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Mercury Retrograde 2018

Mercury has been given the title of prince in the planets, but in the horoscope if Mercury is conjunct with malefics then it is inauspicious and if under the influence of the benefics, then it gives auspicious results. Mercury is the Karaka of several important things, such as the speech, intellect, skin and nervous system etc. In business Mercury is the Karaka of business. Out of nine planets, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn & Jupiter turn retrograde from time to time; Rahu and Ketu always remain retrograde. The sun and moon never turn retrograde.

mercury retrograde 2018

What is retrograde planet ?

When a specific planet starts to move in the opposite direction, instead of its normal direction then this motion of that planet is called retrograde motion. For example, if Saturn is traveling in Virgo with its normal motion then it means that Saturn is going towards Libra towards but when it turns retrograde then instead of moving towards Libra it would move towards Leo. When the duration of retrogression of Saturn is over then it again starts moving towards Libra from Virgo with its normal motion.

The retrograde planets do not give inauspicious results always:

The retrograde planets generally yield inauspicious results. A school of astrology believes that a retrograde planet generally gives results opposite to its nature. They say that if a planet is auspicious then it shall turn inauspicious if it is retrograde and similarly if inauspicious then it shall give positive results. Some astrologers also believe that a retrograde planet indicates the negative behavior of the native related to that planet in his previous life.

If a retrograde planet is exalted then it shall give the results of a debilitated planet and if debilitated then it shall be yielding the results of exalted planet. In that way different astrologers have different opinion about the behaviour of retrograde planets however, the majority of astrologers believe that an auspicious planet becomes more auspicious after turning retrograde and an inauspicious planet gives more inauspicious planet after turning retrograde.

Retrograde Mercury - Auspicious or Inauspicious

The retrogression of the Karaka of knowledge, discretion, intelligence, wisdom and wealth Mercury can give various types of powers like awakening of 6th sense. The person is able to gain the ability to look beyond time and takes interest in mystical subjects. Those who have retrograde Mercury in their natal chart are skilled in understanding the language of symbols and insights.

Mercury Retrogression Dates in the year 2018

  • 23rd March 2018 to 15th April 2018
  • 26th July 2018 to 19th August 2018
  • 17th November 2018 to 07th December 2018

In the above dates, the results of Mercury would not be in uniformity. Its results for you shall remain dependent on its transit position from your Rashi or Lagna. Let us study its results for your Rashi.


The person acts fast in every area, but sometimes these intensities and rashes become harmful to them. At this time people take decisions without thinking and then take the loss.


Man makes a lot of money with his intellect. Clarity in speech and expression is attained. At the same time, the person takes an interest in philosophical and spiritual subjects and earns a lot of name in the mysteries.


In this period the native becomes courageous, but he has to put in lot of efforts in accomplishing his tasks. They get into arguments and disputes with the neighbors.


In this time, the person gets more pleasure than usual. The work is completed by means of journeys and communication.


The person gets benefited with the help of children. There arises the opportunities of gain of wealth, honor and glory.


The person remains somewhat pessimistic and irritable.


The retrograde Mercury brings in success and happiness in marital life of the native and he becomes business minded.


A person uses his intelligence to learn mystic sciences and paranormal activities. The natives strive to earn lot of reputation in native place and abroad. At this time the sudden financial gains from the lottery etc. can be gained.


The person tries to take full advantage of his qualifications, qualities and abilities. His qualities become his means of earning money.


This is not a good time to take decisions in matters related to property as there remains a possibility of dispute during retrogression of Mercury.


The worries related to finance and reputation do not let the native live in peace and because of that he fails to enjoy the available comforts of life.


The native wins over his enemies. Religious tendencies and religious activities are organized at home.

How to know the results of the retrograde planet

The behavior of any retrograde planet is different from that of its normal condition. But here also it is necessary to know that in most cases, the auspiciousness/inauspiciousness of any planet does not get converted. The nature of the planet also does not change only its behaviour changes. Mercury is the planet of the persons speech power, intelligence, intellectualism, decision power, education, business intelligence and conversation. If it is auspicious then it remains auspicious only and if inauspicious then there is no change in this inauspiciousness but the following changes are visible.

Impact on communication skills and decision-making ability

Generally a retrograde planet affects the decision making ability and the communication skills of the native. Such people either speak too much or else very less.

Lack of patience in speech

Many times these people fail to speak anything even when they feel like talking and many times they say a lot in some unhealthy situations. Such people, under the influence of retrograde Mercury, make many unexpected and unrealistic decisions in life, which can be the exact opposite of the decisions taken according to the circumstances, and for such decisions they repent later.

For the rectification of these flaws the native should chant the mantras of Mercury.

The mantras of Mercury can be chanted at any time in the morning or in the evening. The mantras of Mercury are many types. The devotees should chant these as per their convenience.

  • Om Chandaputra Vidamahey Rohini Priyyay Dheemahi Tanno budh Prachodayaat
  • Om Aing Streeng Shreeng Buddhaay Namah
  • Om Braang Breeng Braung Sah Budhay Namah
  • Om Boong Budhaay Namah

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