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Saturn Transit 2019 for Cancer




The Saturn is placed at your 7th house. It is the house of marriage and relationships. This is not the right time to involve in any kind of disputes or conflicts. Saturn transit may affect your health badly. During this transit period, you may travel frequently. Cancer natives may face mental stress. Avoid arguments or disagreements with anyone. Try to control your anger when others are at fault. You should spend some time with your friends. It will motivate you and spread positive vibes in your life. Your siblings need your attention and help during this time. Do not waste your time and energy in arguing with your colleagues. Keep control of your emotional feelings.

During the transit, Saturn will be positioned in the 7th and 8th house of your sign. You must stay calm during all the situations. This time will be crucial for your health. Saturn will affect your siblings negatively. You will have to travel regularly during this time. It might affect your health badly. This time might be stressful for you. you may suffer from mental illness during the transit period. Try to avoid arguments or conflicts with anyone. Stay away from getting into arguments with anyone at home. Colleagues may create troubles for you at the workplace. Regular check-ups will protect you from illness. Spend some more time with your friends and family. You will get full support from your friends. This will help you keep calm and peaceful. It is important to keep calm and try some yoga and religious activities at this time.

Saturn transit will be too favourable for your personal life. Mental stress will disturb you. you must learn to relax and stay calm in all situations. Saturn transit will not favourable for your siblings. They might experience major issues in their life. You need to help them to resolve their problems. Try to stay away from disputes or fights. You may suffer from poor health. So, you must get a regular medical check-up done. Work-related travel will also be on cards. It might make you feel stressed. You will try to maintain your emotional balance no matter what the situation is. Keep calm and continue to work. Yoga will help you to stay stress-free or else, stress can make you ill. Try to keep close to your siblings because this is not the favourable time for them.

They might fall into some serious trouble or dispute. Your help and support make them strong in hard times. If you have been fighting any legal issue, then you are likely to get results in your favour. This time will be beneficial for your personal and professional growth. No, don't underestimate yourself. You may feel emotionally drained this time. The time is sensitive for Cancer natives. Think positive you will get positive outcomes. Monetary flow will be fine. You will get support from your family. For career, you should wait for favourable results.

Remedy: feed 7 types of grains to birds.

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