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Get your life sorted with the complete Life Report that reveals what the stars hold for your future. Learn the effect the 9 planets in your Kundali are going to cast on your career, love life, education, finances, and familial relations. Along with basic horoscope calculations, you get to know about the impending days with 10 Years Predictions.

With Vedic Astrology aiding in living a perfect life where you can take control of the happenings, the 5-in-1 Life Report covers the 5 major areas of your life- namely, Career, Health, Finance, Education, Familial Relations. Extending the calculations and predictions Furthermore, you get to know about your life for the coming 10 years through the 10 Year Predictions.

With the 5-in-1 Life Report, you get to:

  • Understand the position of 9 planets with reference to their impact on your life.
  • Figure out the various aspects of your Kundli and how they relate to your coming days and years.
  • Learn the favorable and unfavorable time periods in your life with their duration.
  • Get to know what the stars have in store for the major 5 Key areas of your life.

Get Your 5 In One Life Report


  • 200+ Page long Online Horoscope Report
  • Basic Calculative Horoscope
  • Birth Chart, Lagna Chart, and Dasha Graphs
  • Planetary Degrees
  • KP System Calculations
  • Significators and Ruling Planets with their periods
  • ShodashVarga & AshtakVarga Charts
  • Vimshottari Dasha with Sub Periods
  • Favorable Points with Numerology
  • Detailed Gem recommendation
  • Sade Sati Consideration with Remedies
  • Manglik Dosha Vichar with Remedies, if present.
  • Kaal Sarp Yoga with Remedies.
  • Detailed Personality Analysis
  • Planet Reading of all 9 planets
  • Detailed Predictions on all aspects of life
  • Detailed Education Reading for 3 Years (Month-wise)
  • Profession Reading for 3 Years (Month-wise)
  • Finance Reading for 3 Years (Month-wise)
  • Family Reading for 3 Years (Month-wise)
  • Health Reading for 3 Years (Month-wise)
  • Yearly Predictions for 10 Years covering all areas of life.
  • Dasha Analysis of Planets
  • Astro Graphs

Get your hands on the 5-in-1 Life Report to prepare yourself for the good and not so good moments of your life beforehand.

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