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About Future Point

Future Point is one of the best organizations in the world that is working dedicatedly on astrology and related subjects for more than 30 years. We are having thousands of satisfied customers of our astrological software "LeoStar", for desktop (www.leogold.com) and "LeoPalm", for handheld devices, Tablet PCs, and phones based on Google Android, Palm OS and Microsoft Mobile Windows (www.leopalm.com). We are also publishing monthly magazines and Journals (www.futuresamachar.com) besides a lot of books and study material. We are also providing education in the field of astrology, vaastu, palmistry and numerology and other related subjects and having more than 100 franchises in India and abroad (www.aifas.com).

By filling in the birth details the visitors at your website can get their horoscope instantly. The contents details of the calculations and predictions are described here under.

(A) Payment Option

1. Horoscope calculations and predictions (Price Rs.50,000/-)

  • General Details:
  • Birth Details, Panchang, Ghatak Chakra, Avakhada Chakra

  • Tables:
  • Planet Degree, Chalit, Niryana Bhava Chalit, Tara Chakra, Planets, Niryana Bhava, Significator of Houses, Planets Signification, Ruling Planets, Vimsopak Strength, Shadbala and Bhavabala, Ashtakvarga before Reduction, Ashtakvarga after Trikona reduction, Shodya Pindas

  • Dasha:
  • Vimshottari Mahadasha, Antardasha

  • Charts:
  • Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, Navamsa Chart, Chalit Chart, Niryana Bhava Chalit Chart, Niryana Bhava Chalit(Cuspal) Chart, KP Lagna Chart

  • Predictions:
    • Details of favorable points like Radical No., Lucky No., Friendly Number, Evil Numbers, Good Years, Favorable Days, Planets, Metal, Color, Direction, Time etc., Lucky Stone, Items to donate etc.
    • Predictions related with house reading
    • Yearly prediction based on Dasa and Gochar.
    • Predictions related with Navamsa Reading.

2. Horoscope Matching and Matching Prediction: (Price Rs.50,000/-)

Ashtakoot Guna Chart, various dosh cancellations with Manglik Dosh Compatibility. Predictions related to Nature, Health, Children, Finance and relation with In Laws.

Input of Birth Details:

This will be done as per the requirement of the modules. We are having a vast database of the cities of the world with latitude, longitude, Zone and automatic Time Correction which are being used in the calculations.

3. Other Programs:

  • (a) Calculation Related:(Price Rs.25,000/- each)
    • Panchang
    • Ephemeries
    • Muhurat
    • Festival Details
  • Prediction Related:(Price Rs.25,000/- each)
    • Tarot Reading
    • Bio-Rhythmic Chart
    • Rama Shalakha
    • Love Calculator
  • Rashi Phal(Price Rs.25,000/- each)
    • Daily Predictions
    • Monthly Predictions
    • Yearly Predictions
    • Mantra for 9 Planets

4. Special Programs: (Price Rs.25,000/- each)

  • Gem Selection: Details of Gems and Remedies with Life Stone, Lucky Stone, Benefic Stone, Stone details as per Vimsottari Mahadasha period, Mantra, fast and donation.
  • Sadesati & Remedies of Sadesati
  • Manglik Vichar
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga

5. Face lift and connecting all modules in entire website (Price Rs.50,000/-)

All these things will be provided through the web service technology. The web services related to calculations, predictions, getting place of birth latitude, longitude and time correction will run at the server maintained by the Future Point.

Note : Annual Maintenance charges are applicable as 15% per annum on the above listed charges.

For further details please contact:

Future Point (P) Ltd.

X-35, Okhla Phase-II,

New Delhi, India – 110020

Phone: 91-11-40541000/1008/1009/1028/1029

Email - mail@futurepointindia.com

Website: www.futurepointindia.com

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