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India in 2018

In the year 2018, Saturn will remain in the Sagittarius which shall turn retrograde on April 18th and remain in retrogression till 6th September. It shall come out of combustion on January 05 and go into combustion again on December 19. Jupiter shall stay in Libra till October 11 and then enter into Scorpio. On 9th March Jupiter shall turn retrograde and on 10th July it shall turn direct. It shall remain combust from 13th November till 07th December. Apart from this, Rahu will stay in Cancer throughout the year. The beginning of the year is happening with Kaalsarpa Yoga which will remain in continuation approximately for one month.

India Year - 2018

15-08-1947, 00:00am, Delhi

In the horoscope of India is Lagna is Taurus and the Rashi is Cancer. Presently Dasha in operation is Moon/Rahu. Take a look at the transit, Shani is in the eighth house, Guru in 6th and Rahu are in third house. The transit of Saturn in 8th is indicating possibility of sudden changes in the executive policies and laws. Some big decisions related to religious Gurus and places will come in limelight. Even there will be historical decisions related to the construction of religious places. The properties related to ancient heritage, culture, religion and spirituality will remain in focus. The transit of Jupiter shall result into reconsideration of the decisions taken in the context of economic and financial policies. On the international front there will be more support than ever before. In short, 2018 will prove to be a progressive year for Indias judiciary and arrangement of funds.

In the beginning of the year there is some possibilities of natural calamities along with mental tensions however after the mid of the year the perace in the world shall get restored.

Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Loksabha Election shall go in favor of BJP because Saturn shall transit in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Scorpio and Rahu in its exalted Rashi Gemini. The Sadesati of Mr. Narendra Modi shall be in its last phase which would be playing an important role in bringing victory to Mr. Modi. Jupiter in Lagna shall enhance his reputation.

In the horoscope of BJP the Rashi is Scorpio therefore party shall get benefited from it. But contrary to it the Rashi of Congress is Aries and Jupiter shall be transiting in 8th house for it and apart from this it would also remain deprived of the benefit of Sadhesati which is necessary to attain power and for that reason it would not succeed in saving its reputation.

Mr. Narendra Modi succeeded or failed

Presently, in the horoscope of Shri Narendra Modi, Moon/Mercury Dasha is in operation, which will remain in continuation till July 2018. Moon is destiny lord and Mercury is exalted. The present and the future are positive and favorable for Mr. Modi, but the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius from 26th January, 2017, is especially very auspicious for Mr. Modi.

17-09-1950, 11:46am, Mehsana

In 2018, the Gurus transit will be in 12th and after 11th October on Lagna. In the first half of the year, Shri Modi might take his enemies lightly, however later; the transit of Mars will help in keeping his enemies calm. The last phase of Sadesati is effective because of which he is facing more challenges and opposition from the opposition parties. But it will further strengthen him by consolidating his efficiency and stability. The conflicts and struggle shall come to an end with positive and auspicious changes in 2018. The next two years will be very positive for him.

Donald Trump and World 2018

14-06-1946, 10:45am in Jamaica, New York

In Trumps Horoscope Lagna is Leo and the Rashi is Scorpio. At present Jupiters Mahadasha and Antardasha is in operation. The Leo Lagna is making him strong enough not to accept anybodys power, thereby giving him ability to make long jump. This makes him quite aggressive and sharp with a vicious brain. At present, there is tension going on between America and North Korea. From both sides the statements promoting the fear of war are getting released daily. For Mr. Trump who is most powerful person in the world. Saturns Sadesati is going through its last phase. Saturns transit into Sagittarius from January 2017 proved to be highly progressive for his political life. Gurus transit in 3rd house is also beneficial for him as it is aspecting his house of destiny and income. Jupiters transit shall enhance his thought force and therefore he would not get carried away by the statements of North Korea rather he shall work sensibly and eventually he shall attain name and fame and emerge as a beloved leader in America.

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi jis horoscope has Gemini Lagna, Scorpio Rashi. At this time Rahu/Mars Dasha is in operation for him. The last phase of Saturns Sadesati is in effect for him which would remain in continuation till the beginning of 2020. 2018 for Rahul Gandhi ji does not appear to be very auspicious due to the effect of Mangal Rahu Dasha and the transit of Jupiter in 12th from Moon.

19-06-1970, 05:50am, Delhi

Stock Market, Crude Oil, Currency Market and Rainfall 2018



Gold will climb up almost throughout the year with a slight decline. Gold prices will increase from the beginning of the year. Prices will fall down slightly in April. The prices shall be highest from August-September. From October to the yearend, gold prices will remain stable.



The beginning of the year will be from a lower level of the Sensex and there shall be a jump in it from January. Mostly the Sensex will rise with small and big fluctuations. Only in the end of May and the beginning of June it will be showing downward trend. For share marketers it shall be taking jumps only.

US Dollar


From the beginning of the year, there will be increase in the price of dollar. After some improvements in February whereas in March it shall go up again and finally the price of it shall get stabilized at Rs 66. After some fall in September, it will continue to go high again in October, November.

Crude oil

Oil price is expected to get increased first in February- March and second time in July-August. Start of the year will be from the low price. At the end of April it will fall down to the maximum. After that, its prices will go down in the end of October. Overall it will remain high only.



The planetary transit is giving indications of drought in this year. Monsoon will be very light in northern India in July. There will be some relief in August but in September and after that the rainfall will be negligible. In the months of March-April also the Yogas for rain are not very strong. There may be some drizzling only in the beginning of March.

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