Panchmukhi Ganeshji

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As it is evident from the name itself, in Panchmukhi Ganesh Lord Ganesh has five faces. The five faces of Lord Ganesh symbolizes the five elements from which the human body is made up of. It is said that worshipping Panchmukhi Ganesh enables the worshipper or sadhak to control the five senses. In this way the worship of Lord Ganesh enables one to attain the consciousness, self realisation and pleasure. The devotion of Panchmukhi Ganesh inspires the sadhak for surrender, divine love, affection, faithfulness and courageous action. |

The worship of Panchmukhi Ganesh bestows upon abundant wealth and prosperity as well as the blessings of Ishtadev. All the obstacles and hindrances coming on the way vanishes automatically. Lord Ganesh has always been considered as the protector and remover of all the obstacles and hindrances and giver of unfathomable success, wealth, fame and everything which any one aspires for. |

Ganesh Pujan Vidhi

Establish the statue of Lord Ganesh in extreme North-East or East and worship with Dhoop, Doorva, Deep, Pushpa, Naivedya and Jal. After the worship recite the following mantra of Lord Ganesh : |

Om Namah Ganesh Vighnesh Girija Nandan Prabhu Mam Vighna Vinashay Ganaadhipatye Namah |

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  • Can I trust Future Point?
  • Being the oldest and the most trusted Astro shop portal since 1987, the services and products offered by Future Point know no bounds. We pride ourselves in being the largest providers of astrology related services and products that are in impeccable taste. Our motto is to serve our clientele with only the best. With a wide variety of products and services offered, you can be sure that your concerns would cease to exist.

  • What if I need more assistance regarding the steps to use a product?
  • In case of any assistance, you can always reach out to us at our customer helpline: +91-9911865656 or Whatsapp us at +91-9911185551. We would be glad to be of any further assistance to you.

  • Is there any delivery charge?
  • Yes. We cater to doorstep delivery and for that, we charge a minor delivery rate. The prices may vary depending upon the delivery location. You will be intimated about the same before you place your order.


Panchmukhi Ganeshji

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