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Life Predictions Report

Future Point brings to you two exclusive Horoscope models in coloured formats to help you plan your life effortlessly!

With our ever-changing lives and so much stress that keeps plaguing it, the need to unwind and rest is ever so promising. But when life gives you lemons, you can’t help but wonder where all this sourness is coming from. With the demand to change and adapt to happy living, the Horoscope Report catering to your every need and whim will help you secure your future well.

The Life Predictions Report is featured in two models, 10 Year Prediction Report and 20 Year Prediction Report. With Vedic Astrology working in cahoots with your future, the conglomerate of this would be excellent.

Here’s your chance to live a problem-free life with 10 year and 20-year prediction bundles in a coloured format. Your Kundli phal in coloured format will fill in the missing colours, thus giving wings to your hopes and dreams.

The above-mentioned Horoscopes are prepared by the most trusted Astrology Software in the world, LeoStar Astrology Software. The predictions from this software will be compiled in an impeccably beautiful book format that’s filled with colours and consist of 10 Year Dasha Analysis of your Horoscope, or 20 Year Transit Analysis of your Horoscope.

Choose the model that ticks all the checkboxes in your list and promises of a better and brighter future.

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10 Year Life Horoscope Report

Your Horoscope analysis for complete 10 years! Get your life sorted with the Horoscope Predictions that include all the major periods of your life with detailed and predictive calculations. The Report comes in a pristine vivid-hued printed format in a bound book, which will help you plan a blueprint of your future better. The inclusions of the Report include your Life Horoscope for 10 years, along with the major and minor transit periods of all 9 planets present in Vedic Astrology.

Keep up with your future through 10 Year Life Predictions in a stunning coloured format. This makes for a perfect gift to your loved ones as well. Celebrate this Navaratri with the most perfect Astrology calculations.

20 Year Life Horoscope Predictions

The Life Prediction Report is a full-fledged coloured report for a blessed life! You can get to know your life inside out with all the detailed Life Horoscope Predictions in a coloured format!

Containing 20 years of Transit Predictions, along with Dosha Report with effective remedies can ward off all the negatives from your life and create an aura of positivity all around you! The Basic Horoscope Report along with All 4 major Dosha of life will be amalgamated with the highly detailed and predictive Life Horoscope in coloured format. The detailed report would include Life Graph for 20 years with Gemstone recommendations and Numerology Predictions as well, in order to give you a bang for your buck!

You will get the blueprint for your entire life in coloured format along with the remedy to eliminate all vices and flaws of your Horoscope! There’s nothing more one could ask for.

Benefits of 10 Year and 20 Year Life Predictions Report

The coloured reports with Life Predictions are curated keeping in mind the obstacles one faces in life due to the negative aspect of a certain planet in a particular house of your birth chart! Keeping in mind your future, the reports thus conglomerate this need of living a stress free life with that of being always the ace of your pack! Get your life straightened out with the impeccably accurate prediction in the form of a printed coloured bound book.

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