facebook Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 For tiger

Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Tiger


Tiger occupies the 3rd position amongst the Chinese Zodiac Animals. The Year of the Pig 2019 is going to prove as a year of development evolution and knowledge for the Tiger. During this year the Tigers will orientate towards the better life style, gaining knowledge and exploring the more subtle areas from within themselves and may get inclined towards spiritual path.

Love, Romance & Marriage

This year is going to be a favourable year for the single tiger who wants to get engaged in a serious relationship. Even those tigers that have lost all hope of finding a soul mate can accept pleasant surprises during the year 2019. The year of the pig is the ideal time for finding a soul mate and even getting married.

Work and Social Life

In work front this year is going to prove successful as business will grow substantially and transactions will be successful. However, the Tigers need to learn the virtues of patience and control their impulses. It is essential to identify and carefully avoid unnecessary expenses on trivial matters. This time when the Tigers need to rely only on themselves and to team up only with partners who have already proven themselves in the past endeavours.

Career & Competitive Exam

The year is not going to prove much fruit bearing so far as career achievement is concerned. The students may struggle to get the desired success during this year of Pig. During this period the patience will play a major role because the next year will inculcate all the resources required for the success in career as well as in the competitive exams.

Travel and Transfer

Frequent travels in work front without any fruitful result may cause anxiety and disappointment which may also affect the emotional wellbeing of the relationship with the love mate or spouse. Transfer to any unfavourable place may happen as a result of demotion or any sort of punishment.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Tiger In 2019

Even though the time is not opportune this year however your contracts may bring you prosperity and development. If you invest money, you must be careful because you may incur heavy losses.

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