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Saturn Transit 2019 for Aries




Saturn will be transit in your 10th house and 11th house lord. During transit, you need to keep calm and patient. You may face problems in achieving success. At this time, you need to work hard. Growth in career will get slow. Earnings may get interrupted. You may face problems in career from June to October. After this situation will improve. Luck will be your side. Younger sibling’s health is your main concern.

The Saturn transit may not bring auspicious results for you. it will affect your income sources and there may be a decline in income during the transit period. Your younger siblings will need your support and extra care. Enemies may try to harm you but you need to be careful in this period. You bad and rude behaviours with others may create some problems and troubles for you. There may be an increase in expenses, which bring extra pressure on you. You can achieve success with your hard work and consistent efforts. In this time, you need to be calm and positive.

Try to control your anger and bad behaviour or else, it will harm you. During the Saturn transit, you may face some hard times. Your enemies will get stronger and try to harm you, but you will start overpowering them after the October month. You need to be patient to face all the troubles of your life. Avoid acting reckless or getting angry at small matters. Keep negative vibes and thoughts at bay in order to progress in both in personal and professional life. You need to learn work hard in your professional life to achieve success and growth. There might be a decline in your income. Therefore, you need to control your expenses to avoid financial problems. After October, the situation might become favourable for you. Effect of Saturn transit 2019 will start to weaken after this month. You might face slowdown or failure in a career. Promotion or salary hike might be in delay. Your younger siblings might face some health issues.

They will need your support and care. You must take care of their health. You need to calm and cool during the hard times of this transit. Don’t be a pessimist. Luck will change after October. You may be easily defeating your enemies after this month. Your health will be fine. Emotions will run high; keep calm. You shall want to spend and have fun, but don’t overindulge in wasteful pursuits of hedonism. You are therefore, advised to plan your investments with long-term benefits and returns in mind if caught up in financial matters.

Remedy: feed cow roti with ghee.

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