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Saturn Transit 2019 for Capricorn




The Saturn will be in the ascendant and 2nd house this year. Students may go abroad for higher studies. Try to control your expenses in this period otherwise, you may face a financial crisis. You may get the chance to travel to foreign countries. There is a possibility to grow in the career field. You may get promotion or rise in your designation. Stay away from illegal practices. You may have to suffer losses due to any unethical deeds on your part. Take care of your diet and avoid unhealthy and unhygienic food.

Saturn will occupy the 2nd house of your zodiac sign. It will bring immense opportunities for students. Students who desire to study in abroad will get good opportunities. You will experience growth in your professional life but obstacles will be present too. People who involved in illegal activities will be punished. Constant efforts and hard work will help them to achieve success. This is the time to maintain a balance between income and expenditure during this period. Work-related travel is on the cards. You may go for a foreign trip this time. Keep a check on what you eat. Daily exercise and balanced diet will keep you safe from the evil eye of Saturn. Favourable time for professional life. You should avoid expenses and unnecessary expenditure.

Try to maintain a healthy balance between expenses and income. You will make significant progress in career. Do not try illegal ways to gain financial profits. There will be chances of travel due to business or work. Avoid acting reckless or getting angry at small matters. Keep negative vibes and thoughts at bay in order to progress in both in personal and professional life. You need to learn work hard in your professional life to achieve success and growth. There might be a decline in your income. So, you need to control your expenses to avoid financial problems. You'll face problem on focusing on your work this time, don't worry this is a phase that will pass soon. Professional matters will give you good results during the transit. Some of you may face relationships problems this time, just give yourself a break.

Saturn will be positioned in your 2nd house and this house refers to self-esteem, disposable income and self-worth. Capricorn natives will get the opportunity to pursue higher studies in abroad. So, this will be a positive time for Capricorn students. There is the possibility of natives travelling to foreign countries during this period. Professional persons will witness good progress. It may be an unsafe time for you to involve illegal practices. You need to eat healthier to stay fit. Your mind is full of a hundred ways to make money, as the transit begins. However, your self-worth is much greater than your bank balance. Develop your personality and spiritual side. Pay attention to relationships and inner growth to achieve holistic happiness and success. Short-term travel for business is likely to put your persuasion skills to full use.

Remedy: chant Hanuman Chalisa daily.

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