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Saturn Transit 2019 for Libra




Saturn is placing in your 4th house. This house signifies vehicle, happiness and mother. This transit will give higher education opportunities to students. If you are a businessman then you can plan to expand your business or can open new venture also. Your confidence will so high during the transit period, it will help you in your professional life. It is a good time to make investments. It can be profitable for you. Your willpower and determination may increase. Saturn transit brings mixed financial results for you. Income and expenses both will increase in this period. Long trips may have happened in your life. Good time for health.

Saturn will be positioned in the 4th and 5th house for Libra natives. According to astrology, 4th house signifies happiness and vehicle whereas 5th house represents learning and parenthood. Students who aspire for higher studies will get good opportunities during the transit. They will also perform well in their exams. You can expand your business at this time. Your business will grow rapidly. Business will flourish and bring financial gains. Your confidence level will increase. Existence investments may yield positive results. You can invest your money in fresh funds.

Mutual funds and the stock market will give you monetary benefits. Long distance travels are on the cards for you. Expenses will increase and it might give you stress. Follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, yoga and meditation. It will help you in staying healthy. You may expand your business and you will achieve significant growth in your professional or career life. Student’s efforts to get admission in colleges or universities of choice will yield positive results. There may be an increase in your monthly income. Sources of income will also increase. 4th house of your birth chart represents the house of family and home. The 5th house stands for vehicle, property and children. Students will get the chance to study abroad. You may plan to expand your business. Professional life will be progressive at this time. Libra natives experience mixed results in their financial life. You may witness financial lows and highs during the period of transit.

Expenditure will burden your financial status. Expenses will increase with income. You could face the tides of arguments and problems in your relationship this time, it happens it's a sign of a perfect relationship so don't dwell yourself into the problem rather than find the way out of it. Good news! You will build some monetary sources this time. You may feel lonely or short change may come this time. Health will be fine. Spend some time with your spouse and family. You might be more inclined to compromise and seek solutions that are a win/win for everyone involved. Another side to this can be a desire to change your image, perhaps by purchasing new clothes, getting a new hairstyle, or even opting for a tattoo of something that is deeply meaningful to you.

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