Yantra Introduction

Hindu Astrology is matchless because it contains a vast treatise of remedies for controlling and propitiating the ill effects of planets in a very effective and scientific manner. Use of yantras is one of them. Yantras have the potential to protect us like a shield because of mystical powers in them.

In astrology, Yantra is primarily used as a meditation tool. These days’ yantras are becoming increasingly common. Yantras are used for more mundane purposes as to enhance the quality of life, to attract prosperity and abundance, to heal and relieve health problems, to protect oneself from negative forces and so on.

What is Yantra ?

Yantra is a sanskrit word which means an 'instrument' an ‘apparatus’. Yantras are constructed on the immutable laws of sacred geometry. These yantra representing Gods are based on specific geometrical designs and mathematical equations, and provides us a focusing point for concentration and meditation. In this way yantra can be a called a Talisman', a window into the absolute, in other words helpful to attain union with God.

Yantras can be defined as visual mantras also. They have been used since the Vedic age to remove the malefic forces and to strengthen the positive powers. In sacred books lots of songs have been sung about the glory of mystic power of yantras. Yantras are always essential to the worship of Gods just as oil is essential to ail lamps.

By establishing a yantra at pooja place and worshipping it every day one can fulfill one's aspirations and desired goals. Yantra is beneficial in every field of our life, to attain success in your profession, to acquire wealth, peace, good luck to win in the court cases, to ward of diseases, and to progress in meditation.

These yantras are prepared by knowledgeable persons under proper guidance. Yantras are generally drawn on metals such as Gold, silver, copper, bhojpatras and sometimes on paper also.

 Types of Yantras.

  • 1. Yantras of deities - These are usually forms of the Great mother or the Mahavidyas - sources of supreme knowledge.
  • 2. Yantras for planets - used to harness the energies of the nine major planets.
  • 3. Architectural yantra - Used for the ground plans of temples.
  • 4. Numerical Yantras - comprising selected numbers which serve as talisman.

How To Energise Yantra

For the best results yantras should be energized. The yantra which is to be installed should first be soaked in milk for one hour. Then dip this yantra in Panchamrita (this is a mixture of milk, curd, honey, sugar and ghee). Take out after a minute and wash it with Gangajal. Now light a Deepak, incense and camphor. Place a cloth in the place where it is to be installed. Colour of cloth should be decided according to the nature of yantra. Offer flowers and rosaries again according to the nature of presiding deity of yantra. Recite Mantra which is specified for each deity on rosary related to that yantra for at least 108 times. Recitation of mantra should be done regularly in front of yantra to get best results.

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