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Narmada Shivlinga Big

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Introduction: Narmanda Shivalinga has its own importance in Shiva Saadhanaa. It has been noticed that in this age of matter too the Saadhakas in different fields have been successful in achieving their goal. Narmadaa Shivalinga is found in the river Narmadaa. It renders much benefit to a man who worships it and it also enhances his power of knowledge.


  • Narmadeshwar Shivaling bestows wealth it is worshiped with the leaves of wood apple tree (Vilvapatra)
  • If the Linga is worshiped with black Tile, Saturn becomes propitiated and helps the person achieve his goals.
  • The Linga blesses a person with virtuous and fortunate sons.
  • Enemies of a person get ruined it he offers mustard oil to this Shivalinga.
  • It enhances the sense of devotion and strengthens a man if he offers Ganga Jal to it.
  • A person may get his desired result it he offers Kheer daily to this Shivalinga.
  • On who offers blue lotus to this Shivalinga, may have an advent of good luck.
  • Mantra:Om Namah Shivaaya

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  • Can I trust Future Point?
  • Being the oldest and the most trusted Astro shop portal since 1987, the services and products offered by Future Point know no bounds. We pride ourselves in being the largest providers of astrology related services and products that are in impeccable taste. Our motto is to serve our clientele with only the best. With a wide variety of products and services offered, you can be sure that your concerns would cease to exist.

  • What if I need more assistance regarding the steps to use a product?
  • In case of any assistance, you can always reach out to us at our customer helpline: +91-9911865656 or Whatsapp us at +91-9911185551. We would be glad to be of any further assistance to you.

  • Is there any delivery charge?
  • Yes. We cater to doorstep delivery and for that, we charge a minor delivery rate. The prices may vary depending upon the delivery location. You will be intimated about the same before you place your order.


Narmada Shivlinga Big

1100990(10% off)

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