedding date. In marriage, if you are ready for a little bundle of joy, there can’t be a better time to start working in that direction.

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