Ketu Transit 2019 for Leo

Ketu Transit 2019 for Leo




In the year 2019, Ketu would transit in the fifth house of your zodiac sign. It represents knowledge, intellect, children and intelligence of a person. This transit will not in your favour. It affects your financial life and gives you a shortage of money. You need to be careful in terms of money and money related issues. Don’t trust anyone blindly otherwise they may betray you. There will be possibilities of disputes and disagreements in your love life. Don’t behave rudely with your partner. Try to understand the feelings and emotions of your partner. Tackle the anger of your partner and speak softly. You can give a gift to your partner to make him/her happy. Avoid arguments with your partner. Ketu malefic effect create intellectual difficulties for you. Students will also face problems. You may concern about the health of your children. Take care of yourself and children’s health also.

Remedy: offer black color flag at Bhairav temple.

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