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Finance Horoscope 2019

Money holds a major proportion of our happiness. No matter what our whims are, money always takes the driver’s seat and gives the shotgun to our savings and expenditure. Maintaining a healthy balance between the two harbingers, not just happiness, it translates to a better future with impeccable finances. All this could be made possible with a Finance Horoscope Report 2019! Read how your days will be when you start planning your finances better with the Finance Horoscope predictions, based on your horoscope/ kundli. Prepared by #1 Astrologers’ Team in India at Future Point, the Free Finance Horoscope Predictions aim at highlighting your fiscal matters in light of the planetary transits and alignments in Kundli. You can satiate your desire for garnering more wealth by planning and saving up for a better future with Free Horoscope Predictions 2019.


For most of you, the year 2019 will turn out to be a mixed one on the financial front. The first half of 2019 that is till June end would see challenges. High outflows, commitments & wasteful expenses can be there. Hence for better ends, it is advisable to save money, avoid any form of speculation, and choose your investments very conservatively. Further if possible, financial commitments should be held off as much as possible until 2019 is over. New overheads & expenses should be avoided since that could lead to unnecessary loss of money.

The second half of 2019 is very unexpected & exciting. You will be able to make substantial financial gains & growth. Income will jump up substantially while your useless expenses or outflows like service of debts/rents etc would come down, making your finances better.

A new source of income could come up after July 2019 ends and this will lead to an increase in savings and better financial strength. Your financial position will further improve after November 2019, when the last of loss-making financial arrangements could end leading to a very clear & focused progress. Money matters would be positive during the months of January, March, July & September 2019. Financial pressures would be high during February, March, April & November 2019.

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For most of you, the money position will improve during 2019. There could be substantial gains coming your way from 7th January 2019. The turbulent period and uncertainty in finances will rise as March 2019 comes in. After July 2019, you might find the pressure of old debts and competition will create some pressures on your finances. Your income and gains might also go down due to competitive pressures and profit and margins might be lower also. You need to plan for this period as promotional work and a good amount of efforts made right now would compensate for the lack of profits or lack of inflows between July and December 2019. Luck would improve in financial matters overall. There would be gains and growth due to income from partners and gains from spouse. Luck that was deficient till now in financial matters would improve substantially after July 2019. Your status and financial position will rise after November 2019 and this will also contribute substantially to financial matters. You need to be careful about losing money in speculation and certain unexpected poor investments after March 2019. The period between March and May 2019 is quite tricky and difficult and you should not indulge in any speculation or financial risks during this time. Financial position will be much better as the year closes.

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For most of you, 2019 would start off on an average footing. Expenses would be high & unnecessary ones could drain the purse of many mostly during January-February. Luck would support you till March, after which there would be high chances of losing money, wasteful expenses & indulgences as well as the possibility of a severe financial crunch. This phase would continue till May 2019 & utmost care as well as planning is required in finances.

New investments should be kept on hold till June, while any get rich quick schemes, as well as investment/speculation, should be avoided. Finances would improve for you after July 2019 due to success at work as well as higher inflows. Your overheads & wasteful expenses would, however, continue until the end of the year. It is not a good year to plan any expansion as well as new avenues of growth as money could be lost in pursuing these schemes.

New ideas & real estate might bring gains after November 2019. New debt should also be avoided during 2019. Existing debt should be repaid at the earliest.

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Your financial position would improve as the year goes by. There would be gains and unexpected inflows after June 2019. In the first half of the year, you will find some amount of challenges when it comes to real estate, a fixed source of income and other financial matters. Your income and flow of money will get blocked between 7th January and end of February 2019. Further, there could be losses and higher expenses on account of partners, spouse, and joint areas of business in the first half of the year. You need to be very cautious between March and May 2019. Gains and improvements will come substantially once you cross June 2019. July 2019 onwards there would be gains due to spouse. At the same time, you will find the wasteful expenses of the past will stop significantly. Luck in financial matters will improve further after November 2019 as you will find that your overall financial position, income and growth in many other areas like savings, investments will improve substantially due to improvement in luck.

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2019 would begin in an average manner for some during the first half of the year. Finances would be a bit stretched and investments made in the past might be disappointing. A certain amount of negativity & pessimism might also hold back success in financial matters. Things would improve after mid-April 2019 when you will get a major financial push due to the support of partners, new openings in partnerships as well as a jump up professionally. Thinking & strategy making would improve as you cross July 2019. Overall due to all the efforts & changes, the second half of 2019 would look up substantially for you. A further move up in investments, as well as general luck in financial matters, would be good after November 2019. By the last quarter of 2019, you would be clearly in the driver’s seat as far as financial matters go. Income will mark up favourably after July too. You can look forward to some good financial success during the months of January, April, August & November 2019. Financial challenges could be high during February, March, May & December 2019.

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Money matters would remain challenging till the middle of the year. A kind of wasteful or blockage period exists in financial matters during February- May 2019. You are likely to see an involuntary outflow of money as well as losses in the most expected matter.

There would be fluctuating trends during February & March 2019. Avoid taking any major decisions on investments or any substantial expense during January 2019.

The period beyond June 2019 will see some improvements that would further get better after mid-July 2019. You will spend money on your home, a new car or purchase of a property between July & December 2019. While initially stress would be felt, still the money would be well spent if done in the second half of 2019. The quality of your financial decisions would improve too after July 2019. Caution is required to preserve your sources of income as a slowdown & a challenging issue might come about after November 2019. Good financial gains are possible during April, June &December 2019.Caution against losses & wasteful expenses required during February, March & September 2019. April, July & November 2019 could see some interesting finance related transactions that could bring substantial gains.

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2019 would open up in a challenging manner in terms of money matters. Improvements in finances would come about after early March 2019. There would be steady gains. However, the real jump for you should come after June 2019 when your income will rise substantially due to efforts made in increasing your client base, partnerships / joint areas of work and of course the fact that spouse would also do very well after June 2019.

The phase of uncertainty in finances would get over after July 2019. You will become hawkish about matters thereafter. Improvements would be felt due to your ability to control.

Growth in work after September would further improve your financial condition.

Challenges in money matters could rise after the months of February, March, & August 2019 due to extravagance as well as unforeseen expenses that you could not plan beforehand.

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For most of you, there can be a good amount of gains from partnerships and joint business ventures. Beyond August 2019, there would be a change in financial position, while on one hand, you might find certain real estate and fixed assets issues troublesome but on the other hand, your savings and income from joint projects and partnerships would rise. You will find your expenses will also be higher than before July 2019. Income would continue to be very good. Till the month of June 2019, there would be substantial gains, at least two different sources of income might be available for you. This position might change after June 2019 as there might be a slight slowdown now in gains compared to the past. Further in October 2019, your income might go down further as expenses will rise and certain gains will come in dramatically for you. You should save up for the end of the year and ensure wasteful expenses and high commitments should be avoided after November 2019.

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During 2019, few would be on a roll throughout as gains & growth in financial matters would come very easily & naturally to you. You should keep a balanced view however since such substantial & easy gains could bring in compliance in money matters. You need to remember that excellent times come with an expiry date so your efforts should be on two levels. First to maximize your gains till June 2019, so get as to get you the best possible economic advantage. Secondly, to get prepared for a slowdown. While the slowdown would not be a bad period for you but still it would feel like a down & so unwinding high financial positions after June 2019 might be the sensible thing to do. July onwards you might plan on purchasing a new property or invest in a large vehicle. This might stretch your finances somewhat. It would be a useful thing to make provisions based on higher expenses and lower than normal income for this period.

A new source of income will also open up from July / August 2019. There might be an element of illegality or departure from norms. As long as you can keep that under control, the finances will continue to be comfortable. Period to think carefully in finances is suggested during January, April, May & June 2019. These are months when you might be prone to extravagance & waste in money matters. You need to be cautious & avoid waste during these months.

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For most of you, the financial position would remain cushy & positive during the first half of 2019. There would be good inflows till June 2019. Luck in financial matters would be high throughout the year. You will find gains & opportunities on many occasions. Your success at work will automatically work out towards substantial gains, especially in the first half of 2019.

A certain amount of sluggishness in finances could be felt after 15th June 2019. This would be on account of the loss of ground in terms of credibility. You have to be cautious enough to maintain your credibility with your clients & financiers. Overheads that were wasteful in nature would go down after July 2019 too. There would be gains from totally new & unexpected sources. If you invest in technology, it would also give you substantial gains during the second half of 2019. Money position & gains would be very positive for you during January, February, mid-March, June & December 2019. Challenges could be felt during end March, April, May & November 2019.

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There could be the possibility of a big ticket real estate or car purchase that is likely to keep your finances under pressure on account of repayments during 2019.

Improvements would come in May & along with that, you will find a new clarity on how to handle & plan your finances. A change in July would come on account of easing on financial stress due to better inflows to service your commitments. Overall it would be an improved situation but a real positive phase in finances might need to be awaited for till August 2019.

While July onwards you would be easy, it is not a good time to let your guard down in terms of financial planning. Income might cause you to worry due to shake up in a major source of income during January, February & March 2019. It would be a challenging time mostly during these months. Some exceptional gains might come about during August, September & October 2019 easing out financial strain during these months.

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During 2019, for most of your expenses would be high on account of indulgences some extravagance and certain unexpected expenses. Debt and loan related issues might also cause some amount of concerns for you till June end 2019. Luck in financial matters will improve after June 2019. Although you will find that your expenses and commitments will rise due to demands of spouse and partner in the second half of the year. Income will move up substantially after September 2019, till that time you would find a good amount of gains but still the financial results might be overall balanced and might not give you very good savings despite good growth and good inflows throughout the year. Income from your work and profession would continue to be very good throughout the year. Your gains on account of certain unexpected and unknown sources will also be good till June 2019. July 2019 onwards you might find a bit of pressure on luck which might start slowing down your financial position between July and November 2019.

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