facebook Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 For snake

Chinese New Year Prediction 2019 for Snake


Snake holds the 6th position in Chinese Zodiac. Snakes are wise, discrete, agile, attractive and full of charm and sympathy. In the negative side the Snakes are also found to be lazy, greedy, arrogant and boosting. Snakes usually make a bad impression to the people due to their cunningness and devious nature. However the snakes are warm hearted, positive, willing to asset to the challenge. Snakes have contradiction and opposition with the Pig hence the Year of the Pig 2019 is going to prove hard and full of struggle for the snakes.

Love, Romance & Marriage

The single snakes may have good opportunity to find the ideal companion. However, patience is the need of the hour because in haste you can take a wrong step which may land you in trouble. If you are already in love you need to avoid the mutual arguments and trust each other. If you are married you and your spouse need to respect each other, maintain cordial relationship and share the domestic responsibilities.

Work and Social Life

Pig won't allow you to bring good social relationships and you may feel pressure in the group. Don't get yourself involve in futile arguments because very often there will be difference of opinion with others this year. Unless you are extremely alert you may earn bad reputation in professional as well as social front.

Career & Competitive Exam

Pig year 2019 may provide you unlimited career opportunities but you may seldom be able to avail these opportunities because the relationship between Snake and Pig is inimical. The people in job or the students need to handle extra pressure during this year. You will have the opportunities of education training at work and you will gain knowledge and experiences in odd circumstances.

Travel and Transfer

You must stick to your old position even if you get new job offer with good increment in salary. If you accept the new job offers, it may bring you lots of unexpected pressures. Frequent official tour and travels may frustrate you sometimes because it will keep you away from your family.

Good Luck and Well-Being For The Snake in 2019

The year is not going to prove worthy in financial matters. You should wait for the next year for the good luck and the desired result of your efforts done this year.

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