Navratri Pujan Kit

The 9 days of Navratri are considered as the most favorable days of the Lunar calendar. It holds great importance in Hindu culture as it marks the victory of good over evil. With proper Navratri puja Kit, one can be assured that he/she will be blessed abundantly and will surely reach new heights in life. Navratri Puja is performed to honor and invoke the blessings of nine forms of Goddess Durga.


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Marking the 9 days of pleasing the 9 incarnations of Maa Parvati, Navratri is commemorated as the most pious occasion in the Hindu religion. It is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm all over the country to revere the 9 forces of nature. The 9 nights of Maa Durga are celebrated with Puja and a spirit of festivity all around. When any Hindu Festival is celebrated, utmost importance is given to the puja Vidhi and the rituals that are followed.

Pooja Material

  • Parad Durga
  • Durga Beesa Yantra
  • Mauli
  • Roli
  • Red Chunni
  • Supari
  • Jau
  • Elaiachi
  • Kapoor
  • Dhoop
  • Kalawa
  • Akshat

Apart from the items present in the Navratri Pujan Kit, You will need incense sticks, a ‘Diya’, and a matchstick. You will also require some fresh flowers like rose, jasmine or red hibiscus, or whichever flower you hold pious. You may offer fresh fruits and sweets such as ‘laddoo’, or ’peda’ for prasad.

Navratri Pujan Kit designed by Future Point contains Navratri Pooja Vidhi along with all the necessary Puja material.

Purpose of Navratri Puja Kit for Durga

The statue of Maa Durga is worshipped for nine days straight in different forms and on the tenth day, it is immersed in water. People wish for a good life, a healthy mind, and body, and pray for spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. The puja rituals are observed for nine days, with each day signifying the importance of one avatar or incarnation of Goddess Durga. By using the Navratri Pujan Kit along with all the ingredients a devotee can perform Navratri puja in a proper manner.

The Puja kit online by Future Point is dedicated to Goddess Durga is sufficient for 1 elaborate puja or multiple smaller pujas.

Navratri Puja Vidhi

For performing the Navratri Puja, there are a few important guidelines one must follow.

  • Wake up early in the morning. Get up sharp at the first brink of sunrise.
  • This time is considered best to perform the Navratri Pooja then take a bath and wear fresh clothes.
  • Keep the Diya, or lamp at the left side of the deity. Try to light the ‘Akhand Jyoti’. If you are lighting the "Akhand Jyoti" then make sure that there must always be someone at home to keep the lamp lighted at all times. Constant oil refiling is needed to keep the Akhand Jyoti lit.
  • On the right-hand side of the idol, keep incense sticks, and all other Puja items.
  • Keep the Kalash and coconut with Navratri Puja items as well.
  • To begin the puja, lay the mat and sit in an upright position in front of the deity.
  • After this, light the ’Deepak’ and start with the next step of the Puja while keeping the pious atmosphere intact.
  • The puja must be done with utmost devotion to get the choicest blessings of the Goddess.

Future Point’s Navratri Pujan Kit is specially curated keeping in mind all of the Vedic Astrology rituals. The most auspicious puja in the Hindu religion needs to have a proper Navratri Pujan Kit. Nav Durga Puja Kit online by Future Point has energized products keeping in mind the need to please the deity of supreme power, the mother of all- Maa Durga during the 9 auspicious days of Navaratri. Buy Navratri Puja Kit online to nourish your body, mind, and soul with the magical powers of the Navratri Pujan with proper Navratri Pujan Kit.

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Navratri Pujan Kit

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