Ketu Transit 2019 for Aries




According to Ketu transit 2019 for the native of Aries, it will not be fruitful for you. Ketu will transit into your ninth house. This house of the birth chart represents luck and religious interests of a person. It will also give you a lot of pain and misery. Be cautious before moving ahead. Your financial status will also affect form this transit. You need to care about the monetary decisions and transactions. Invest your money after doing the research. In this period, you might feel conservative and it will definitely reflect on your behaviour. In the effect of Ketu transit 2019, sometimes your interest inclined more towards religious things but sometimes the opposite. You might go on a pilgrim holiday. Family life also affected during this period. Avoid arguments with your father. Take care of his health. There will be chances for long distance journey.

Remedy: donate black sesame seeds in a temple or a poor person.

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