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Saturn Transit 2019 for Aquarius




Saturn will be transiting in your 12th house. This house symbolizes losses, expenses and bed comforts. You may get good opportunities in your career. This is the most favourable time for you in every aspect. You may also enjoy your good health and feeling fitter than before. In the period of this transit, your interest may increase towards spiritual deeds. There are chances to win the lottery or make big money gains. Do not expect too much from your spouse. Spend some quality time with your life partner. It will strengthen your relationship. Students will stay busy in their studies.

Saturn will transit in 12th house of your sign. This is the house of expenditure, hospital and longevity. Saturn transit 2019 will bring positive results for Aquarius zodiac sign. You will see an improvement in your health. You will feel better mentally and physically. Married life will be prosperous. You will enjoy some romantic time with your spouse. At the workplace, you might face some troubles and new opportunities this time. These will take you to new career heights. Your interest will increase toward spiritual activities and work. During the transit, you will yield some good profits in business. Students must concentrate on their studies. Do not expect too much from your life partner. Spend your time in spiritual activities and it will bring you peace.

You may be busy in some governmental work this time. Work and business are the areas that will keep you sane during the transit. A breakup or extremely disharmony is foreseen. Do not take a drastic decision for now. Spending some time with your family will bring you peace and happiness, try it you I'll love it. Take care of your health. Love is in the air for Aquarius natives this time. You may get bumped with someone. Keep your eyes open. Don't spend so much money on unnecessary things or you may need them in future. Health will be fine; work life will be amazing.

Spend some time with your long-lost friends. Relationship with the spouse will improve. You will perform spiritual activities and it will give mental peace. Good luck will be on your side. This is the favourable time for you. you will make significant financial and business gains this year. Avoid all kind of distractions. Family expenses will rise this time. It's good to turn your survival mode on for this time but it's a phase of life, take it as a lesson and it will pass soon.

Remedy: donate mustard oil in the temple.

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