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Amber Stone


Product Detail

Amber Stone :

This is semiprecious stone. It generally comes in yellow, brown and honey color. The images of parts of earth, leaves and insects are visible on this gem. This stone is auspicious for physical and mental health. It is used to control excitement. Sometimes a man becomes the victim of some big accident when in a fit of excitement he gets tempted to do something wrong. In this type of situation his blood pressure increases or decreases. Amber stone is auspicious for the regulation of blood pressure and mood swings as a result of which we work sincerely and successfully. By wearing this gem there does not remain uncertainly in mind. The mental pressure and tension with which we suffer because of ups and downs of life get controlled as it balances our mind continuously. It is very effective in activating the hidden talent of our body because it fills the wearer with lot of positive energy and he becomes stronger and active.

Method of use :

It is substitute stone of Jupiter therefore it can be worn in the index finger on Thursday after sprinkling Gangajal and raw milk on it.

Recite following mantra for it :

Om Graang Greeng Graung Sah Gurave Namah.

It can be worn in gold or silver in a ring or locket. Dip it in rose water and drink that water. Its impact shall get multiplied. If possible put three four amber stones in water at night and drink that water in the morning. You shall get rid of several diseases and grow more healthy, attractive, energetic and mentally more balanced. You shall be able to take interest in all tasks. This is life stone for people of Taurus Rashi and would work as lucky stone for the people of Leo sign.

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