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Saturn Transit 2019 for Sagittarius




Saturn is transiting in your moon sign and it will be highly influential for you. During this transit, you may plan to make small and fruitful investments. Control your words otherwise it may hurt your closed ones. There is a possibility of conflict between husband and wife. You need to take care of your marital life. Don’t be angry while talking to your life partner. This is the time when you need to work harder in your career life. Workaholic people may enjoy this period. Overwork may give you stress. Just take a break and go for a trip with your family and loved ones. Take care of your eating habits and exercise daily. Your health may deteriorate in this period. Spouse health is also your concern in this time. Siblings’ career may grow.

This transit of Saturn 2019 will affect your wealth and family life. It also influences siblings of Sagittarius natives and your relations. You might feel full of energy during this period. This time mental stress will make you ill. It would be best for all if you take a break from regular life and work. Siblings career will shine. They will get success in their respective fields. The health of the spouse may decline. It may affect your relationship. Sagittarius natives may get small profits from small regular investments. Stay ready to utilize the opportunities. Don’t neglect the health of your partner.

You also need to take care of your lifestyle. A calm mind and sweet tone will set everything right for you. A healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, meditation and a balanced diet will keep you away from health problems. If you want to stay away from the ill effects of Saturn, do not consume non-vegetarian food and alcohol. Partner’s health might decline drastically and it will make you stressed and worried. Your relationship with the life partner will also be influenced and few arguments or conflicts might take place. Work-related travel will also on cards. It might make you feel stressed. You try to maintain your emotional balance no matter what the situation is. Keep calm and continue to work. Yoga will help you to stay stress-free, stress can make you ill. Try to keep close to your siblings because this is not the favourable time for them. Avoid making any huge financial decision or investment this time. You will feel positivity and high energy in your body.

Small investments might yield positive results. Don’t lose your temper, it will land you in big trouble. This is the best time to plan for a vacation or take a break. Your siblings will do exceptionally well in career or profession. You'll be a social butterfly this time. It's party time for Sagittarius natives, don't live your life like robot guys just breathe! It's an extremely profitable time for those who are associated with the marketing industry. Take care of your health during the transit. Taking every opportunity to show off your skills and let others know about you can help you advance in the way you desire and deserve. If you get a chance to give a presentation or talk informally with movers and shakers, taking it can give you more exposure. The yearning for a better and bigger house or office space may occupy your mind now. Financial stability shall put a smile on your face.

Remedy: avoid consuming liquor or non-vegetarian food.

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