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Saturn Transit 2019 for Gemini




The Saturn will occupy your 8th house. This house signifies name and fame and longevity. Saturn transit will be favorable for you. This is the right time to end up disputes or conflicts with relatives. This is the right time to solve legal issues. It’s time to grow personally and professionally. Family life will be auspicious. It is an ideal time to make investments. Good time to earn more money. You may spend quality time with your friends, family and relatives. You should maintain a balance between person and professional life. Mother’s health will be your main concern.

Saturn will transit in your 8th and 9th house and it will bring positive results in your life. Your mother’s health will be affected during the Saturn transit 2019. This time will be good for making new investments. You need to learn to make a balance between family life and professional life. It will create prosperity and happiness in your life. You may win legal cases which has been troubling you for long. You may be resolved some disputes and it will bring positive results for you. It will affect your professional and personal life in a positive way. You will spend some quality time with your family and friends. Take care of the health of your mother. This is the best time to invest money. Overall the period will bring you happiness and peace in every way.

Saturn transit will prove auspicious and positive for you. your mother might experience some health issues. So, you need to look after her health. If you have been fighting any legal issue, then you are likely to get results in your favour. This time will be beneficial for your personal and professional growth. Any personal or family disputes are likely to get resolved soon. If you are planning to make new investments then this is the right time. Family life will be peaceful and prosperous. Don’t neglect the requirements of your family members. Try to learn the balance between family and office work. If you spend your whole time at work then it will harm your relations and create troubles in your personal life. This is a crucial time to make better relations with your friends and family.

Love life will be positive. Singles may get some better offers. This time will be most favourable for investors. Financial life will be good and you will experience all the comforts in your life. Avoid hurting the emotions of your loved ones. Do not involve in any arguments or conflicts with your partner. It may affect your love life negatively. Don't be too busy, give yourself and your family a good time, of course, you deserve it. There should be equilibrium between the work and personal life and you are too bad at it right now. Take a deep breath and go out for a work after having backbreaking working hours.

Remedy: you should wear a black horseshoe ring in the middle finger of your right hand.

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